(FREE) Pinkalicious and the Pink Parakeet

K ParakeetAuthor Victoria KannGenre Early ReaderThemes Birds Field TripsOpening linesentence It was Bird Week at school my favorite week ever Every day my class learned fun facts about birds Brief Book Summary It is Bird Week at Pinkalicious s school The reader gets to experience field trips with Pinkalicious and learn all about different birds from peacocks to toucansProfessional RecommendationReview 1 Kathleen Isaacs Booklist Aug 1 2015 Vol 111 No 22 The culmination f Bird Week at school is a field trip to the zoo where Pinkalicious looks forward to seeing a pink parakeet but the parakeet has escaped from the birdhouse Luckily her bird book tells her just what to do This I Can Read spin ff from the best selling picture book series I have a little girl who can t get enoug. Us goes n a class trip to the birdhouse she can't wait to see all the different birds especially the rare pink parakeet Pinkalicious sees lovebirds peacocks toucans and even ne very chatty parrot but no parakeet until she spies.

I loved that Pinkalicious used available facts to set up a logical and effective solution to a problem What a great way to subtly encourage little girls to develop their STEM skills Also who wouldn t love a pink parakeet What a pinkatastic story What way to enjoy Pinkalicious and some beautiful birds Both my little ne and I loved this story Pinkalicious saves the day nce again My favorite part was when view spoiler Pinkalicious class was learning about birds hide spoiler It was good Per hope as she is getting tired the emojis are even going down She liked the searching for the pink parakeet She also loves pinkalicious I thought it was good as it had some good lessons about listening and using that information later I loved the bird facts Title Pinkalicious and the Pin. Readers can watch Pinkalicious and Peterrific n the funtastic PBS Kids TV series Pinkalicious Peterrific#1 New York Times bestselling author Victoria Kann is back with a new I Can Read story featuring PinkaliciousWhen Pinkalicio.

H pink in her life So these types f books always make it to ur reading lists We were doing a summer session n birds and this book was a recommended book We picked it up and the kids both loved it ne boy and ne girl Wholesomely adorable and pink Cute but predictable DigitalDecember2017 Fun story that teaches problem solving Pinkalicious goes to the zoo and a rare bird escapes She uses her knowledge f the bird to help recapture it It s a field trip to the zoo for Pickalicious and her classmates to see many colorful birds The fun facts they learned in class help to draw Ten Thousand Goddam Cattle: A History of the American Cowboy in Song, Story and Verse out the pink parakeet that escaped from the housef birds This level Set Theory, Logic and Their Limitations one beginning reader tells a cute story and mentions a few specific birds to identify and count as some are nearly hidden in the tree. It escaping from the birdhouse Everyone gets in a flap and it's up to Pinkalicious to bring her feathered friend back homeThis is a Level One I Can Read book that is perfect for children learning to soundut words and sentences.

(FREE) Pinkalicious and the Pink Parakeet

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