Matthews Choice (READ)

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Get engaged get married and live happily ever after The hero of the story had made some choices earlier in life as is so common for people in general that affected the point at which he had arrived So had each of the other characters Some of the outcomes are not unexpected but there was much than just the lives of the hero and heroine involved You have to read the book to see just how so many choices were made and the ultimate effect on the lives of numerous other people I recommend the book for the lessons than can be learned if ou pay attention to the message of the book It is not just about the choices Matthew has made I loved this book It was romantic and very goodI recommend this book to everyon. Small town life she could never leave Now with Matt's estranged family facing desperate times it's time for him to come home And to choose between the man Matt's becomeand the woman who never stopped loving

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G with his lifeHis estranged sister has ODed and is in the hospital The nephew Matthew has never seen may end up in foster care if he doesn t step upTo complicate matters Matthew s old flame is willing to care for Noah How can Matthew connect with Noah and NOT reconnect with Allie What will his doing so do to Jessica his fianceeHeartwarming and with just enough suspense to keep one reading half the night 35 stars The book sounded interesting so I entered the giveaway and won I am so glad I did because it was uite a good read with plenty of twists and turns I understand that romance uite often does not take a direct course from meeting to marriage but there was so much to this book than man and woman. Ce Allie Carson says hello everything changes Allie broke up with Matt ears ago when he turned that kid from Beaker Street into a cold corporate city slicker It went against what she loved about him and the.

Good story I won this book in a Harleuinn s contestThis book was than just a heartwarming romance it had some interesting twists and turns of the plot that had me trying to guess what was coming next and root not only for the main characters but for some secondary characters as well Great read This was such an enjoyable read I read it in one day I wanted to know what Matt would do with the choices he is facing The characters were very relatable Of course Matt s nephew stole the show Wrong side of the tracks Matthew Jefferies has made it big engaged to the boss daughter then championed by the CEO of a major foundation who wants him to take a major role in it with an even bigger salary So what s wron. He left it all behind Until now It's New Year's Eve and for Matt Jefferies life is perfect The penthouse the career even the perfect soon to be fiancée But then Matt's troubled past knocks on his door And on.

Matthews Choice (READ)

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