(EBOOK READ) Ask the Past Author Elizabeth P. Archibald

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Est way to clothe ourself fasionably without a lot of moneyIt s a uirky book exactly right to pass a bit of time and to smile a bit while MTIV you re at it This short collection of random tips tricks from the Middle Ages Late Renascence was simply delicious I read it breathlessly and laughing out loud in 1 2 very busy days over the course of a few taxi rides It contains advice on anythingou can imagine love life and sweet talking International Organizations your lady including a pretty charged advice on How to Turn Down The Advances of Your Lord s Wife cooking recipes and house keeping including a surprisingly still accurate recipe for tagliatelle a castle shaped pie recipe and a recipe for that medieval pie which had live birds flying out of it when opened D home remedies as gross and hilarious asou can imagine social etiuette Erasmus of Rotterdam the great humanist scholar was apparently a master of fart concealment as well fashion advice other random stuff like How to Keep Your Cat or How to Escape from Prison the plot involves melting the bars from Laurus your window with lens channeled solar rays To keep it short the book is really delicious I m only sorry it s not longer I won this book and it is hilarious It will be passed on to many friends I found it simply amazing the advice and beliefs that were used centuries past What seems absurd to us now was common back then Makes me glad to be alive now verses then Though to be fair i m sure 100ears from now they ll look back and wonder at the crazy things we doarc from NetGalle. Th gunpowder and let smolder budget fashion tips of the Middle Ages save on the clothes splurge on the purse or a sixteenth century primer on seduction hint do no pass gas Ask the Past is a wildly entertaining guide to life from the people who lived it fir.

summary Ask the Past

T and sex jokes made classier through Old EnglishThis review is based upon a complimentary copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review This is et another case of cool blog got a book deal and it has some of the problems intrinsic to this genre Which is things which are charming when published in bits and pieces over time in a blog doesn t necessarily make any sense as a book The blog publishes interesting bits and bobs of bad advice from historical books and manuals and then we all have a giggle at how silly they are The blog publishes them randomly with no theme tying one uote to another or chronological presentation or anything like that which totally works for a blog However put together randomly in book form it doesn t uite work I really think they needed to be organized And there s as far as I can tell just repeats from the blog Still it s kinda cute The uotes are funny It s a good bathroom book for people who do that or small coffee table book I received a reviewer s copy of this book on Netgalley Coffee table book It s pretty funny but I don t feel like finishing it when I could read books with a plot This is a short but delightful and sometimes funny book based on a blog called Ask The Past In it the author shares some unusual some touching and some rather odd advice from the days gone by on subjects as diverse as getting rid of bed bugs I wouldn t advise following THEIR advise though the bed and house may go down in flames picking up women treating ailments and the Lines and bacon Band Aids of the ages Drawn from centuries of antiue texts by historian and bibliophile Elizabeth P Archibald Ask the Past offers a delightful array of advice both wise and weird Whether it's eighteenth century bedbug advice sprinkle bed wi.

I received this book through Goodreads First Reads The bits of advice from the past are comically enough on their own but the commentary for each adds to the entertainment This was a light enjoyable read I highly recommend it for anyone who has an interest in lives of people hundreds of ears ago And of course who can resist advice on how to teach our cat tricks or tell if someone is dead Note I received this book from a First Reads giveaway When I won an advanced copy of Ask the Past in a drawing I was thrilled thrilled not because it was one of the few times when I had actually won something but thrilled becau Historian Elizabeth P Archibald does a wonderful job in Ask the Past of showing that history can be fun and entertaining Her collection of some of the bestworst excerpts from antiue etiuette and advice books and pamphlets along with accompanying illustrations had me laughing so hard that I could not breathe Her snarky translations at the end of each excerpt doubled the entertainment valueAside from being entertaining her introduction breaks down her research methods in a way that will help novice historians learn how to take tiny bits of information and use it to get an overall picture of the society of the timeAlso I would like to note that I am forever grateful to the person who established that it is not appropriate to attack someone who is defecating Where would we be as a society if that was still an acceptable practice Ask the Past is the perfect gift for anyone old enough for far. Want to know how to garden with lobsters How to sober up Grow a beard Or simply how to make a perfect omelet Look no further Rather look backward Based on the popular blog Ask the Past is full of the wisdom of the ages as well as the fad diets zany pickup.

(EBOOK READ) Ask the Past Author Elizabeth P. Archibald