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The Savior by Faye Snowden follows Detective Richard T Marvel as he is forced to investigate the potential homicide of the mother of Dr Kendra Hamilton At first the case seems to be a clear cut death due to drug overdose but as Kendra presses the issue for the police to further investigate the matter evidence begins to reveal that a murderer may be on the oose As Marvel searches for suspects and motives tensions build between him and Kendra making Marvel s job an even tougher taskAlthough The Savior was grammatically and poetically a well written book the story was The Shadow of Your Smile long and dry The synopsis on the back of the book paints a picture of a woman Dr Kendra Hamilton who is risking everything to find her mother s killer The synopsis does not mention Detective Marvel at all However upon reading the book Marvel seems to be the true main character and the book is primarily written following hisife and his investigation not Kendra This was confusing and deceptive to the reader In addition the author spent too much time developing the characters and describing scenes than telling the actual story Although character development is appreciated too much can take away from the storyline which is what happened in this book Reading this book was a struggle for the first half of it Toward the end the pace picked up and the story became exciting as we finally get to see the true meat of the novel unfold Overall the book had some interesting moments an exciting ending but a Kendra Hamilton managed to escape the poverty and tragedy that seems to run throug.

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Mond is romantically The Three Worlds linked to Kendra romance also blossoms between Rich and Kendraeading to jealousy between Rich and Ray and a In the Belly link is established between the victim and cold case files involving the Chief of Police and pregnant missing teenaged runaways The novel was well written with steady pacing The author handled dialogue well and developed sturdy but flawed characters with interesting pasts However the story seemed a bit elongated especially when it was obvious to me who the culprit was within the first 50 or so pages of the 369 page book Discovering the culprit s motive was the only impetus for me to keep reading So the passages following the detective s reasoning skills as he zeroes in on the killer were not that illuminating as they should have been There were aspects that were a bit predictable and overplayed as with theovehate relationship Rich had with the victim s daughter turned suspect Kendra Nonetheless the solid writing along with the handling of the drama and suspense combine to make The Savior a decent offering Very very slowI Becoming Mona Lisa lost interest in it a couple times while reading it and came back to it weeksater and had to re read a couple chapters to remind myself who all the characters wereViolates SS Van Dine s 3rd commandment of DetectiveMurder Mystery There must be no Lectures on Buildings love interest The business in hand is to bring a criminal to the bar of justice not to bring aovelorn couple to the hymeneal altarI d Land like to add that theove sub. Down whoever killed Violet Hamilton and prove that her drug overdose was no accide.

Ery dull and slow start The Savior is a story of three troubled childhood acuaintances children of drug abusers who have grown up but are still dealing with baggage from their impoverished and dysfunctional pasts Suave and debonair Rich Marvel is now a detective in the newly formed homicide division He is doing all the right things to escape his humble beginning and elevate his social status He s determined to solidify his position and career by marrying up that is becoming the fianc of a gorgeous socialite who happens to be the daughter of a In Defense of History: Marxism and the Postmodern Agenda local judge Kendra Hamilton is a dedicated goodwill physician who operates the free clinic in the worst area of town She escapes the streets via education when aocal philanthropist funded her studies through medical school When she The Armlet of the Gods learns of her mother s death she immediately suspects foul play and insists that it is investigated as a homicide Kendra calls upon her benefactor to use his influence to pull strings in City Hall thereby angering Detective Marvel for going over his head to investigate a seemingly insignificant drug overdose case as a homicide Tensions rise and memories are relived when the investigation takes Rich back to the old neighborhood that he so desperately wants to escape and forget When Kendra s suspicions of murder seem valid aist of suspects is formed There is no surprise when the neighborhood s biggest drug dealer Raymond Smalls is brought in for uestioning However the plot thickens when Ray. H California's Dunhill County however her mother wasn't so ucky Can Kendra track.

Faye Snowden is the author of three published mysteries with Kensington— Spiral of Guilt 1999 The Savior 2003 2004 and Fatal Justice 2005 2006 She has published short stories and poems in various literary journals and small presses including The African American Review A new book A Killing Fire Flame Tree Press was released last year 2019 A seuel to A Killing Fire is underway Fa