PDF or EBOOK Super Serum Screwup Futavillainess #1 ´ Hayden Archer

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Attracted to the new heroine in town Fialux view spoiler There is mind control but it is not. Add living god to her resume right beside vil supergenius and future ruler of the worldOnly like so many of her genius plans things don't go uite right The plan was simple Get a sample of Fialux's blood and use it to create a super serum Only Night Terror might have missed her shot and gotten a sample from the wrong person A very male person instead of a very superpowered person Now instead of gaining superpowers she's grown something massive between he.

Light fun read with the main character being a villainess Night Terror that discovers she is. Stupid FialuxNight Terror the greatest supervillainess the world has Her First Mother (Conveniently Wed, ever known would also be the greatest benevolent dictator for life the world hasver known if it wasn't for Fialux and her stupid superpowers always swooping in and saving the day at just the wrong momentBut Night Terror isn't considered the greatest vil supergenius in the world for nothing She had a plan A plan to steal Fialux's powers for herself A plan that would have allowed her to.

By the Night Terror Night Terror does have a bondage machine she uses on Fialux hide spoiler. R legs that definitely shouldn't be thereInitially curious Night Terror uickly realizes this new monster between her legs is taking control Changing the way she looks at the world Changing the way she looks at her archenemy Fialux who she suddenly realizes is insanely hotWill her plans for world domination turn to a different sort of domination You'll have to read this latest story from the author of the bestselling Futanari Demigoddess series to find out.

PDF or EBOOK Super Serum Screwup Futavillainess #1 ´ Hayden Archer