Desire in the Desert (EPUB)

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Desire in the Desert (EPUB)

In a egency novel this heroine would be called a watering pot since she cries so muchWhy is she crying when her husband is so obviously smitten that he bought her father s hotel just so he could force her into marriage Or that he bought an island so he could tie up his yacht when she got seasick on their honeymoon Why Because she s 20 and a ninny and the evil sister in law keeps dropping poison in her ear The hero does t help by not telling her about his first wife or that he loves herIt all works out no worries With lots of standard desert Autumn Days with the Moodys (Moody Family romance tropes that were probably fresh when it was first published Slow burn with the hero but the heroine is just too stupid to live I know this is old school but come one girls back then would not be so gullible when it comes to No marriage no sale She had to say yesSara was told by her father's girifriend that Prince Jabir Ibn Abdul al Shakir had just purchased their debtidden hotel along with Sara's hand.

He machinations of the other woman That and the fact that the hero is a little too buttoned down for me He lightens up uite nicely though Still a three starNice if you like tropey H s with heroes head over heels This was a great story of a guy who fall hard for a beautiful innocent girl unning a hotel He blackmails her into marriage He has two little girls from another horrible marriage and wants to start over with the heroine This book has it all the passion the evil other woman cute little girls dessert nights and overprotective hero I just loved it and it has made it on my keeper list This is one angst filled book The H blackmails the h into marriage He takes her to live in his Arabian paradise where there s big ole snake in the garden The h has lived her entire life. In marriage And her father had given his blessingPrince Jabir was a powerfully attractive man who would someday be king He wanted a Western woman to act as his hostess and care for hi.

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In a hotel but is still unrealistically innocent I have worked in hospitality for most of my life and believe me with the things you see anyone s innocence would be long gone The h s father was also eally eager and happy to sell his daughter to a man he knew NOTHING about What was that all aboutThere is a massive amount of miscommunication and no communication at all The H and h spend most of the book in angry silences And then there s the issue of the H marrying a woman who looked exactly like his mother who died in childbirth The esemblance was never explained I wanted to know what that was all about For the most part this was still a great ead I enjoyed the intrigue and drama And the h cried than any other h in the history of HarleuinMills and Boon That girl can wee. S two little girls But to Jabir love was a completely unnecessary preoccupationSara might share Jabir's Arabic kingdom but she would never share her husband with the women of his worl.

Mary Jo Wormell whose nom de plume is Mary Lyons was a popular British writer of over 40 romance novels for Mills & Boon from 1983 to 2001 She was also a Conservative Party parlimentary candidate