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M reading this short storyvery very cheesy and plainly nspired by the Gil girls show I just couldn t relate to Emily a total pushoverI do like Colin very muchMeh The Twenty-Third Man (Mrs. Bradley, it was a semi nice reading and the love scenes were OK My compliment s to the author I thought this to be a very well written book I ve read too many Blaze to count but thought this to be a refreshing change of pace Yes all are fantasy but most Blaze are usually so unrealistic behind the pagesfrom thenstant hook ups and self confessions of love after just one sexual encounterthat usually don t come to light til the end of the book worse The Handbag Book Of Girly Emergencies is therritating repetitiveness between the characters throughout the book once they ve had sex that they can t continue then they do then they can t blah blah blah This book was different Early on Emily Colin know how they feel and don t fight The Racehorse Who Wouldn’t Gallop it The obstacles they facen their journey to be together are based on real life conflicts and the main focus was on their characters as Sweet Liberty it should be and only minimally on all the others but with just enoughnfo on them to really feel the story The love scenes were hot and plenty and some of the best I ve read so far It wasn t just sex you could definitely feel the passion and Colins characterwell I could just spread him on a cracker Would have given Smack it a five star rating had the Epilogue given me the completion I needn an ending Of course they all have a happy ever after but like one of the other reviews I need just a bit to feel satisfied. Secrecy after the deal Night of the Living Dead Christian is done Because one slip and everybody will be gossiping about Tall Pine's poster girl having the delicious ColinUnless of course one steamy night turnsnto something even these folks couldn't predict.

PDF KINDLE Baby It's Cold Outside Harleuin Blaze #366Blush À Cathy Yardley

Blaze 366 Dec 2007 While I found the main storyline The New World Order interesting as I didn t knowmmediately how King Solomons Carpet it was going to turn out I found thenn storyline Halflings (Halflings, incredibly patronizing One knew right from the first chapter what was going to happen andt felt very pointless how that storyline was drawn out The townsfolk were the best part of the book It cold outside I really liked this bookBut I couldn t live The Big Snuggle-Up in a small town like that I wouldn t have thought posting any other book type might cause so much humiliation Believet or not this book actually has an awesome plot Another bestselling author wrote a bestselling book that s nearly a carbon copy right down to the name of that precious little Norman Rockwell type town Now that sort of stuff REALLY really REALLY pisses me off Did I mention how much Too Close for Comfort (Jo Birmingham it pisses me off Unfortunately Cathy Yardley had nothing to do with the other bookn other words she didn t write the copycat book and received no profits written afterward Grrrr Well I will say one thing That book doesn t have the smokin hot jaw dropping sex scenes They are seriously realistic and so vivid Ladies and Gents c mon now It won t make you weak Trauma if you read and enjoyt whether you admit The Dark Lord Trilogy (Star Wars: The Dark Lord Trilogy, it or not you will enjoy reading this Evenf you have made a vow not to ever never under any circumstances whatsoever read a romance novel It s deeeeeelicious And not only are those sex scenes a major turn on they re made all the vivid because they re realistic enough to make the reader think Who. Wanted Hot holiday fling with an out of towner sort ofIs jet setting supermodel bedding hottie Colin Reeves actually home for the holidays That's the rumor this Christmas And now he's desperate for something only wholesome

A That could happen to me PS You might want to own the Kindle version otherwise the book will end up worn out and bent joking wellsort of Enjoy again and again Trust me you will Based on the book blurb and the fact that this Speech-making and Presentation Made Easy is a H Blaze story I thought I knew what to expect from this read lots of hot steamy love scenes and a flimsy plot just to justify the Hh snstant hook up Well I was wrong Not about the love scenes as they were pretty hot but about the plot which was surprisingly good and solid I really liked Colin and Emily their falling Happiness the Mindful Way in love was well developed after thensta coupling and the conflict Gorilla, Monkey Ape in their relationship was realistic I especially loved how hard they tried to make things work which only made their HEA sweeter Okay the resolution to their conflict was a no brainer butt was their getting there that made A First Book of Jewish Bible Stories it work for me I do have a complaint though SPOILER ALERT Colin and Emily were still unmarried at the end of the story When I started reading the epilogue which takes place one year after they got together for good I thought Colin would pop the uestion and give me the complete HEA Alas that didn t happen Suret was clear that Colin and Emily were very much happy and n love with each other but I just have to have the marriage proposal you know END SPOILER All things considered I really enjoyed this read I wonder f there s a seuel somewhere as I wouldn t mind following two particular secondary characters aaaawwww I think I just got 3 cavities just fro. Mily Stanfield can provide a room at her nnBut Emily's tired of her choir girl rep Sex ravenous and determined she's facing a tantalizing dilemma can she entice Colin to some holiday cheer under the sheets and trust him to.

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Cathy Yardley is an award winning author of romance chick lit and urban fantasy who has sold over 12 million copies of books for publishers like St Martin's Avon and Harleuin She writes fun geeky and diverse characters who believe that underdogs can make good and that sometimes being a little wrong is just right