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Election gets at essential truthsBut natural selection is not the whole story of evolutionI find it st Once and for all evolution is NOT about progress a process tending towards a specific purpose and behind which then ies a designer Using a metaphor the climbing of a mountain Dawkins insists here on the gradualism implied by evolution Spiderwebs the ability for some species to fly or again the eye are as many heights at the top of which he Shadow on the Crown (The Emma of Normandy Trilogy, leads us and from where evolution appears in all its simplicity Besides he defends his selfish gene hypothesis and bounces back on the computer models developped for The Blind Watchmaker in order to not only simulate evolution through natural selection but also and no it s not a paradox show what differentiate it from a guided selection Indeed to be honest this is a repeat of The Blind Watchmaker published 10 years before The goal is the same and he uses the same arguments he just illustrate them by different examples The point is if The Blind Watchmaker was a frontal attack against the idea of an intelligent design an in your face atheism Climbing Mount Improbable is open andess radical The conclusion remains the same no need for a designer but it s not a slap in the face at each pageA good introductory course to evolution casting away one of the biggest misunderstanding surrounding it a progress towards hence the compatibility with a designer this book is therefore ideal for whose who would ContamiNation like to know about the topic without being recklessly preached on atheism Too many iffy chapters that were boring than interesting A very difficult read Including very fragmented chapters though interesting Richard Dawkins s condescending arrogance is getting on my nerves so much that I doubt Il finish thisBut I stuck with it and I made it through Interestingly when Dick Dawkins is focusing on explaining how cool evolution is and not bagging various religions well mostly just the Western ones he is actually a very entertaining and also uite persuasive writerThe middle of the book is very much in that style Dawkins seems keen to share with the reader something he finds very cool He gets back to his God bashing at the end though and the narrative Taxi ins Glück loses aot of its power because of itIf you are already a convert and can ignore the bigoted rants this is a good interesting book on evolution when richard wrote this book about the slow evolutionary plod of the evolving eye up the billion year probability mountain a guy in the same faculty who he probably saw in the tea room was dr brian goodwin who with the use of chaos computation proved that the eye in acetabularia could evolve and devolve spontaneously as appropriate richard never really went into 21st century computation chaos theory and complexity and the chaos aw of emergence and it was evident scientifically from 1992 at wwwsantafeedu and he still refuses to see which eaves him with a real peer review mountain to climb taking biology away from the 18th and 19th century abacus to the mainframes of the 21st Century Darwin was scientifically superceded over 15 years ago and richard must know this. Lecule of ife responsible for its own destiny on an unending pilgrimage through time Accompanied by evocative illustrations Dawkins's elouent descriptions of the iving world's astonishing adaptations throw back the curtain on the mysteries of 'Mount Improbable' An alternative cover edition for this ISBN can be found here.

I read this book almost by accident It was a few years ago and I was joining a mail order book club and this was just need one for my new member special offers this The Magic Rolling Pin looks kind of interesting I hadn t read anything about science for many years I d tried to read Stephen Jay Gould books a couple of times but I never enjoyed them usually couldn t finish I had a vague understanding from school about Darwin and evolution but that was many moons agoI got this I read it and I was gobsmacked Iove his writing style found it easy to understand and it opened my mind in a way nothing had before I was immediately fascinated with the subject of evolution and went on to read all of Dawkin s other books available at that time I couldn t get enough and every one I read made things even clearer especially The Selfish Gene I didn t stick only with Dawkins I read various others including managing to get through a couple of those Stephen Jay Gould books which I understood a bit better now but still didn t especially Indecent... Exposure (Indecent, like his style in comparison to Dawkins writing I ve been on courses and seminars and toectures one by Dawkins himself about evolution and natural selection Something I could never have seen myself doing before Though I d say The Selfish Gene is the Dawkins book that changed my Not Without a Fight life because it changed my whole perspective this one has a special place for me because it s the one that started it After a couple weeks of slowly reading through this one I gave up and skimmed theast 150 or so pages This book was not as engaging as Blind Watchmaker or God Delusion mostly because it s of a biology text than a political treatise about evolution I very much enjoyed the what it all means sections of the book but those appear too infreuently between the how it all works sections I can only read so much about fig wasps and nautilus shells Still his explanation about the evolution of the eye clearly stomps on the Intelligent Design proponents who often tout it as being far too complicated for anyone but the Almighty to have devised in his magic sky Garden Bouquets and Beyond lab Dawkins wrote this book in the mid 90s so he s definitely gotten passionate and direct in demolishing ID arguments This book is but a glimmer I come from a family where almost everyone has something against Dawkins And yet I somehow won this book To my surprise it is uite good Some parts are aittle outdated especially the part about 3D printers and their nonexistence but it makes sense as it was written 20 years agoOnce you accept that the author is a bit of an egomaniac the book is well written interesting and understandable even for those who never were that much into biology My favourite parts are definitely those about web spiders and the relation between mutation and sexuality If only my bodies would go in for some sex And of course anyone who mentions Douglas Adams scores some pointseditBTW there is one Czech writer Ond ej Sekora whose books for children are especially accurate as for ants development First chapter of Climbing Mount Improbable strongly reminded me of Ferda Mravenec Ferda the Ant So understandable it was Part of me feels re. In Climbing Mount Improbable Richard Dawkins author of The God Delusion builds a powerful and carefully reasoned argument for evolutionary adaptation as the force behind all ife on earth What drives species to evolve How can intricate structures such as the human eye the spider's web or the wings of birds develop seemingl.

Ally dumb reading this because all I can do is take him at his word and go uh huh that must be how it s done Like what is this other guy who gave the book one star talking about with chaos theory and some kind of math that has proven that eyes could evolve or devolve spontaneously What does that mean How am I to judge what is right or not Once again I have the gripe with Dawkins about not citing much this book acks any kind of citations He tells you where to go to read about details and gives a The Management Bible lengthy bibliography suggested readingist at the end but doesn t really give citations per se Maybe that is just not how it s done in pop science books Going along with what he is saying though I found the book to be incredibly interesting and to me this is a much better explanation for Zu schnell life as we know it then creationism and not just sounding rational but with some amazingittle details and subtleties that made me realize how weird and cool the world we Sleepless (Bird of Stone, live in can be so much that just being as human centrically focused for soong I had no idea about It s interesting and all the infinite number of ways that we can mess with memory in iterature or feel despair alienation and all of that other stuff that I m normally very obsessed with but then there are these things that science has earned that are actually pretty amazing ike orchids that mimic ooking Invisible (The Curse of Avalon like a female wasp just toure a male wasp to try to mate with a flowery dopplanger and once the male wasp is trying to fuck this simulacra how Yummy Supper long does it take a wasp to realize it s trying to get it on with aeaf the orchid traps the wasp and strikes it repeatedly on the back with this arm type thing that eaves pollen on the back of the sexually unsatisfied and duped wasp That might be my favorite example given in the book how amazing is it that something as ingenious as that can be created by nature for the sole purpose of furthering the genetic ife of species Or that wars are waged inside of figs by opposing armies of wasps where millions die in battles over the rights to Deep Listening lay eggs and continue their geneticines Millions And in a fruit that is the entire world for all of the males of the species involved whom will never eave the fig and just ive their Evolution, Me Other Freaks of Nature lives for the sake of battling so that the females of their species canay their eggs and pollinate It s astounding to think of the magnitude of things that go on in the world and that have nothing to do with us I just wish there were citations I highly recommend you read any Dawkins book on evolution if you want the best coherent explanation of the processes of natural selectionAccording to Wikipedia Dawkins is Darwin s Rottweiler In this book Dawkins attempts to explain how it is possible that evolution of such amazing instruments as eyes can happen through nothing than natural selection He explains in part through the use of his and others computer simulations I really get that natural selection with random mutation is ike a giant natural optimization program operating to refine organisms so at to preserve genes I think there is a high degree of ikelihood that natural Y by chance Regarding evolution's most complex achievements as peaks on a metaphorical mountain Climbing Mount Improbable reveals the ways in which the theory of natural selection can precisely explain the beautiful bizarre and seemingly 'designed' complexity of iving thingsAnd through it all runs the thread of DNA the mo.

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