EBOOK / PDF [Constitutional Sound Bites Volume Two]

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Atters like the power of Congress to pass laws or the president’s command of the armed forces come up the relationship of those technicalities to the recurring themes of liberty and our inalienable rights remain the focus The sound bites are intended to get past the 18th Century legal argon and translate the ideas to the 21st Century Constitutional Sound Bites Volume Two explains WHY things are in the Declaration and Constitution The ideas of WHY there's a United States and HOW the Constitution is built to fulfill the WHY are central to the serie.

This is the second of the series Constitutional Sound Bites This series explains the Declaration of Independence and Constitution in short pieces in a uestionanswer format The format lets anyone uickly grab an important thought from the founding documents for explaining ideas to friends for teachers to start a class discussion or ideas for students to begin a paper The series is built upon the idea that we want uick information in the modern world like tweets sound bites and one minute commercials The first volume of this series Constitutional Sound.

Bites Volume One emphasizes the philosophy of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution with only a few entries devoted to the procedures or technical aspects of the government created by the Constitution Volume One also includes the full texts of both documents Constitutional Sound Bites Volume Two while maintaining the emphasis on WHY words and phrases are in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution has entries that talk about technical matters like the length of terms for members of the House and Senate Even as the technical

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EBOOK / PDF Constitutional Sound Bites Volume Two