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And this is far too fairytale with how uickly they fell in love I enjoyed this book mainly for it s gothic mystery theme I read it pretty uickly so it wasn t boringMy main problem is that we know who the culprit is from the start What is the point in reading a mystery if the beginning f the book already displays the complete theme f the story There was no surprise ending whatsoever which made the book totally predictableand thus the 3 star ratingThe author writes well that much is portrayed Her two characters were a bit disappointing as wellyou have the stubborn stand ffish woman who refuses affection Then you have the hero who constantly withdraws his affection Scab or puts thingsffhe supposedly has dated some women In a World Created by a Drunken God of high social standing and could never love anyf thembut He Indo No Kao only family they had leftAs the days passed the hostile atmosphere was brokennly by their landlord Neil Ellsworth's charming attention to CourtneyThe sexy but forever single businessman ffered a strong shoulder for Courtn.

Okay The heroine f the story was too stand Giant Peach Yodel offish and stubborn though the author said she was proud but that pride was beyond reason especially if someone was lending a much needed helping hand The hero does not want to have any lasting relationships because he wasnce hurt However he dates many women and drops them thereby hurting them And that is about as much depth we get from his characterSo aside from the two problematic main characters the book has a gothic atmosphere in parts and there is an exciting chase toward the end However this was too little too late to save this book for me This was good but there are so many inconsistencies with the factual actions Sinai and Zion of the characters in this book No woman who s 4 monthld baby is taken is going to let a man have sex with her. What Lies BeneathA lonely houseboat n an isolated dock was not what Courtney Collins expected when she and her infant son arrived at Hidden Cove for the summer But their cold mysterious host was Courtney's reclusive aunt and

Single mother with a mystery appeals to him I don t know a little unbelievableAll in allit s much better than most harleuins i ve read If you want a cozy uick mystery grab itA full review can be found n my blog later this week Overall pretty disappointing I accidentally downloaded this book instead f ne by the same title by a different author Romance novels really aren t my thing and this was a typical scenario There was a bit f mystery in the book which kept me reading although it didn t take long to read the whole book I thought it was good I don t know why it was an Eclipse I thought those where mostly Paranormal r Gothic I wasn t Iniquity overly impressed The story was all right but you knew who the bad guy was almost from the start and I don t know it just didn t do it for Ey's uncertain fears and fornce Courtney could foresee a happy future But her dream was shattered the moment her baby was kidnapped With few clues and a nearly spotless crime scene could Neil hold the key to unlocking the tru.

EBOOK FREE (Shadows n the Lake) ☆ Leona Karr

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Pseudonym is also Lee KarrLeona Karr is a Colorado native who published her first novel in 1980 Her honors include the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writer of the Year and Colorado's Romance Writer of the Year awards She is also known as Lee KarrAs an author for the Harleuin Intrigue imprint Leona Karr has published 18 novels She is the author of over 30 novels specializing in Romantic Suspense

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