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Rcastic and cynical as I usually am then my daughter and I made a neon swirl cake She definitely helps on my bad daysA couple examples of prompts are Every human has an unfathomable gift that only meeting life head on will reveal Mark Nepo and acts about how helping others helps you be happy and the magical number is one hundred hours per year then it asks what you ve done that week to help someoneAs you can see sometimes it s actual uestions and sometimes it s just uotes I do tend to have a harder time answering the uotes because I m just not sure what to write especially if I m in a moodI think that this would be great De Koersk - De dodelijke reis van een kernonderzeeër for all kinds of people If you have a mood disorder like me it can help perk you up sometimes if you re a writer it could definitely help with writing prompts or if you just like daily journalsI gave this journalour out of Sweet Bags five stars only because there were aew prompts that just didn t click with me but maybe they ll click with you I think Karen Salmansohn did a great job with this and I m interested in looking into all her other books on being happy I think they could be interesting This is a cute little book and I m thrilled to have it in my library I picked it out because I ve been in a bit of a England in America, 1580-1652 funk lately and I thought it might help me look at the brighter side of life I need to remind myself of the positive aspects of my life and not dwell upon the struggles and I m hoping this little journal will help Disclaimer I ve looked through the book read the introduction and many of the journal prompts but I have not started the journal yet It is just the beginning of October and being that the book has promptsor an entire year I ve decided to wait until January 1st to start my journey towards a optimistic selfFirst impression of the book is that it is very cheerful The cover is lovely with its vibrant orange dots that opens up to reveal a short introduction before it dives right into the journal prompts The binding is nice and it opens easily to write your entries in The pages alternate in Battle Scars: A Story of War and All That Follows formatting and colors but all are very stylish and lend well to the happy vibe this book gives off There is a smooth satin ribbon to help you keep your place but I m almost tempted to skip around to pick the prompt thatits my mood or activities of the day then work The Economics Of Business Enterprise fromront to back The pages are not pre dated so it would be easy to search out the uote or uestion that Comparative Contract Law, Second Edition fits your personal needs of the day The prompts are a nice mix of serious and whimsical that I justeel might be better utilized by searching out the one that speaks to you that dayThere is not much I can Breakfast with Anglo findault with in this book Being a wordy person perhaps a little larger page so that I can write a longer entry if desired The book is a handy size if you wanted to carry it with you but plan to keep it by my bed or laptop and make this a daily ritual once I start I ve not tried journaling before so maybe the smaller pages will be perfect One Big Damn Puzzler for a beginner but I have aeeling they will Landscapes of Communism fill up uickly The book would make a lovely gift as well after all who couldn t use a little happy in their livesI received this bookrom Blogging NORJAK for Booksor this review My Review These two are just too cute Just look at them They re small but packed ull of happy There wasn t a better way to start my morning than to have my husband walk in with the journal I had been patiently waiting or it which is something I m not very good at The Instant happy book on the left is going to stay on my coffee table The Outside forever every page is insanely awesome They re cutesy motivational pictures and I love them Ilipped through it so many times while unpacking this week It really is instant happyThe journal is what I am most excited about It has a journal page Loving James (Surviving Elite High, for every day of the year I can tell this will be a great addition to my daily routine Theirst page was Bedford Square (Charlotte Thomas Pitt, fantastic it opened with a uoterom Paulo CoehloI ll post it below and asked to list your little miracles I See Rude People for the day I was able toill the page after only being awake a HVAC Design Sourcebook few hours It helped put my day in perspective My husband let me sleep in he made me breakfast in bed the book I had been waiting on came in along with many other little things While it only took aew minutes to write everything down it did help me realize all I had to be happy Melvin Menchers News Reporting and Writing for today I m sure I ll be posting about these two books very often You can become blind by seeing each day as a similar one Each day is a different one each day brings a miracle of its own It s just a matter of paying attention to this miracle Paulo Coelho. Le to naturally set their intention to enjoy a happy day then end the day reflecting on what made them happy When you end your day writing about what went right youurther strengthen your happiness mindset With The Far Dawn (The Atlanteans, fill in dates so that you can write and reflect at your own pace this little journaleatures a graphic design and Ormen i Essex fresh attitude perfector today's modern happiness seeke.

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Recently I decided to get back into using a daily journal because it s therapeutic but I uickly Bare It All (Love Undercover, fell out of the habit of writing down what my thoughts were But this little book isilled with daily inspiration prompts and thoughts that can brighten anyone s day and remind you of the positives I Bare It All (Love Undercover, found the happiness prompters to be a great go to in the morning and evening before bed The book is small and can easily be placed in purse to bring with you throughout the day Iound this to be a great resource to keep a health happy minds Instant Happy Journal is An Elusive Victorian full of intuitive creativity and is an excellent bookor those who are looking A Bird in the House for some creative spark I wholeheartedly recommendI ve been thinking as of late as we near the end of 2015 life seems to be escaping me Being aware of this reality has led me toeel an urgency to write with a intentional aim and to Staging Tourism further express my sentiments both on my blog and on my personal journal However try as I may I cannot seem to get my thoughts downear instantly consumes me as I stare at the dreaded white blank screen and page in The Last Imaginary Place front of me Thus I have been lookingor journal prompts to help me stir my thoughts a bit Thankfully I stumbled upon this nifty colorful Instant Happy Journal and wow This book is jam packed with wonderful ideas and inspiration Not Just Roommates for writing and self reflectionNot only does it include 365 promptsor writing but within those prompts are motivational uotes that invoke different emotions both negative and positive such as these You don t have to Cassidy Harte and the Comeback Kid (Outlaw Hartes, figure out how to solve all your problems right now Justigure out what you can do to Jean-Paul Sartre feel better in this moment The soul gets stiff when it doesn t stretch itself daily What have you been doing or what can you do to stretch who you are and grow a little There isn t a person you couldn t love if you could read their journal and understand their story Agree or disagreeThis last uote really struck me as I came to realize that the accounts and memories we record in our journals truly do read like a novel of our own life I am so inspired and I intend to start journaling immediately Suffice it to say this brilliant book will make a wonderful gift I highly recommend itBlog Facebook Twitter Google Bloglovin Instant Happy Journal Karen Salmansohn65 Days of Inspiration Gratitude and JoyI m than a little obsessed with cute journals even though I can t write in themor longer than a week Vintage Games for the life of me When I saw this pretty little thing on Bloggingor Books I couldn t resist It s so small and happy looking how could I go wrongOverall rating 12Originality The nicest part of this journal is that it has prompts Many journals lay abandoned on my bookshelves victims of writer s block Some days are just not interesting enough to write about Then you start to Zamba feel guilty about not journaling then you keep procrastinating then you look at the journal and it s been too long since you wrote in it and you have to give upThe Instant Happy Journal has 365 pagesor journaling but they re NOT PRE DATED You get to write in the date yourself Which means if you miss journaling on March 3rd you don t have to wait until March 3rd of the The Erotic Motive in Literature following year toinish that page just pick it up where you left offThe graphics on the journal pages are The Detour fun without being overwhelming I can see myself running out of roomor writing on a The Crime Trade (Tina Boyd few of the pages but most of them look big enough There are many interesting prompts Make a prediction in this journal about something you believe is about to happen Fold over the corner of the page so you can be reminded to check later whether it came true What made youeel afraid today What can you say to yourself to increase your moxie and bravura Success is stumbling The Adventures of Rusty fromailure to ailure with no loss of enthusiasm This is a great little journal or people who just need a reminder to reflect a bit during the day It s not too much work and is SO adorable 629 pm 27 January 2016Instant Happy Journal 365 Days of Inspiration Gratitude and Joy Karen SalmansohnI ve always loved journaling My high school English teacher had her students keep a journal teaching us the importance of expressing our emotions and eelings on paper It was a great way to release those things we keep locked deep inside It helped me express myself and other times after seeing my thoughts on paper inspired me That is exactly what Karen Salmansohn had in mind when she created this little happy journal First the journal itself is lovely It makes me happy just looking at it The bright and happy colors are an instant boost This colorful diary inspires journalers to apply happiness guru Karen Salmansohn's Instant Happy principles to their everyday lives with 365 prompts to encourage a year of gratitudeOn the heels of Karen Salmansohn's wildly popular gift book  Instant Happy comes this happiness journal with daily prompts to help you think about and apply happiness wisdom to your own life Each page.

PDF or EPUB (Instant Happy Journal) by Karen Salmansohn

Econd the daily happiness prompts allow me to ocus on positive thoughts Salmansohn When Mutants Attack! (Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles filled the pages with prompts meant to inspire you to reflect andocus on where the most joy appreciation and love can be Fearless (Nashville Nights, found in your day and your life I choose to record my thoughts in the evening This journal helps meocus on the positive aspects of my day and it certainly inspires me to look The Bomber Dog for the bright spots in my life and in others I love this journal It s helping see myselfrom a different perspective and in a better light This Instant Happy Journal would make a great gift It s the perfect size to Novelas de Isabel Allende fit in a larger purse or backpack easy to carry around If you happen to write something truly inspirational andeel you must share Karen would love to hear it You can write to Karen at notsalmoncom and tweet or Instagram an excerpt to notsalmon instanthappy I was generously provided a copy Dreams Made Flesh (The Black Jewels, from Bloggingor Books in exchange The Fearless Critic Portland Restaurant Guide for my honest andair opinion Many thanks to NetGalley and Ten Speed Press Top Secret Executive Resumes, Second Edition for a digital Advanced Reader Copy in exchangeor my review Who this journal is not Anne, Ben Barbar Mıyım? for Those who strongly prefer visual simplicity such as Recently I ve gotten back into doing daily journaling and by journaling I mean I jot down a brief description of what went on through the day of the lives of my husband my kids and I Sometimes it s a mundane description sometimes there s a lot to say Sometimes it s just a really good outletor the things that Becoming Violet frusterated me in the day What makes this Journal different is that itorces you to Serial Killer Quarterly Vol.2 No.7 Psychotic Killers focus on the good parts of your day It reminds us how even in the tiniest of moments we are incredibly blessed By thinking on the good things on a daily basis I believe that we slowly start to have a mindset change where instead ofinding outselfs High Angle Rescue Techniques feeling so beat down by the cares and stresses of our life but we start to realize that while live is in no way perfect there is something there any small thing there to be happy aboutWhat I Loved Theormat of this book is just wonderful It not only Finn Family Moomintroll focuses on the positive but each page is just a little different You have to look at your liferom different angles It also stretches your creative muscles and sometimes work hard The Glass Palace for the response Of course the journal is only going to be as good as you make it If it becomes an obligation or something that you justill out because the blanks are there it s not going to be near as good as if you actually decide to spend some time thinking about the daily entry and investing the time to put down a thoughtful answer And imagine the wonderful memory book you ll have at the end of the 365 daysNot So Much NOTHING This is a cute journal and I think each and every person young and old can enjoy thisThe Verdict This book review is appropriately timed because I just Something Like Fate found the perfect Christmas presentor nearly everyone on your listespecially those hard to buy A Gun for Sale for people who have just about everything I think that I would love to have this journal yearlyor a beautiful positive and encouraging history of my life And my kids would probably love it too You want to be happy Of course you do We all doDid you know there are lots of little tricks to instantly make you happier No they don t often tell us that Well Karen Salmansohn does She not only shares the tricks to happy but she gives you time and space to practice them in this little journal book I ve only been pr I received this book Archetype (Archetype, from Bloggingor Books but all opinions are my ownFor those of you who don t know I have a lovely mixture of anxiety and depression It s normally kept in check with medicine but sometimes I still have a hard time inding any happy That was a big part of the reason I reuested Instant Happy Journal rom Blogging A Gun for Sale for Books That and my mom suggested it after I told her which books I was consideringWhile I wouldn t say this book is the be all and end all or that it cured me or made me instantly happy I do think that it s helpful and encouragingBefore I start talking about the content I just have to say that this book is just adorable Between the polka dotront the yellow bookmark ribbon and all the different page designs it s likely to bring a smile to your People of the Book face before you even start reading or writingSimilarly to my A a Day journal there are good prompts and weird ones and ones I have no idea how to even begin answering but overall I m enjoying it soar I haven t done one prompt per day I m saving them Encore, Grace! for days when I need a little boost of happy Such as last Tuesday which SUCKED I wrote out a prompt attempting to not be as sa. Features a specific intention inspiring uote surprising scientificact or thought provoking uestion to ponder When you approach your day with Salmansohn's happiness prompters in mind you amp up your ability to notice and create many joyous moments in your day But that's just half of what it takes to live a supremely happy life This journal teaches the top two habits of happy peop.

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