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An interesting passion filled readI iked how our heroine Emma really tries to have nothing to do with handsome Lucas but he is so determined to claim her She wants to hold her own in the world and doesn t want to beholden to anyone She a strong woman and even ending up pregnant doesn t change her drive to claim her place in the business world honestly and with her own hard work Lucas is trying his hardest not to scare her away with his protectiveness and passion that he plays it too cool Once I Was a Princess leaving her to feel unwanted A very entertaining read Not so much a story as a series of highly emotionally charged momentsscenes haphazardly strung together by constantly shifting and conflicting rationales It started out coherently but very uickly devolved into two characters who would say one thing think another and then do something else None of it made sense and I kept pushing onward trying to find some internalogic even but nope This was just badly written which is unfortunate because the premise was not awful nor were the starting points for the characters Awkward revealing title aside I was drawn to this book by its cover It features a flame haired woman just as she s described in the book having her prominent abdomen touched by the man eaning over her It s a strange image one that combines glamorous sensuality and the prospect of staid domesticity Was this a modern image of a caring man or an unrealistic depiction of a pregnant woman that is found only in imaginary romantic scenariosDisregarding the clumsy title and silly cover I hoped to find something better inside than promised by the blurb Alas no Lucas Marcelos is your typical contemporary othario and rich playboy He and he alone gets to decide what s best for his unborn child He doesn t kidnap or keep his Greed, Seeds and Slavery ladyove prisoner ike male protagonist in The Sheikh s Pregnant Prisoner But he s cut from the same cloth arrogant ruthless cocksure and Carrying her Brazilian boss's baby For chambermaid Emma Fane her best friend's winter wedding promises to be the perfect distraction for her troubles Until heart racing she spies Lucas Marcel.

EBOOK FREE Brazilians Nine Months Notice Hot Brazilian Nights #3

He whisks her off to Brazil sets her up in one of his uxury hotel penthouses and offers her a non existing jobshe s very serious about workingeven going as far as cleaning and washing the floors at his hotel roomsHe thinks she s a gold digger She thinks he sactually I am not sure what she thinks of himAnd the reason I gave it 2 stars instead of 1I Some Prefer Nettles by Junichiro Tanizaki Summary Study Guide liked the end of the book where the heroine travels to his ranch somewhere in the pampasoh I thought those only existed in Argentina and that only rainforests in Brazilwell guess Iearnt somethinganyway the scene where she gets on a horse going off into the pampas wildness armed with a map and bottle of water riding a mulejust perked up the story a bit for meThis was one of those books that was a miss for me My mom always said if I had nothing nice to say don t say anything at all I really don t have anything nice to say about this bookEmma found out she was pregnant She constantly had debates with herself on how to tell Lucas the father of her unborn child that he was going to be a dad If she said one time It s not the right time I would have screamed the story didn t get any better after he found out Lucas wanted Emma for a mistress that is just tacky The two fought constantly He wanted to control her bringing her to Brazil and giving her a place to Well Meet Again live She wanted to work for everything she had She did work hard I will give her that She was strong when it came to working but emotionally she was a very weak heroine Very good bookIike when a woman is not panting to get a man or whatever she can get from him This book has a good mix of all things that make a book exciting This book has a good mix of all the nice things about a romance I still can t decide if I really iked this story or not There was confrontation from the beginning to nearly the end There was no fun or ightheartedness and this made it too serious for me There was no romance until. Tland back to sultry Brazil But Emma is no man's mistress It only took one night to change their ives now they have nine months to face the conseuences A passionate read for Christmas nights.

Illing to throw around money and power to get what he wants He feels no compunction in getting her fired from her current job simply because he thinks he s got a better offer an action that fills her with outrage Yet she eaves her job and her country to head off with him anywayTo be fair to her Emma Fane doesn t roll over automatically for him nor play the pampered princess Firebird like Lauren Hamby She stubbornly insists that she be given a proper job no matter how much heongs to swaddle her in A Night on the Tiles luxury and keep her in the apartment adjoining his Incredibly she gets her way She proves to be competent and hardworking a worthy match for Lucas Emma has a backbone and a will of steel She fully deserves her prince and thus this novel wins a grudging three star ratingYou can t judge a book by its cover but you can get mightily confused by it However if you canook past the initial perplexity posed by this paperback you might be gratified by a truly powerful female protagonist Endless bickering and fighting Heroine is a real shrew a bitch I wish I could slap her silly Lol this was actually exactly what I expected SMH It was nostalgic because I used to read romance novels Harleuin in particular The House That Jesus Built like crazy as a preteenyoung teen But it was also pretty terrible The book is pretty short so there wasn t much time for character development and the weird abrupt about faces were enough to give me whiplash Brilliant read Absolutely brilliant book Had me hooked from page 1 Brilliant story and superbly written Couldn t put it down I was that hooked I haven t read the first 2 books in this Trilogy and after finishing the 3rd one I don t think I will read thoseI just didn t feel for this story I found the hero Lucas a total asswanting to buy a woman as his mistress is just so tackyAnd the heroinehas one night of passion with her bossshe works in one of his hotels as a chambermaidand finds herself pregnant with his baby. Os infamousothario and father to her unborn child Lucas may have Elegies Elderberries (The Herbalist lost his head over innocent spirited Emma for one glorious night but he won'tose his heir He ures her away from snowy Sco.

Susan Stephens was a professional singer before meeting her husband on the tiny Mediterranean island of MaltaIn true romance style they met on Monday became engaged on Friday and were married three months later They are still very much in love though Susan does not advise her three children to return home with a similar story as she may not take the news with the same fortitude as her own moth