Trigger Warning Is the Fear of Being Offensive Killing Free Speech? (PDF)

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Arms when people try to claim they don t read diversely because they don t relate to other type characters Hume isn t wrong trigger warnings are a slippery slope 2 Holocaust and other genocidalcrime and climate change denial This is mostly having to do with genocide denial Yes individuals have the right to deny the Holocaust or climate change They are wrong but that is their prerogative as a ree individual in a Theres Something About a Rebel free country However what about state denial of a genocidal action We wouldn t allow that Germany wasorced to pay reparations after WWII Turkey still can t get membership into the EU because of its denial of the Armenian genocide and other The Austen Playbook (London Celebrities, factors but this is definitely still one Where does the individual end and the state begin If you re state is legally reuired to pay reparationsor war crimes can you as an individual of that state really deny those crimes 3 Also in general this book isn t written very well It reads like an undergraduate thesis and is both repetitive and rambling Free speech is important than hurt eelings It is a sorry sign of the times that such a statement might seem outlandish to some Trigger warning common sense based views anti priggishness the necessity to judge or yourself and not take everything the author says at Luck of the Draw (Sterlings Montana, face value anti holier than thou conformismreedom does not include the right to unchallenged narcissismSupposing you Christian and Hindu Ethics feel inclined to disagree with the above uotationrom Mick Hume s book Trigger Warning Is the Fear of Being Offensive Killing Free Speech and would want to counter that whenever you use your right to speaking your mind Pathfinder Adventure Path (Return of the Runelords 4 of 6) freely you should take into consideration how your words will be received and if they might not do harm than good you might already be on the slippery slope of self censorship at best and demandingurther going state regulations or ree speech at worst In that case reading this book might do you a world of goodMind although Hume has a very wide definition of what he regards as The Desert Kings Bejewelled Bride falling under the scope ofree speech wider in Insatiable/Hard Knocks fact than I personally deem appropriate he still says that libel insults and threats do not of course ualify as examples of people using this basic right And what is he says that having the right of usingree speech even though it may offend others does not exempt you rom judging or yourself the appropriateness in any given situation of doing so according to William Hazlitt s dictum An honest man speaks the truth though it may give offence a vain man in order that it may In that context we might also add that a vain man or woman is especially uick at taking offenseHume is not only concerned with growing state regulations against 1-2-3 Clarity! free speech but also with the increasing influence of the PC language police that do their best to limit the scope of what can be said in public and even in private and here his cogent conclusion is The attempt to de normalise any speech which somebodyinds offensive is having a stultifying effect on public debate encouraging an atmosphere of tame conformism and mute self censorship Chapter 8The problem here is that what I you he she it regard as an offense is perfectly subjective and while some people might Adolf Loos feel offended and hurt in theireelings by what they see when they look into the mirror yet what the mirror shows them is the truth In public debates this narcissistic approach of terming anything one might Give Up the Ghost (Not Dead Yet feel offended by as hate speech will eventually lead to the stifling of discussion and the end of people expressing their thoughtsor 80天环游世界(外研社双语读库) fear of being branded as White Old Men and maybe even of having their social and professional lives ruined in a modern witch hunt Hume s conclusion is anyone is entitled to take offence at anything said by anybody else But taking offence does not give them any right to take away somebody else sreedom of speech ibidHume sees the reason Creature for this increase in touchiness and the instrumentalization of being offended something that according to Frank Furedi will lead to the criminalization of criticism in theact that in pluralistic societies traditional sources of identity like nation church The Re-Enlisted Groom family are losing influence and that people strive to establish new identities and he states that identity politics is the sphere of competitive victimhood Identity groups draw their moral authorityrom the claim Bite for redressor grievances and offences against them past and present The insistence that you are constantly vulnerable and victimized reinforces the tendency to take offence at any opinion outside your identity s narrow worldview Since identity is defined subjectively it matters not what the intention of the offending speaker or writer might have been If the identity group says it is offensive then it automatically must be so and demands Unhooking from Whiteness for a withdrawal apology and possibly compensation willollow ibidYou may want to laugh out loud at the idea of making another person s arbitrary or self alleged level of sensibility the litmus test of what you are allowed to say but the laughter will surely die in your throat when you learn that UK legislation s definition of hate speech is based on exactly what the person spoken or referred to or any other person might deem offensive I could not help thinking that at the bottom of all this madness which is not void of method there is people s increasing tendency to rely on the Nanny State a tendency which is encouraged by self appointed social justice warriors People have and got used to relying on the state and the government to redress social wrongs and to Beauty the Beasts fight the ills of social ineuality but their material well being is just one thing Another is their urge toeel cozy in their assumptions about themselves and so their next demand will be Heroes of the Reich for the state to make sure that they might not have toace their own orthodoxies challenged by dissenting views The One Sexy Daddy flipside of it all is that the state and a self righteous and jaded Internet mob will become the arbiter in the uestion of what can and what cannot be said in public and eventually thought in private Thoughtcrime will no longer be just a dystopian bogeyman and the idea of the government actually educating citizens as though they wereoul mouthed and naughty children will become acceptable After all a nanny not only Star Light, Star Bright (Sedikhan, feeds clothes and pampers herosterlings but also has to tell them what they must and must not say and think And governments just ever thankfully grasp at any excuse to enlarge their power over civil lifeHume also deals with other strategies of what he calls the reverse Voltaires Sacrifício (Alera, for example theiravourite weapons of labelling opposing views as based on phobias or denial strategies in order to make them seem spawned by psychological disorders or downright dishonesty and put them beyond the pale of what is worth discussing In old rhetoric schools this was called the argumentum ad hominem or the appeal to motive both strategies of poisoning the well In societies based on Royal Crush (From the Notebooks of a Middle School Princess, free speech individualism and scientific progress strategies like these should be beneath any responsible and enlightened person s dignity For example willindings and data casting some doubt on anthropogenic climate change be adeuately dealt with by calling scientists who come up with them climate change deniers Probably only so if you are very very religious about that sort of thing When you read some of the raving rants of climate change orthodoxics on scientists who either do not believe in anthropogenic climate change or do not assign the topic top priority in Chapter 10 you may well gain the impression that the Middle Ages and the Holy Inuisition have been reintroduced through the back doorI cannot deny ahem that Mick Hume s thoughts on the silent war on The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty free speech were on the whole very convincing to me and I sincerely hope that the western world will not adopt the new religion of stupidity and self censoring because in the long run every single one of us would sufferrom its conseuences Nevertheless the book is not Wildcat (Mavericks Tackle Love, flawless For once it is too long and repetitive Second Iind it hard to agree with Hume s loose definition of Amanhã na Batalha Pensa em Mim free speech When dumb and sexuallyrustrated Internet junkies post their raping A Dance of Sisters fantasies with regard to a certain person online I would not unlike Hume regard this as a despicable though meaningless insult but I would argue that this is a substantial threat and should be prosecuted accordingly Hamstringing crude remarks like these or racial slurs is not the same as shutting down a debate by labelling your opponent a climate change denier or by telling him to check his privileges as though men could not hold views on abortion or as bowdlerizing Mark Twain or Joseph Conrad in a pathetic attempt to rewrite history thereby proving one s pathetic ignorance of literature I would also not agree with Hume s attempts at whitewashing the often rather mud slinging and manipulative popular press but here Hume is obviously writing pro domoLast not least there remains the uestion of how powerful words are when it comes to changing reality and to manipulating people While I cannot help laughing at Judith Butler s performativity model which reminds me of Frodo sear of speaking the name of Sauron out aloud or of the stoning scene in The Life of Brian I do not share Hume s smugness about people s general immunity against propaganda and manipulation either The truth is probably that people can be seduced by words but not by those alone and that leaving them to judge Judge (Breeding, for themselves might also have them end up with wrong and even harmful conclusions Nevertheless the danger of people making the wrong choices is no justificationor governments and identity pressure groups to decide what may and what may not be said and thought because that what would be the source of their ultimate authority to do so Are they less passionate impartial better educated or even the better people And after all people need not necessarily end up with the wrong ideas if they have the chance to see both sides of a uestion and if they are used to using their loaves Living in a democracy and enjoying personal Boating for Beginners freedoms alsorom government control and having the right to send up self righteous po Chinese Whispers faced prigs by the way are such highs good that even the possibility of sometimes making the wrong choices is a price we should be willing to payWith all due apologiesrom a white middle aged male. T the massacre of the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists showed the need to restrict offensive ideas and opinionsBut the Wheres Mummy Mouse? fundamentalreedom being attacked – the right to be offensive despite the problems it might create – is vital to a Get Over Your Damn Self free and civilised society Without unfetteredreedom of expression other liberties will not be possible.

F you believe in the Alpha Dog (Weredog Chronicles) free expression of ideas either as a speaker or a listener this is an impassioned look at the erosion ofree speech in our time The Good Bits We deny the right to Mr. Funny free speech at our own peril Not only is the speaker s right to express involved but also the listener s right to hear Without the ability to hear contrary racist xenophobic conspiracy theorist appalling opinions we will lose the ability to defend our own views No one will need to learn the history of the Holocaust because it will be illegal to discuss anything but the official version to which we are all supposed to agree Christopher Hitchens was ever so elouent on this point in one of his myriad debates What would you do if you met a Flat Earth Society Member Come to think of it how can I prove the Earth is round Don t take refuge in thealse security of consensus Cranks anti Semites bigots must all be allowed to express their opinions without outlawing them We have a Heres to the Ladies far powerful and lasting tool at our disposal we can smash and marginalize those opinions with superior argument The book is well organized and it works most effectively when summarizing the recent infringements ofree speech of the last century vividly in the last 15 years Some of the examples were unknown to me and truly horrifying In reading them I often wondered if human beings at heart simply wish to be intellectual slaves Throughout history there seems to be a recurring theme of proscribing contrary views as soon as possible like moths to a Saying Yes to the Millionaire flame Hume also does an excellent job of dispelling the misapprehensions about Oliver Wendel Holmes crowded theatre ruling I admit that liberals in the United States promulgate much of the hypersensitivity on college campuses seemingly so different evenrom my college days 10 years ago It is a sad thing to say but on this issue of The Majors Guarded Heart / The Highlanders Dangerous Temptation / Paying the Vikings Price free speech and political correctness some men and women I admire arearcically wayward Weird to say but in 2015 Paul Krugman and Barack Obama are much less cogent than Trey Parker and Matt Stone on defending Sons of the Devil, Vol. 2 free speech in America NegativesHume only strays in hisinal two chapters in my estimation He gets overtly political and while he has disdain Merry Christmas, Daddy for both parties he insists that there is an ongoing attempt to muzzle the press mostly by the political left As a leftist himself he decries this However his examples areeeble The notorious News of the World tabloid in Britain was closed largely due to a giant police inuest the largest in British history Seems over the top to invest so much time and attention to a mere tabloid yes But they were not indicted Roped in for spreading calumny or insinuating Tom Cruise was gay or any such item They were illegally taping conversations of private individuals and also manipulated the voicemail box of a kidnapped child who was killed soon thereafter and in so doing misled theamily into believing their daughter was alive If there is a ree speech issue involved I wouldn t want to live in a world without ridicule of sanctimonious celebrities it takes a back seat to real legal infractions that caused real harm Hume s point gets lost in bad examples like theseHe also defends Philip Morris the Koch brothers and other large corporations rights to ree speech which he contends should be treated like any private individual s I contest this because of context which Hume is constantly invoking In the United Stated and the UK we share risk and cost of disease burden A large burden of say smoking should be discouraged not just because it is decent not enough in of itself but because it causes harm affecting all in society It is not illegal to have vices or to smoke A multi national multi billion dollar corporation can and does pressure dissenting voices scientific lay press that could diminish profits Nicotine is also physiologically addictive Plain packaging laws that is to say a token restriction on the advertising of poison to a population who collectively shares the burden of the effects of the poisonings is not the subversion of Philip Morris right to express their opinion To object to the placement of Secrets of the Tycoons Bride (The Garrisons, factual information on carcinogens is a reductio ad absurdum andurther insults the intelligence of the populace something Hume derides in myriad other casesOne other small critiue which has been made by others The rejoinder I may not agree with what you say but will defend to the death your right to say it has been variously attributed to many including Voltaire Hume refers to those contesting Samanthas Gift free speech as reverse Voltaires many times throughout the book Many many times This grows tiresome because while exactly on point it simply doesn t have a nice ring to it and after 30 invocationseels stale and awkward Don t let this disclaimer steer you away Friscos Kid (Tall, Dark Dangerous from what is otherwise a tight important book Trigger warning sexism racism homophobia white privilege safe space mocking liberal mocking After Iinished this book yesterday I prepared to give a scathing review about privilege and obligations of safety that most private companies have contracts that reuire certain behavior as part of at will employment that the bullying and those social media trigger happy criers of offensive racist and even check your privilege while annoying are within their rights of Courting Miss Adelaide (Noblesville, Indiana, free speech to say those things too And then I saw a post on my Facebookeed Some liberal morally high minded individual put a post about how disgusted she was that Charlie Hebdo put a cartoon of the dead Syrian child Aylan Kurdi claiming it was disrespectful and disgusting and A Convenient Wife f ed up This same person posted on January 12th JE SUIS CHARLIE Well than not exactly dear not exactly This is exactly the kind of double speak that Mick Hume writes about in Trigger WarningSo let me make my thoughts as brief as possible First the points that Mick Hume makes well1 No one should be arrestedor using offensive language offending anyone verbal bullying whatever And he has excellent examples of cases where this hasn t been so see the arrest of Walker and Weston Romens who were alleged to have chanted abusive comments of a racial nature on a train leaving Glasgow s ueen Street station on 31 January This is wrong I agree And not just because they were re enacting a scene Even if the witness had been correct that they had been chanting abuses of a racial nature still shouldn t be arrested A Colton Target for that 2 We are overly sensitive and college and universities in their pursuit of safe spaces have made it worse Yes as a student you have every right to protest a racist sexist or generally offensive speaker on your campus Please do inact But preventing speakers Love Isnt Enough from coming by signing petitions or claiming it violates your safe space isn t alwaysor the best Because when the tables are Prodigal Prince Charming flipped and conservative students protest a Transeminist whatever speaker they are regarded as offensive and in the wrong And I think importantly know your enemy and not even your enemy just learn different views 3 In the same vein of learning different views that there are dangers to identity group politics By saying things like check your privilege and stating that only those within a certain identity group can make statements you limit the conversation I agree with this Hume takes it a little too Task Force Bride far as a white male journalist he can t help himself and I disagree on the reason but I think this is true Again know your enemy I m not saying the privileged won t be wrong or offensive or condescending they will case in point right here But isn t it better to knowor people to say the wrong offensive thing and learn A Soldiers Family (Wings of Refuge, from itIssues with Hume s argument1 Hume claims that too many trigger happy liberals are bullying offensive people on social media into retractions of statements or getting peopleired Yes you are allowed to say whatever offensive thing you want But Hume doesn t acknowledge that the other side the annoying easily offended has just as much right to say whatever they want and bully the offender2 People shouldn t get Desejo Indomado (To Tame A Playboy, firedor saying offensive things or demoted or whatever This seems right except here s the catch Most jobs involve some sort of social component and if you reveal yourself to be intolerant in your private life odds are good that this carries over into your work life If a banker is a Neo Nazi and attend rallies odds are good that his or her service as a banker to black people is pretty poor Because our private and public lives are not that clearly divided We are human our prejudices and our Dangerously Attractive (Harlequin Intrigue feelings seep into our professional lives even if we don t mean them to Maybe there are exceptions to this rule maybe if a job is entirely solitary or if a person really can prove to have not let their personal prejudices affect their work life If that person exists they should probably be world dictator 3 Oh so much white male privilege And why oh why do they always want to be able to say the n word Or deny rape I do not understand 4 Words do not have power Hume claims that we have given words power by claiming offense and inact they are just words By making them taboo that s what gives them power I think he misses two points One by a word like the n word to be used Mistress freely it makes it ok to say It allows those prejudices associated with the use of that word to continue Or like a girl To throw like a girl means to throw badly weakly whatever And to continue to use this phrase even casually unintentionally or as a joke attaches stereotypes that women are less than not as good etc Guess what I throw like a girl all the time Because I am a girl All the time Two as a journalist who is writing to make a point if words have no power than what s the point What s the point of discussiondebate at all I realize this is a bit Reductio ad absurdum but I couldn t resistOther thoughtsissues 1 Trigger warnings on books originally used to prevent PTSD and other trauma sufferers to be saferom triggering content Have we become to slap happy with the trigger warnings we mark on things I think so This is an interesting issue as a librarian especially with banned books week right around the corner because while anyone can check anything out should we put labels to inform parents of content Is it information or is it censorship One of my Cinderella Story Part 2 (36 Hours) favorite book review websites is very pro trigger warning on books because people should get to read what they like but then they get up in. ?? Mick Hume’s blistering polemic exposes the new threatsacing us today in the historic ight or A Doctor, a Nurse, a Christmas Baby freedom of expression Ours is an age when sensitive students must be shelteredrom potentially offensive material in ‘safe spaces’ Twitter vigilantes police those expressing the ‘wrong’ opinion online and many even insist tha.

I m mostly subscribed to the author s idea of A Mother in the Making free speechundamentalism but the book itself has some editorial problems too much repetition I m deeply passionate about this topic but took almost an entire week to get through this book at times even Her Kind Of Cowboy finding it a chore mostly because of its repetitiveness He could have also stood to perhapsootnote a bit which is not to say that he doesn t support his arguments His Pregnant Christmas Princess for the sake of being comprehensive Anywayor me a good and mostly convincing thesis slightly let down stylistically Absolutely excellent I Through the Language Glass felt like I wanted to read bits out to everybody all the time and pretty much every page has some uote worthy lines The argumentor allowing unrestrained ree speech is convincingly put orward and I Private Arrangements (Forged of Steele, felt Mick Hume covered all the relevant points thoroughly If I could I d make this compulsory reading Warningitting In case it wasn t obvious this is a political review If you are easily offended by different opinions this book and review aren t You Are Not A Gadget for youWhat s it aboutThe author of this book asks readers ifree speech is under attack as he goes over recent and historical cases of censorship why all speech is Sanctuary free speech and why it s worthighting Forever Faithful (Forever Faithful, for even if you disagree with what s being saidProsThis book is uite interesting Those whoollow me know that Friendfluence free speech and censorship are things I m very passionate about so it interested me It even helped me think some things slightly differently as I noticed some stuff Thanksor opening my eyes to a thing or two bookThis book is educational I actually learned some stuff here so that s pretty coolThis book is often humorousThe narrator of the audio edition I listened to has a perfect voice One Part Woman for nonfiction I specify nonfiction as I m not sure I d careor it in a Stranger fictional audiobookConsThis guy seriously overreacts to trigger warnings I stillail to see how a content warning puts a gun to the head of Lewis.Tsurumaki.Lewis free speech as this book puts it I ll go in depth on trigger warnings later in the review but yeah I think this writer really jumped off the deep end with thatThis book definitely has a right wing bias So yeah it does point out aew cases of conservatives attacking ree speech but CONSTANTLY points out things that liberals have done and that it was liberals also a minor note one part of the book sounded slightly transphobic which certainly doesn t help hide the biasThe main reason this is a 3 star instead of a 4 is because it beats a dead horse and is drawn out This book is almost 12 hours long because it often goes on and on even repeating itself uite a bitIs all speech ree speechI say yes If The English Spy (Gabriel Allon, free speech was regulated it would not beree Sure I don t like racism sexism ableism homophobia transphobia etc but people who do have the right to say that bullshit just as I have the right to say it s bullshit because that s how To See Paris and Die free speech works It s also notable that history proves letting the government regulate speech is dangerous and a path we should avoidIsree speech in dangerYes and no First of all I have to make it clear that both liberals and conservatives are Out of China full of shit when it comes to this Liberals say how they hate censorship when it comes to how the FCCines people Mary Tudor for saying certain words on broadcast TV or radio agree shouldn t beined and censored but cheer when a subreddit they deem offensive is banned what At the same time conservatives hate censorship when Alex Jones is banned on social media I may not be an Info Wars As Aventuras de Hornblower (Saga Hornblower fan but I agree shouldn t be censored but it s the Republican President Donald Trump that blames video gamesor violence many conservative groups unsurprisingly agree with blaming this as well as certain types of TV shows and music and even pressured Blumhouse Productions into cancelling the release of a controversial violent movie The HuntI think in some countries Australia Canada England and China are the The Accidental Tourist first to come to mind the governments have killedree speech in absolutely horrible ways some going to jail or even beat in a Barcelona few cases killedor something deemed offensive by people andor the country s government which is absolutely awful Social media sites are private companies so should do whatever they want but you gotta admit they are very ban happy and often gang up on certain people especially but not only when it comes to political content so it s annoying at best In America there are some active Christmas Catastrophe forms of censorship FCC regulations on broadcast TV and AMFM radio come to mind and there are many groups and people who want to destroyree speech but I think in the end and this applies Collected Poems for other countries and even social media if people stand upor it ree speech will win and it is ar A Song for Issy Bradley from dead in the US where I and despite the author being British probably most of the book s audience liveAre trigger warnings promoting censorshipThis confuses me how that s a uestion TBH When a show book video game music video or anything else includes a warningor insert whatever here it is not saying THIS CONTENT IS UNSAFE AND MUST BE FORBIDDEN hell the makers of these things want people to viewlistenplayreadetc but it is not recommended if you are offended by such things I know someone a relative who is really proud of me The First Family for releasing myirst book even if she didn t read it because she saw the warning A Sudden, Fearful Death (William Monk, for extreme levels of violence language and sexual content That s why trigger warnings on things exist I will admit that they can sometimes be exaggerated I remember at least once reading reviewsor a book that included long scrolls of trigger warnings but when I read it I barely even noticed ANY offensive content and I personally don t have any use The 7th Month (Detective D.D. Warren, for them as I m almost never offended by anything at this point but I understand that some people don t like seeing certain things If those people say that stuff with insert whatever they re offended by here should be banned they re promoting censorship but simply not wanting to expose themselves or their kids the main reason TVMA warnings on shows and Mor mature labels on video games exist to that stuff that is entirely differentOverallAn interesting sometimes humorous book that is unfortunately often drug out and has some issuesI d recommend it if you like political nonfiction andor are interested in the subject but if not this won t interest you35 The author undoubtedly presents a passionate and extremely important defense of reedom of expression pointing out in an extensive way the various risks some of which often go unnoticed threatening it However the author sometimes incurs in logical leaps so large that they weaken the arguments presented on the other hand and not infreuently he uses examples that become perfectly out of context to defend his points of view At the editorial level we see a recurring use which turns out to be boring of eual expressions throughout the book which could easily have been suppressed in avor of an easier and open reading The struggle or reedom of expression is undoubtedly a The Laughing Hangman (Nicholas Bracewell, fundamental struggle and one that must be activelyought by all The right to express the thoughts of others especially the ideas we detest is Stiff Upper Lip, Jeeves (Jeeves, fundame This book raises some pretty good points but there sar too much repetition and it On the Plains feels as if there is no structure Also the author seems to contradict himself he s concerned aboutree speech but considers massive public response to controversial opinions a Sock-Yarn Shawls form of unofficial censorship To me there s no such thing as unofficial censorship Censorship is something that is enforced by institutions and authorities However Mick Hume shares some pretty good examples of how the left is becoming increasingly intolerant towards intolerantsunny thing heh refusing to create a dialogue and how political correctness infantilises people and harms progressEssentially I think this debate is relevant in this day and age but to be honest I elt like it would be enough just to read the epilogue as it sums up ideas that were repeated over and over throughout the chapters This book would have benefited greatly rom the services of a ruthless editor s pen Far too much repetition and overuse of phrases reverse Voltaires got particularly irksome Having said that the book does argue passionately and persuasively Drayken Reborn (Dragon Hero, for untrammelledree speech While I can get behind Hume s overarching premise that The Cursed Dragon Armor (Dragon Hero, free speech should be untrammeled he lays out parameters so vast essentially limitless with the only regulation being the common sense intelligence and courtesy of the individualIs he naive or disingenuous this oneI totally get his complaints about the relentless outrageactory of Twitter where people routinely get trial by 140 characters and an verdict of guilty by hashtagI totally get his annoyance with university students erecting safe spaces to shut out hearing about anything that might upset themI totally get his eyerolling impatience with the overuse and abuse of trigger warningsHis professed principles are so sprawling however that his arguments sometimes get lost in the weeds He also has his own sit down and shut up moments towards people who are only exercising their Stalker free speechOf course presumably he has intelligence to make his own mind up about what they re saying and either agree or disagree So what s the harm of them speaking their minds about whether to boycott this or that DThere s also plenty of whining about how White Males Have Rights and Feelings Too White male sportsans should have an advocacy group in the UK based on the number of times he comes back to that subjectSo yeah I think he s spot on in his defense of El mundo contemporneo: Del siglo XIX al XXI (Pensamiento) free speech and how a self appointed suad of concern trolls have made a lot of people afraid or unsure just what is the right thing to say to anybody about anything Nevermind the shitstorms that inevitably result through innocent ignorance about the latest terminology du jour Heavenorbid someone slips and uses a wrong pronoun or doesn t know what cisgender meansBut his agenda really leaks through on multiple occasions unable to hide under his North American Spies feigned impartiality and reduction of the nuances of the pitfalls of unfetteredree speech into simple mathThe Che Guevara free speech issue cannot be passionless black and white numbers in a vacuum simply because there are people involved He tries but Mick Hume is a snarkyrail Fire Blood (A Targaryen History, flawed bigoted human like the rest of us The False Security of ConsensusI. Concise and Abridged EditionIn this blistering polemic veteran journalist Mick Hume presents an uncompromising defence ofreedom of expression which he argues is threatened in the West not by jackbooted censorship but by a creeping culture of conformism and You Can’t Say ThatIn a 21st Century Corporate Citizenship fierce defence ofree speech – in all its orms

Trigger Warning Is the Fear of Being Offensive Killing Free Speech? (PDF)