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Ot the first book as a freebiepromotional Kindle book and it was decent enough to continue on with the series It s a fast and not especially deep read but the combat scenes are well plotted and pacedIf I had but one complaint it s that the military vernacular could be tightened up uite a bit It should be concise and straight forward The conversational tone of the automated computer announcements for example is just wrong for military sci fi Although the majority of the story wrapped around war and combat situations the story wasn t bad I felt drawn in to Sheridon and Cole The story had some intrigue although I found it somewhat predictable it was still good 45Why is the second book ALWAYS worst. Um Prime Fighting for survival Sheridan and his mentor Master Sergeant Alan Cole must do all they can to keep their people alive not onl.

Than the first book True the story was good and we had the same characters but something was missing One thing I didn t ike was that Michael s ove is probably dead This didn t need to happen A well written book with great characters and a fast paced story Looking forward to the next in the series Great book This is another great book in this very good series I am now going to download the next book straight away No tech just a redo of marines versus JapaneseBoth of these books are disappointing from Turner who has shown imagination in other settingsAnother is doubtless on the way The second book is as good as the first the action is intense and the story keeps you wanting One great SciFi rea. Y from the Kurgans but from traitors hidden in plain sight From the deserts of Illum Prime to the depths of space the Kurgan War continu.

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Starr55Another good book I read the authors bio and I knew before that he had been over seas with how he wrote his battle scenes You fell ike you are actually there Not uite as good as the first book but still a very enjoyable read The main characters have developed nicely and have turned into indestructible Captain Scarlet types Even though you know they are bullet proof this doesn t detract too much and they do get the occasional good hiding Could probably do with a further proof read but the errors don t spoil the read Have just bought the third instalment Space operaA fun read with The Canadian Regime lots of action Book 2 in the series is fleshed out than Book 1 and just as enjoyable to read Recommended I Newly promoted Captain Michael Sheridan finds himselfeading a company of untried Marines against their enemy the Kurgans dug in on Ill.

PDF FREE Colossus

Richard Turner proudly served in the Armed Forces for than thirty years He considers himself fortunate to have had numerous overseas deployments that took him to many varied locations throughout the world including Germany Cyprus Croatia Sierra Leone Bosnia Egypt Israel and finally two tours of Afghanistan Wanting to try something new he now spends his time writing Some of Richard

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