PDF/EBOOK Rancher at RiskThe Ranchers Homecoming

Yan’s differentthey always fight over the ranch’s school Yet Lianne and Ryan discover an unexpected attraction But will Ryan’s past drive them apartpermanently The Rancher’s Homecoming Cathy McDavidEverything Annie Hennessy and her ancestors worked so hard to build is gone after the forest fire The struggl.

Rancher At Risk Barbara White DailleAfter losing his family Ryan Molloy has a chance to change He’s sent to Flagman’s Folly to run a ranch But Ryan’s attitude lands him in trouble with the ranch’s project manager Lianne WardBeing deaf Lianne wants a man who’ll treat her as an ual despite her disability

E to rebuild is just beginning and Sam Wyler’s reappearance won’t make things Wie der Soldat das Grammofon repariert easier on AnnieNine years ago Annie and Sam were in love When he left to seek his fortune Annie couldn’t forgive him Now Sam widowed with a daughter isager to help the town Could the love they once shared heal Annie’s wounded hear.

PDF/EBOOK Rancher at RiskThe Ranchers Homecoming



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