EBOOK (Masuerade) author Rachel Vincent

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I am iving this four stars because of how much fun i had reading it the objective critic in me acknowledges that the book has weaknesses but she is easily drowned out by the WOO HOO FUN part of me who is also drowning out the spiteful hurt feelings part of me with tiny shaking fist and outrage peeping one star only for spurning me objective critic is oing to take over the review for a bit because WOO HOO FUN part isn t a particularly cogent reviewer so this picks up a bit after the end of Menagerie a book which recounts the long and troubled relationship between humans and cryptids who are dealt with in a variety of ways one of which is to be rounded up and caged displayed in traveling circuses robbed of whatever humanity they have and paraded as freaks delilah had always believed herself to be human until something other surfaced in her very publicly and she was caged with the rest suffering all the indignities cryptids had so long endured experiencing the loss of her freedom and expectation of respect and basic courtesy while trying to figure out just what she is and the extent of her powers or attributes it s a big old urban fantasy allegory about racism and enocide and dehumanization and it s a clever conceit couched in a bon bon of fantasy and adventure and empowerment book one leaves off not with a cliffhanger but a change in circumstances delicately evasive for spoilerphobes it could have worked perfectly well as a standalone but it s much satisfying to revisit these characters and see what comes next for themeven if what comes next is horrifyingSpectacle is in many ways similar in content to Menagerie but it s a definite escalation in peril as our cryptid friends experience one of the other ways cryptids are exploited one much worse than being a sideshow act within the confines of The Savage Spectacle this is a high end anything oes playground for the 1% where wealthy perverts and sadists pay for the opportunity to abuse cryptids for sport or entertainment fitted with collars that suppress their powers or shock them into compliance which can paralyze them or even take away their voice entirely the cryptids are reduced to the basest of beasts hunted as sport with weapons of varying lethality forced to participate in death matches against other cryptids tarted up in paint and skimpy outfits to serve canap s at parties and led into private rooms for intimate encounters delilah and friends are so much vulnerable here despite the better accommodations and food and the fancier clienteleThe huge room swallowed my footsteps and amplified my fear making me feel insignificant in a way that being locked in a small cage never could haveThe uests were college age men in business casual dress most of whom had already found the alcoholic bever My thoughts were a storm of escape plans and revenge plots I really enjoyed the first book in this series Menagerie but with Spectacle I can t shake the feeling that I ve just read the same book twiceTo be honest I felt like Menagerie could have been wrapped up as a standalone The story arc follows Delilah Marlow s journey from discovering she is a cryptid supernatural creatures who have no human rights and can be sold and kept as property to her captivity in Metzger s Menagerie The whole book is about the injustices done to cryptids in captivity and Delilah s need to escapeSPOILER FOR THE PREVIOUS BOOK When at the end Delilah leads an uprising and takes over the carnival things look relatively peachy The cryptids are free from their cruel master and can choose to continue performing or leave as they wish So what is the plot of this book Pretty much exactly the same Shortly after the book s opening Delilah Co are captured once again This time instead of being imprisoned in Metzger s Menagerie they are taken to Willem Vandekamp s Savage Spectacle SS They suffer similar mistreatment being forced to perform for customers treated violently if they don t comply etc And I of course won t tell you what happens at the end but I think maybe you can The Key of David guessThere is a third book on the way but I think I ll hold off and await the reviews first because I cannot read the same story three timesAlso as a sidenote that I can t decide how I feel about is this world supposed to be a Holocaust metaphor A world in which people who are different are taken imprisoned and mistreated by the SS and auy with a distinctly German name Rudolph Metzger Is Dr Willem Vandekamp who does experiments on cryptids supposed to be Dr Josef Mengele Does Metzger s Menagerie Mengele s zoo No one else seems to have mentioned it so maybe this is just something I imagined a series of bizarre coincidences I just wonderedBlog Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube THIS BOOK IS NOT A BAD BOOK It is well written and a ood story But it is even cruel and heartbreaking and awful in terms of the disgusting things done to the characters than Menagerie This book needed a trigger warning Like a dozen of them I don t know how to treat this review because honestly right now I m shaken by some of the things I read AUTHORSPUBLISHERS PLEASE INCLUDE TRIGGER WARNINGSI m trying to come up with trigger warnings and what even view spoilerRape Acts without consent Abuse Sexual harassmentabuse Lack of consent over so many things including control over one s body and reproductive system Nothing against Vincent or the story she told all of these things happen in real life all the time But I personally needed some warnings A lot of them This book is NOT an easy book for anyone to read let alone someone In this riveting seuel to New York Times bestselling author Rachel Vincent's acclaimed novel Menagerie Delilah Marlow will discover that there is no crueler cage than the confines of the human mindWhen their coup of Metzger's Menagerie is discovered Delilah and her fellow cryptids find their newly won freedom brutally stri.

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EBOOK (Masuerade) author Rachel Vincent

On a whim and completely fell in love with the story I immediately started counting down the days until I would be able to see what happens next in the life of Delilah and everyone else from Metzger s Menagerie I had a few uesses about where the story would Good Enough to Share (Good Enough go next and all of them ended up being wrong I couldn t be happier about that because I love it when a book really surprises me as this one was able to doThis book picks up right after the events of Menagerie This is a series that really should be read in order so I do recommend that readers new to the serieso back and read Menagerie before starting this one It is a I Never Danced with an Eggplant (on a Streetcar Before) great book so you wouldn t want to miss it anyway Delilah and theang are running the show and trying to make things work Things are tough but they are enjoying their new found freedom until things Weaving Memory go horribly wrongThey soon find themselves being added to Vandekamp s Spectacle This is not a place you would want to be It isn t a traveling show as Metzger s was Vandekamp s serves a different kind of customer The exhibits are subjected to pretty much anything the clients are willing to pay for and the owners find profitable The captives are controlled through high tech means which seem impossible to overcomeThis story proved to be incredibly exciting for me Everything that Delilahoes through and sees in this story really ot to me I was as confused about what was happening at first as the characters were and my heart broke for them as we discovered about what was oing on I kept wondering what was First Steps to Wealth going to happen next and by the end of the book I couldn t turn the pages nearly fast enough Let s just say that this book definitely ends with a bang I would highly recommend this series to others It is the kind of story that really makes you think about the things that people do to each other Even though this is set in a world full of cryptids I think that the behavior of the humans really felt authentic which makes me very sad This is a series that has earned a spot on my favorites list and I can t wait to see what happens in the next installment I received an advance reader edition of this book from Harleuin MIRA via NetGalleyInitial ThoughtsThis book was fantastic I did like the first book just a bit but I enjoyed every minute of this one This book was pretty fast paced and I was never sure what would happen next I couldn t put it down If you read book one of this series Menagerie and were on the fence about continuing I would say your faith will be rewarded by doing so Book one was a round up to a 3 and this one a round down to a 4 Where book one seemed contrived and lacked pacing of any kind this book was dark and had conseuences The difference in settings a traveling circus vs a hybrid lab prison arena sex club and hunting safari had a lot to do with this I often struggle with urban fantasy but this was easy to read from cover to cover A few minor uibbles in decisions a few characters made which seemed convenient to the story but not ones smart people would make and also how the story tied up so uickly I will read book 3 Thoughts on the AudioI liked this book just as much the second time around This book really makes you think about what makes a real monster Spending time in Delilah s mind as she deals with everything that is happening to her in this new situation was very powerful Gabra Zackman does a fantastic job with the narration Reviewed by Rabid ReadsDelilah and the other cryptids of Metzger s Menagerie are recaptured after their all too brief taste of freedom at the end of the last book Originally I d thought that Rachel Vincent wasoing to take a completely different route in this seuel but instead SPECTACLE showed us that not all cages have bars The writing in this series is as exuisite as the horrors are abhorrent and it s this unlikely combination that makes the story so enthrallingOn the outside the Savage Spectacle appears to be a relatively humane way of running a freak show or at least as close as one can come with regards to the barbaric practice of keeping society s cast outs incarcerated for monetary ain The occupants have mats to sleep on healthy food to eat and their basic personal hygiene reuirements are met However a prison is still a prison no matter how shiny it is and the fact remains that the inhabitants are being held against their willVandekamp has set out to revolutionize the way that cryptids are kept with collars that can shock paralyze mute and call their ifts So as uncivilized as their previous accommodations were at least the captives could still scream and fight The owner has also come up with a bunch of different uses for his new technology including work detail death matches sport hunting and engagements The first three are pretty self explanatory but the last basically means that any detainee is available for hire and as you can imagine anything oes because cash is kingThe plot is once again driven by the need to survive except in this installment the focus is on the mind instead of the body It s one thing to physically beat someone into submission and uite another to literally take away their free will The author s insights into the human psyche are truly haunting in their realism and will make you side with the monsters much like Anne Bishop did with her THE OTHERS series Vincent concludes this novel with yet another missile that ll see the MENAGERIE trilogy drastically shift directions one last time for the finale to Delilah s taleJust when I thought that the Speculative Fiction enre has nothing left Granted for the right price But Vandekamp's closely uarded client list isn't the only secret being kept at the Spectacle Beneath the beauty and brutality of life in the collection lie much darker truths and no one is determined than Delilah to strip the masks from the human monsters and drag all dark things into the light.

Ho might have survived sexual abuse or rape And yet this book was rife with all kinds of lack of consent scenarios hide spoiler Talk about devastating after being free for a short time the cryptids find themselves captive once again and even though it might seem the care and circumstances are humane when they scratch the surface of their confinement its much worse Not for the faint of heart readerTalk about out of the frying pan and right into the fire You thought things where bad in the Menagerie Delilah s and her fellow cryptids situation just went from bad to way worse Oh the perceived civility is all there but where is PETA when you need them because pets have rights then they do Disturbing and appalling yet utterly riveting Spectacle is not for the light hearted Don t et me wrong the situation are mostly implied and not described but nothing is light in Vincent s telling Serious white knuckle reading at its best with lots of heart wrenching moments in between I can t wait to see where Vincent takes us nextI received th Is it possible to rate over five stars Because I totally would with this bookMany eons ago I was OBSESSED with Rachel Vincent s books I was a high schooler with a minimum wage job and and money to spend So I hoarded books and rammed through most of Ms Rachel V s bibliography Soul Screamers Shifters Unbound Menagerie and little old Wildcat topped my reading list I loved all of them Then one day I went off to school and couldn t afford books that weren t at discount stores so I lost my chance at these booksAND THEN I FOUND COUPONS AND SALES AND GOT SPECTACLE Honest to With Wings as Eagles god I read Menagerie when it came out and about six years later I read this magical seuel Despite the six yearap for me as a reader I was able to totally remember what was Edwin (The Northumbrian Thrones going on and feel attached to this series againAND OMG I LOVED EVERY SINGLE FREAKING SECOND OF IT WHERE S FURY I NEED IT NOOOOOOWI love Delilah and Gallagher I did not love what happened to Delilah but that s drama in an adult book for you Anywho My actual review1 This book expands a lot on the first book Bigger stakes drama bigger fights and crazier cliffhanger I m curious where book three willo I m assuming it expands to the broader universe with cryptids in it because this whole series smells of The Phoenix Project go big oro home2 I feel like there s to Rommily then the book let s on She s one of the narrators but she s not used a lot I find her so intriguing because her hints at the future are true you just can t tell what way they re oing to swing3 The relationship between Delilah and Gallagher being best friends is such a nice change from the typical romance I see in most books but I mean I kinda do want them to et romantic That s the inner romance reader in me though The trust there is really inviting and makes me really love them as characters4 This book is fast paced and something is constantly happening I m the type of reader who needs that sort of action so I loved it If you re a slow burn kinda reader you are not Finding a Dream (Conquest, going to enjoy this book Heads up5 I ve seen the complaints by other reviewers that this book is a repeat Since it s been over half a decade I can t say much All I can say is that I REALLY enjoyed it I m not the type of reader who reads an entire series back to back so it doesn t bother me all that much As long as book three isn t an exact repeat I think it ll be fine Rachel s one of my fave writers so it s not a downfall for me at all6 There s some real trauma in this book that just HURTS I feel so bad but at the same time can t stop reading There s some real trigger warnings in here but Rachel doesn to R rated Your heart might hurt a bit from one of the raphic scenes that isn t described just stated that it happenedOverall I loved this book I need I need Fury ASAP and I need Rachel to write books so I can binge them all I ve loved her for years and I still fall in love with her writingFive out of five stars I m FURY IOUS that I don t have the final book of this series in my hands Haha puns So I didn t love this one as much as the first book As a matter of fact the first book was my first favorite book of 2016 You can see my crazy review here MY BOOK ONE REVIEWBut the ending on this one OMG I need the next one to see and I hope every thing oes Porterhouse Blue (Porterhouse Blue, good I love this whole cryptid world I love them so much and having books about them is awesome Well in this book you re thinking well Delilah did it and they are all having aood life Not a perfect life but their own lives THEN two freaking seconds later or it seems they are all taken prisoner again This time it s with this twat Vandekamp s own cryptid sickness called Savage Spectacle It s not a nice place one little bit This place is really set up with state of the art beyond the art stuff that seems impossible for the family of cryptids to escape But Never say never Delilah can t be controlled like the others I mean they use different methods for her until all hell breaks loose Oh and the sweet joy of what Gallagher did to Tabitha evil woman It was such a sweet nasty moment I m really hoping things o ood for them all in the next book After this one I worry what s oing to happen next and we don t want that because there is something sweet That s all I m saying Also the cover of this book is freaking awesome Just sayin This review can also be found at Carole s Random Life in BooksThis book lived up to all of my expectations That is saying a lot because I really set the bar pretty high for this one Last year I picked up the first book in the series Menagerie. Pped away as they are sold into The Savage Spectacle a private collection of exotic wildlife Specializing in ruthless cryptid cage matches safari style creature hunts and living party favors the Spectacle's owner Willem Vandekamp caters to the forbidden fetishes of the wealthy and powerful At the Spectacle any wish can be.

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