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Nster I love it I liked this book than I thought I would Only the people we care about can hurt us Maybe some people turn bad because they have no one to love them 45 deliciously evil stars Our prince ou see was married before He had a sweet smiling wife with shiny black hair and I hated her And then she did the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me she dropped dead Clunk just like that No one seems to know what caused it But it didn t matter because the prince and my chance to be ueen became available again The thought of sewing one stitch makes me want to hurl myself out the window I can t Could the white magic make a dress for me I m not sure And I still need shoes a coach and horses a driver and the other enhancements I planned Two inches of liuid No it s not enough I lie on the bed and shut my eyes It s no use I ll never be anything but an unwanted orphan I just wanted to be special The Cinderella we know and love not so much here Once I have enough white magic I ll crush her like a beetle beneath my heel Crunch crunch crunch will go her bones She isn t a goody goody here she has hate simmering in her blood for her stepfamily and wants to win the heart of the prince so she can show she is better than they are and to get revenge view spoiler she earns white magic every time she is good or does a good deed hide spoiler THE REVIEWWhy this bookI love fairytale retellingsWhat I thoughtEven though I say Cinderella is one of my least favorite fairytales I tend to read alot of Cinderella retellings This one was a little different which was refreshing Even though I didn t see how she was so sinful she really didn t seem that evil to me at all She was a little obsessed with her looks and a little snarky but that s it The prince was a jerk though and the evil stepmother lived up to her name This was a interesting take on the familiar tale that kept me turning the pages With that said the twist at the end was a nice touch I m looking forward to reading Sneaky Snow WhiteAfter reading some reviews I don t think i ll be reading Sneaky Snow White for some reason i thought this was going to be erotica probably because of the title it isn t erotica it s not even a romance no this is a fairy tale from the unseelie court a fairy tale that reflects the true nature of the fae something dark something Grimmit was great fun and there were some excellent twists although i was kinda hoping a certain someone would get their comeuppance maybe in the next one ORIGINAL REVIEW POSTED HERE5 SOLID DARK STARSAfter a long timeWhen I was browsing for new books to read I stumbled upon this book And I was immediately intrigued by its description Basically I love fairy tale re te This was an interesting take on Cinderella She and the Prince were nothing like Flavour you would expect The twist at the end was pretty cool too It was definitely settingou up for the next book If The Poems of Aemilia Lanyer (Women Writers in English 1350-1850) you like retellings of fairy tales thenou should really check this ou. Lack as midnight rotten as a poisoned appleThey're about to find outBook Description•Length Novella about 100 pages•Genre Fractured Fairy Tale•Mood Dark Humorous•Content Moderate violence A few mild sexual references No sex scenes or erotica•Audience Teens and Adult.

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Y articulate that is layered with an air of mystery hanging around the story The story is fast paced and with an predictable ending that Cinderella will find her Prince Charming the book will keep the readers glued till the end to find out the inevitable as well as shocking climax of this story The narrative is free flowing and the world building or rather say the definition of white magic is explained intricately so that the readers can easily comprehend with the elements of fantasy in this storyAll the characters are etched out with dark magic it seems Their demeanor reflects meanness selfishness and darkness Cinderella s loneliness becomes the only reason which turned her into such a bad girl with an evil motive towards everything There are some characters which will shock the readers to their very core of the heart The author did a fine job in making her characters look not only interesting but also vile who are even capable to give nightmares especially our CinderellaIn a nutshell the story is enchanting that will give a sinister feel and no doubt a complete page turnerVerdict YA fantasy lovers don t miss this captivating novella about Cinderella a badass girl Courtesy Thanks to the author Anita Valle for providing me with a copy of her novella in return for an honest review 3755 evil stars This is Cinderella like ou ve never seen before Cunning ambitious and hateful Can I just say that Charlize Theron in Huntsman fit Cinderella perfectly in the descriptions here in the book From the hair to the black dress down to the spiky crown it s how I see her in my headAlthough this book is pretty simple I m surprised that I enjoyed it The writing s okay for me not too bad but not too good either I was never into fairytales much fairytale retellings And et here I am I loved the latest Cinderella movie thoughIt was uite short I think I finished it within 30 minutes That being said I wished it was a bit longer There were certain amusing parts that the author added that I wished she explored I also liked that Anita Valle gave the characters a lot dimension not the cookie cutter ones we ve known forever The PLOT TWISTS Yes plural I loved those especially the Big One Albeit I wasn t that surprised because I ve already guessed from the foreshadowing The ending was pretty cool and had definitely set me up for the next bookOverall it s creative fresh and certainly entertaining to read Now I look forward to reading the rest of the series I loved how evil she is Now that is a version I can believe not the Disney princess version She s tried to persuade me to call her Mother Or Countess Or even Elira her given name I persist with Stepmother A reminder to her and to me of what she truly is an object to be stepped on From page one Cinderella was a friggin badass bitch Holy crap You re not a true ueen unless they re all afraid of ou I like the idea of having an originally cute adorable and nice princess become a savage evil mo. Y up toThe ball the prince it's all part of my plan to come out on top Stepmother and her demented daughters will pay for every floor I have scoured every sneer I have borne They don't know about the white magic how I use it to enhance myself They can't see that my heart is

DamnThat was positively twistedI loved itThis is a short and dark retelling of CinderellaCinderella has a black heart Her fairy godmother who is also her auntlong story and the other fairies sensed darkness in her so they gave her the gift of white magic magic that appeared in a magical jar when she did something kind or a good deedSo Cinderella decided to take on all the chores she could voluntarily until eventually her step family got rid of all their servants and gave her all the chores because they didn t have to pay her Cinderella put up with it so she could save up on the white magic which she used to make herself beautiful Her ultimate goal was to become Prince Edgar s wife ueen in order to punish her step familyBasically the white magic made her soul even blacker When she went to the ball Cinderella discovers that there is much to Edgar than meets the eye And that is where I will stop I don t want to spoil ouGive it a read It s uick and enticing DAnd also leads into another dark fairy tale in uite an interesting wayI was totally on Cinderella s side in the beginning But then that kind of went out the window for reasons ou ll have to read the book to understandAnd it s free on KindleGo get and read it We all want to feel like the most beautiful woman in the room to be chosen and loved forever The Cinderella story gives us hope of our impossible dreams becoming true Beth M JonesAnita Valle an American author has penned a gripping tale out of one of the famous fairy tales in the world Cinderella in her new novella Sinful Cinderella that unfolds Cinderella s story not only with magic but also with darkness evil and fear by depicting a lonesome clever girl who will stop at nothing to win the heart of the princeSynopsis And ou thought the stepsisters were wickedI m not who they think I am A docile girl who meekly obeys her stepmother and stepsisters Some kind of sick angel who cheerfully bears their mistreatment That s what I WANT them to think Because then they won t suspect what I m really up toThe ball the prince it s all part of my plan to come out on top Stepmother and her demented daughters will pay for every floor I have scoured every sneer I have borne They don t know about the white magic how I use it to enhance myself They can t see that my heart is black as midnight rotten as a poisoned appleThey re about to find out Don t Open City you ever expectour fragile little Cinderella in this novella This Cinderella is filled with meanness towards her step mother and step sisters She calls them names and wishes bad luck for them The only reason she does all their chores like a house servant because she gathers white magic which she then uses to make herself look beautiful and fairest of all in her land So when Cinderella was asked to make the dresses for her step sisters for the ball she tried to make them hideous dresses But what happens next is for Goddesses, Whores, Wives and Slaves you to find outThe writing style of the author is exceptionall. Andou thought the stepsisters were wickedI'm not who they think I am A docile girl who meekly obeys her stepmother and stepsisters Some kind of sick angel who cheerfully bears their mistreatment That's what I WANT them to think Because then they won't suspect what I'm reall.

Read Sinful Cinderella Author Anita Valle

I think people like to read lists than paragraphs so I'll do my bio as such Born and raised in Philly home of the best cheesesteaks Except for first grade homeschooled all the way through Two younger brothers and two younger sisters who are my very bestest friends Married at 20 had three kids by 30 Developed the Nine Princesses during that period Gave up the project several tim

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