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Ile This was my first time reading this authors This was the first book in a new series too me Gabe Roman is hot and the sex scenes were smoking This book was well written with no rrors in grammar or spelling This book left off on a cliffhanger and I am looking forward to reading the next book loved it but wish it had chapters so it could xplain what s going on instead of waiting til book All the women in the law office heard the stories He's well known for taking women to places one could only dream of going with a man Sweet painfully delicious places Will you go with hi.

Wow what an intense read This is my first time reading a book by these authors I want I wish there were books out there like this one with this much fast paced intensity The first book was over to uick for me Compared to the heat that burned between Gabe and Mia it made the Christian and Ana look like child s playMy opinion of course This story draws you into the characters heated play making. Gabriele Michael Roman KaneA man born into political royalty His father grandfather great grandfather and all his other grandfathers being US Senators He of course next in line to take

You scream for What is in store for Gabe and Mia What secret is Mia hiding from Gabe Who is Manuele to Mia I am reading Book 2 next I hope to find out A sexy read for sureAnother really good book by these two authors I think my panties spontaneously combusted Gabe Roman is hotfreaking hot Worth the read for sure This was a pretty good book This was a pretty good book that I have had for awh. He families seatIronically he's a man also born into organized crime The younger brother to Nick Roman head of one of the most notorious mafia families on the ast coast The Roman Family.

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(Made Author Alisa Anderson) PDF NEW ´ Alisa Anderson

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