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Ppi was truly one of the greatsCoppi il mito At his height Fausto Angelo Coppi was the best cyclist in the world He shot to fame after he won the Giro Italia at the age of 20 in 1940 something that some though was impossible for someone so young After war service he resumed his cycling career and in 1949 he was the first to win the Tour Forced Feminization (The League of Dominant Women de France and Giro Italia in the same year In 1952 he became the second person to win both again These victories in the grand tours and the one ay classics were riden on roads that would nowadays be suited to mountain bikes He had an epic rivalry with the worlds other top cyclist the Italian Gino Bartali as they swapped places and titles No wonder he was called campionissimo champion of championsBut there was another side to his life In the mid 20th century adultery was illegal in Italy a law controlled and enforced by the catholic church His friendship with Giulia Occhini sometimes known as The White Lady became much As they were both married with children the authorities took a im view of this They were both ragged from their beds in the middle of the night excommunicated and imprisoned and were the focus of a huge legal battle at the time of huge social changes in Italian societyCoppi had always been one of the legends of the sport and Fotheringham has written a carefully considered biography of him It is a celebration of his cycling achievements and a considered account of his failings and tragic early end of his life One for the true cycling buff though I love everything William Fotheringham writes from his journalism to his books I think I ve read all of them He s a classically good writer in that he is an expert in his subject pro cycling if that s not clear but never condescends never gets too geeky and always pitches his work at exactly the right level I had every faith that this biography of Coppi would be what I been after ever since I heard of Coppi The bare facts are that Coppi from a small village in Italy was set for cycling stardom when the Second World War intervened He Born Fighting didn t see too much action luckily and again luckily was captured by the British who treated him tolerably and even let him get back to riding while still a POW The end of the war brought a risorgimento to Italian cycling in aivided broken country always on the verge of either bankruptcy or the Dr. Simon Forman dreaded communism and it was partly Coppi s cycling triumphs that gave Italians something to be cheerful about Coppi s marriage to a woman called Bruna who believed in him as a man and as a cyclist fell apart when Coppi notoriously took up withoctor s wife Giulia Locatelli known as the White Lady though scarlet would have been a better colour in the moral scheme ruling Italy Other figures fascinate Fausto s beloved brother Serse who Serving Up Secrecy (Ladies of Westside dieduring a race his blind masseur who had such an influence on him and famously his rivalry with the other great Italian cyclist of the A Wartime Nurse day Gino Bartali It s all there and all told in such a way that Iidn t want this book to end. Me Italy’s symbol of rebirth after the Split disasters of war yetied reviled and heartbrok.

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Fallen Angel The Passion of Fausto Coppi PDF/EBOOK

A well researched and written story of the epic iconic and tragic life of Il Campionissimo It is the enthralling story of Fausto Coppi s rise from humble beginnings to the premier sports legend of his time and father of European bike racing to his tragic phsyical and moral When Stories Clash decline and untimelyeath His life gripped and Sword of Honour Second To None defined the Italians of his time and his uniue physical prowess and larger than life personality have made him a legend that lives on Coppi s example is the epitome of mastery andominance of a sport A great companion to The Road to War the history of Coppii s renown rival Gino Bartali Fotheringham The Extra Cadaver Murder described by another writer as the monk of cycle journalism has really captured the aura that surrounds the god like Coppi He came at a time when the newly reformed ITALIA was recovering from the beating they took in the War Coppiid his time in the army andcame out with a Perfect Girl Evolution Vol. 6 determination to make his career a total success making up for the years that was stolen from himue to the warHe rose to izzying heights and when the rode rose up he took flightBut the fall was almost as fast His affair with the Lady in White his separation from his wife the tragedy of the cycling eath of his brother all lead to a Dark Ties (Broken Saints Society decline and finally his earlyeath enshrined the legend A moving and Um Fogo Eterno detailed history of the life of the Italian cyclist I took my time reading it as I enjoy Fotheringham s style of writing and wanted it to continue as long as possible Even though I knew how Coppi s life ended I found myself feeling intense frustration at the seeming ineptitude of the physicians in charge of his care in his finalaysThe tales of his childhood and his close relationship with his brother Serse were particularly moving and uite revealing of Coppi s character At times I wished Fotheringham had considered writing a fictional account of il Campionissimo s life because I believe he could Lawn Boy Returns do such a story justice As with his book about Tom Simpson Fotheringham brings a freshness and even an urgency to Coppi s story which had me turning pages in rapid succession to read and I recommend this book highly to anyone looking to learn about Fausto Coppi his life and his loves The book was well written and well researched The story of Coppi is an interesting one with similarities to his compatriot and great rival Gino Bartali who I read about In Road to Valor recently but with this book being my reference point I wasisappointed at times with Fallen AngelLike Bartali he grew up as a peasant and became a national icon for his exploits on a bike Both had careers greatly effected by WW2 and both lost their brother team mate in a crashes Yolandas Genius during their careers but this is where the comparison endsBartali however was a war time hero and risked his life saving Italian Jews whereas Coppi saw very little service and caught malaria in a POW camp and theeaths of their siblings brought out The Fairytale Hairdresser and Sleeping Beauty different emotions Bartali built a chapel shrine to his and Coppi became an impossible team mateBartali and Coppi often. The great cyclist of the postwar years Coppi’s scandalousivorce and controversial e.

Refused to ride together for most of their careers but when Bartali aged he freuently helped Coppi where as the latter estroyed young up coming team mates careers if they threatened his own Loretto PetrucciBasically I just The First Mistake didn t like Coppi so much Especially after reading Road to Valor Iid however enjoy reading about his training rides his Milan San Remo exploits and his legendary trainer but towards the end of the book I was pleased to read of his former team mates victory over him in the Giro Jewelry Making For Beginners do Lombardi Ninoe Fillipis after his lover had given him a rude gesture I think that sums it up really a very interesting read on one of the greats of the sport of cyclingI found it fascinating and Fotheringham s writing was excellent This was an interesting engaging read about the life of Fausto Coppi clearly told by an expertAn over reliance on the humble semi colon put a ampener on the book a little as id the author s tendency to jump forwards and backwards in time for certain passages causing something akin to spoilers for those of us who on t already know everything about Coppi s life and racesStill great to read the fascinating story behind a cycling legend Although I was aware of Coppi from a very early age I was not aware of the enormity of his reputation Italians still rate him their finest athlete 50 years after his eathThis is an easy book to read but I suppose it would be of limited interest to non cyclistsThe crux of the book is notsurprisingly his exploits and achievements as a cyclist but his adulterous relationship with a female fan Amazingly he finished up in court as adultery in Italy was still illegal this law was not repealed until 1968 Controversy Seven Secrets of Happiness dogged his whole life and his tragic earlyeath at the age of 40 is still seen by some as murder or manslaughterI recommend this book mainly because of Fotheringham s easy styleI have also read his book on the The Killer Cats Birthday Bash (The Killer Cat, death of Tom Simpson which is also a good read The Passion of Fausto Coppi is a fitting title for a book telling the life story of one cycling s true legends While it was a story I was already familiar with most notable thanks to Pedalare Pedalare by John Foot William Fotheringhamoes an excellent job of telling the story of Fausto Coppi s life without getting caught up in all the The Force of Destiny drama and speculation that still surrounds it to thisay The real highlight of the book is how Fotheringham manages to give Coppi a real character one that is a The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters (Chapter 9 Provocateur) determined cyclist who trained and prepared for races in a way which would be recognisable to modern professionals but who struggled through his entire career with mental fragility All that is captured with an easy to read style thatoesn t How I Became a Nun distract from the story being toldEven with the events in the book happening long before my time reading about the rise to greatest and the subseuentecline and tragic eath of Fausto Coppi still managed to have a good pull at my heart stringsWell worth a read for any fan of cycling or anyone interested in sporting history Fausto Co. Ath convulsed Italy in the 1950s Fallen Angel tells the tragic story of the man who beca.