EBOOK / PDF Becoming a Family Cutters Creek #5

True love The only problem I had with this story was that only a week had gone by when Tim and Delilah s parents died in the fire yet they acted like normal children for the most part Other than that it was a very nice story and I loved the romance between Jemma and Nick Becoming a FamilyWow I must say I could not put the book down xcept to Art eat of course The people in Cutters Creek are amazingnough that I want to live there now too Great SeriesI greatly God Is in the Crowd enjoyed reading the Cutters Creek books It s a series that makes one feel good to read Happy stories with goodndings I look forward to continue with the series Nice StoryThis is technically the 7th book in the Cutter s Creek series since a preuel was written after the books were numbered In story Jemma must travel from Chicago to Idaho to fetch her orphaned niece and nephew With such sad circumstances Jemma who met a new friend on the trip out decided to follow the friend s suggestion to stop for a few days on the return tripThe town was a better place for the kids than Chicago and Jemma met Nick It is a uick fun stor. Ermanently The children are happy and so is Jemma until things heat up with Nick Just when Jemma thinks she's found verything she's waited for she realizes that family must come first Just as she's finding the right balance a misunderstanding throws her into another terrible situation Had it been a mistake to try to reinvent her life in Cutter's Cree.

DelightfulA five star rating for a wonderful story that has a tragic beginning but a fairy tale nding Jemma is given a true gift of friendship from the people of Cutter Creek and her life will be forever changed by the love of two children and Nick Sweet and simpleAn asy read sweet characters not a lot of plot twists or thinking to do Just A little bit preachy 2 starsI purchased the novella Cutter s Creek Book 6 Becoming a Family by Annie Boone and this review was given freely A fire death and an accident cause school teacher Jemma to travel west alone to care for her niece and nephew Features newsworthy items of the time like the big Chicago fire and the telegraph This is a novella with promise Hero Nick Heroine Jemma45 Another great story in this series that is filled with fun love and intrigue The story progressed steadily has well developed characters and a fun developing plot This story has a very happy and satisfying HEA Loving a familyJemma is such a strong young woman she travels across the country in order to care for her niece and nephew falling in love alon. Jemma Braithewaite is dealing with tragedy injury and a desire for a different life She's forced to make a heartbreaking journey to The Idaho Territory to bring her orphaned niece and nephew home Just when she needs a friend the most God puts Janine Hewitt in her life The two women bond on their train ride from Chicago to Cutter's Creek Montana An une.

G the way A beautiful storyAnnie Boone s book is a wonderful addition to the Cutter s Creek series The last few paragraphs brought tears to my yes Family isn t about blood ties but about heart ties Notes for the Everlost especially where children are concerned Jemma and NickSweet and verynjoyable romance Jemma lives in Chicago with her parents and is a schoolteacher The family receives a telegram that their son and his wife have perished in a fire Plans are made to travel to Idaho to retrieve the grandchildren Tim is When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) eight and Delilah is four Unfortunately the day before they leave on the train Jemma s dad falls and breaks his leg so she must travel alone Jemma makes friends with a lady named Janine while on the train Jeanine lives in Cutter Creek with her husband and twin sons and invites Jemma to stop by for a visit after she picks up her niece and nephew Little does Jemma know her short visit will bextended by uite a bit Especially after she meets the very handsome son of the hotel owner Nick Jansen is taken with Jemma immediately Will two little youngsters attitudes stand in the way of. Xpected invitation to stop and visit the Hewitt family in Cutter's Creek gives Jemma some time to No Biggy! ease herself and the children into life in Chicago The time in Cutter's Creek also opens heryes to the possibility of leaving the big city for a small friendly town and new friends A job offer and a handsome man named Nick Jansen lure Jemma to Montana

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EBOOK / PDF Becoming a Family Cutters Creek #5

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