(PDF DOWNLOAD) [One of the Good Guys Silhouette Intimate Moments]

The independent Ms Weatherby Never mind that her slightest touch made him tremble and wish that he'd never sworn off womenThey'd been brought together for all the wrong reasons Would they live long enough to make all the right mov.

DEADLY GAMELibby Weatherby was aware that her ealous ex husband had hired private detective Tony Pandolinni to follow her In fact she got a kick out of evading himuntil she discovered that Tony wasn't the only one on her trail So.

Meone desperately wanted the mysterious locket she'd found in her pawnshop someone who would stop at nothing to get itTony knew he had no business getting involved with this case but he was suddenly fiercely determined to protect.

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(PDF DOWNLOAD) One of the Good Guys Silhouette Intimate Moments

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