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I agree with a ot of what the book says but not in the way it s been said Some really great ideas Not everything in the Affordable Care Act had to do with insurance This book spells out some of that and has even ideas on how to improve our system Food for thought for sure Very good thoughtfully written book I would definitely read it again A good book if you are in health care and want a review of reforms in the industry from the industry s perspective Somewhat wonky The first part of the book is the worst part It is wordy repetitive and oaded with MBA buzzwords Great contemporary picture of what s needed in healthcare DELIVERY reform Good information on what is working around the country and what is not And although I think he is wrong about at east two of his examples I worked in and with two of the organizations he describes the 12 transformations are important and well described Succinct and accessible a great and relatively non partisan summary of healthcare transformation in the US. Le care organizations and even for profit companies that are genuinely transforming care Prescription for the Future shines a bright diagnostic ight on the state of American healthcare and provides invaluable insights for healthcare workers investors and patients The book gives all of us the tools to recognize the places that will deliver high uality effective care when we need it.

O use the same piece of euipment owned by someone else Perhaps there are better solutions such a cooperative buy among health groups Or having the Medicare program own the piece of euipment so that fees are at cost The book is also written in outline form Emanuel tries to spice it up with anecdotes but it still reads ike a book proposal than a book Disappointing I was determined to finish this book It was boring and probably Professors, Politics and Pop longer than it needed to be I feelike the author s head was in the right place with a Muskelaufbau fr Anfnger: Von der Couchpotato zum Traumkrper - egal ob im Gym oder ohne Gerte. Inklusive erstaunlich einfachen Ernhrungstipps und exklusivem 3 - Tage Trainingsplan lot of this stuff but the book needs someove Having worked on two ACO modelsprograms I can say he didn t get it write right and I also reached out to colleagues to get their inputMy personal favorite was the Medicare MSSP Program Or said another way the Medicare Medicare Shared Savings Program Program I also happened to be friends with one of the book subject s daughter and said that the book didn t get her piece uite right I think this could have done with some serious peer reviewing. Re healthcare sector Ezekiel J Emanuel ooks at individual physician practices and organizations who are already successfully driving change and the specific practices they have instituted They are not the titans everyone seems to know and assume to be the best; instead Emanuel has chosen a select group from small physician offices to arge multi specialty group practices accountab.

Lots of good ideas here but it reads London Tangle like a reallyong powerpoint presentation One of my new favorite books If everyone were to read Ezekiel Emmanuel s book the case for healthcare reform and the value of the ACA would be much better understood by allEmmanuel has a gifted writing style for making a highly complex topic very accessible A good balance of examples from v Urgent Carea spot on analysis about the shortcomings of our current healthcare system and real world examples of how it can be fixed There s nothing ike a highly educated white guy referring to a 95 year old African American woman who was not able to complete high school as adorable On top of a tone deaf approach that refers repeatedly to patient compliance and takes a top down approach to medical interventions and management the book endorses the current capitalist system of medical provision For instance he endorses buying an expensive piece of euipment that sits idle most of the time in order to avoid paying contract fees How can America's healthcare system be transformed to provide consistently higher uality and ower cost care Nothing else in healthcare matters Prescription for the Future identifies some standout medical organizations that have achieved higher uality patient focused and ower cost care and from their examples distills twelve transformational practices that could transform the enti.

(Prescription for the Future) PDF FREE Ý Ezekiel J. Emanuel

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