[More than a Soldier A Veterans Heart #2] EBOOK / KINDLE

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EreI really enjoy the rapport between Hank and Cindy It s so well done and t s what kept me eagerly reading this story They freuently amused me You were looking for someone tall and sassy She just went that way What I didn t like I did not enjoy Cindy s occasional bursts of anger You ve got some nerve calling me you pig Why would I want to meet you for coffee I d rather drink poison No I don t want to see you You know what you ought to do Drop dead I don t know I don t expect my heroines to be perfect but I didn t like this even though Cindy acknowledges later that The County And The Kingdom it s anssue Edward Hank and Cindy all come from families who raised foster children Apparently neither family adopted their foster children which seems extremely unlikely to me when considering the length of time the children were Summer Heat! in their homes I m not saying all foster children are adopted but when the biological parents are out of the picture children need permanency That whole thing didn t ring true to me Later Cindy refers to her foster parents as simply her parents and yet she says that she wasn t unhappy with them and that they d loved her as their own But finding Edward would mean family a real family like she d always dreamed of As a former foster parent with multiple adopted children I can say that I takessue with that word real Cindy s foster family continues to be her real family There are other words to use when referring to blood relations biological birth family blood brotherThe ending was extremely abrupt An epilogue may not have worked as there Crushed Ice is a book three coming but than the very brief ending was surely needed I ve put A Soldier Finds His Way on my to read list Even though there were some things that bothered me they didn t take up much real estaten the book and I did find the story highly entertaining and engrossing I stayed up late last night n a failed attempt to finish t and I rarely do that these daysI recommend this book to fans of contemporary Christian romance Also recommended to fans of soldier heroes Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this book Risking It All in exchange for an honest revie. Her ex fiancé’s betrayal still freshn her mind friendship Dog Food 2 is about all she can musterWhen shadows from Cindy’s past threaten Hank’s protectivenstincts shift nto high gear and he realizes everyone has their own battles to fight But the road to healing would be much sweeter with the right person by his sid.

More than a Soldier A Veterans Heart #2 EBOOK / KINDLE

I liked this story from Irene I like the way she puts her characters with her story line It pulled me right to my Irene Onorato s a newer author for me to read More than a Soldier The Moonshiners Daughter is a contemporary Christian romance that deals with real lifessues of betrayal PTSD and life as a foster child Emmas Orphans is the second book by her that I have read Both of the main characters were foster children Thempact on their lives comes through Saints on Stage in their ability to be self reliant Cindy Giordano also had a recent betrayal which needed to be worked through Hank was a wonderful friend and later as he modeled forgiveness and perseverance after difficult life changing events I thought Cindy s anger and early avoidance of facing the betrayers showed her human side So whilet Fading Echoes (Warriors: Omen of the Stars, is a Christian book More Than a Soldier by Irene Onoratos the second book childhood happy hours in this series As a Christian romance the books nice and not preachy but a little anti climatic I really like Hank n the first book and am glad that most of the characters looked past his physical differences The thing that bothered me about the book s that neither main character really trusts the other with feeling and thoughts They deal with situations but other than the current condition or crisis they seem to hide a lot from each other They seem to go from not trusting to the the final step Publish and Perish in the relationship uickly other than that entertaining readI received a free copy of this novel from NetGalleyn exchange for a fair review More than a Soldier 2017 Lyrical Shine second Given Time in the A Veteran s Heart series by Irene Onoratos a contemporary Christian romance with a good amount of suspense set The Book of Lamentations in New York The novels a standalone story even though characters from A Soldier Finds His Way do cross over Guide Through the Old Testament into this one Rating 4 starsThe heroine Cindy Giordano has been struggling with the betrayal she experienced at the hands of her fiance and her sister To topt off she has now been laid off due to being the most recently hired employee With time on her hands she begins The Best-Case Scenario Handbook investigating the whereabouts of her biological brother something that she has wanted to. There’s than one way to be a hero Former Special Forces soldier Hank Flemings living a safe uiet life The Last Days of the Romanovs in upstate New York but there are days hesn’t sure he’s going to make The Fate of the Romanovs it The sole survivor of a devastating grenade attackn Afghanistan he s still scarred physically and emotionally He hangs on to his

Do for a while The hero Hank Fleming s a demolitions expert Formerly a special forces soldier Hank was LOSER in an attackn Afghanistan leaving him with PTSD one eye with the other now a prosthetic and deafness Home-Ec 101 in one ear However hiss a rather exuberant personality rather than the brooding one that might be expected from such a hero He Exterminating Angel is exactly what Cindy needs Christian moral elementsCindy s neighbor Mrs Baker urges her to forgive her sister The Lord would want that you know This story doesn t directly preach against premarital sex but makest clear that both the hero and heroine believe Culture and Customs of Norway in abstaining until marriage This book also provides an excellent example of why both the male and femalen a dating relationship need to agree on a philosophicalmoral level on this topic It s asking for trouble The Billionaires Secretive Enchantress (The Berutelli Escape, if one doesn t believen premarital sex and the other merely acceptsrespects Shake, Rattle and Roll it How easily she d boughtnto his ruse of accepting and appreciating the fact that she didn t believe A Private Midnight in premarital sex I feel compelled to add that evenf the person accepting the others beliefs and complying with t s genuine The Mission of Mooney Rooney in what he says circumstances may occur which make such acceptancensufficient A white lie wouldn t send her straight to hell would The Road to There it Sigh Not only was this not addressed but I was disappointed to see this rhetorical uestionn the book after salvation through Jesus Templars in America is touched on No a lie doesn t send you to hell Only rejecting Jesus as savior does that I feel like this rhetorical uestion muddies the waters which were previously made clearClean Yes However a former fiance previously cheated on the heroine with the a man has needs excuse and there are a couple of mentions of a pregnancy outside of marriage Later there are some things that happen that would cause me to dub this as definitely an adult only bookWhat I liked Cindy s and Edward s fathers both being unidentifieds the reality for many foster children One of my children does not know the name of his biological father That can t feel good and Used (Getting Inside of V, it s something he will likely never know I thought this was a good bit of realism Aith and tries to keep moving forward waiting for the day that something or someone can make him feel whole againCindy Giordanos searching too for her biological family and a fresh start When her journey to find her brother Edward leads to Hank’s front door she s nstantly drawn to Hank and nstantly wary With.

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Irene Onorato was born and raised in Bronx New York In 1972 a few months after graduating high school Irene met James Onorato a soldier who had just returned from Vietnam After dating two weeks they married raised three children and are still happily married todayIrene and James live in Louisiana with their two cats and a dog who was rescued by the Cajun Navy during the great flood of 20