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Source NetGalleyGenre Young Adult Historical FictionRating 35 4ThoughtsDawn of Legends is the fourth installment in author Eleanor Herman s Blood of Gods and Royals series Inspired by a teen Alexander the Great steeped in true history and infused with the magic and Greek mythology the explosive finale to the Blood of Gods and Royals epic fantasy series is full of royalty war magic forbidden love danger betrayal and the triumph of the human spirit The story begins right where Reign of Serpents left off with a Giant tidal wave and ends with the very Fates themselves as Prince Alexander of Macedon steps into his role as visionary warrior and unites the Greek States leading them all to a new dawn of legends Full Review Gizmos Reviews DAWN OF LEGENDS is the fourth and epic finale to the Blood of Gods and Royals YA fantasy series by Eleanor Herman It reimagines the life of a young Prince Alexander before he became Alexander the Great Filled with political intrigue and adventure this series brings the ancient Greek world alive with its rich historical detail infusing it with myth and magicThe Last Epic BattleThe realms of ancient Greece Egypt and Persia come to vivid life with rich historical detail as Herman intertwines myth and magic while reuniting Prince Alexander of Macedon with his friends in one last epic stand against the Spirit Eaters The Fates a Palace of Gold and the Fabled Gordion KnotOnce again the story alternates between Prince Alexander and a cast of fascinating characters each with their own viewpoints moving the story into a broad sweep across empires as the last battle unfolds As Prince Alexander searches for the Water of Life while trying to unravel the very threads of Fate his travels will take him to the famous palace of King Midas and the unsolvable Gordian Knot where his path finally crosses with the runaway Persian Princess Zofia s Spirit Eaters and Honey BeesWhile spying on the Aesarian Lords Kat and Jacob uncover a horrible secret about the very nature of the Spirit Easters while Princess Cynane is building an army of new s yet hiding her very identity as she trains these warrior women In the Cimmerian forest Joseph makes a discovery which nearly cost him his life but can be used against the Persian armyPegasus the Muses the Fountain of Youth and Threads of FateThroughout the series and especially in this concluding volume in the Blood of Gods and Royals series we see Alexander now a King and those closest to him not only battling forces of magic and monster of war and political intrigue but against the invisible ties of the Fates themselves The ending here especially brings them all together and I loved the conclusion the story takes I will admit that for those many threads and character s voices to finally come together it took some patience as far as reading oes Imagine four books later and you have a lot to recapture for your readers and closure to bringIn the EndThis series was everything I could have wanted for an inspired story about a young Alexander the Great The ancient world and its history are brought to vivid life as Herman magically infuses it all with the legends and myths surrounding Alexander Recommended forI highly recommend this series to fans of the enre and readers fascinated by the legendary Alexander the Great I will definitely be picking up of Eleanor Herman s books Wow this was disappointing I had such high hopes and now I m sad This book just fell so unbelievably flat for me I used to sing praises for this series loving how it was so different from everything I ve read before Loving how diverse the characters were how exciting the plot was how many surprising twists and turns we went through on the way And yet there was none of that in this book Not to mention how it s been over a year since reading the previous book and forgetting everything nothing about this book was memorable First of all the story has evolved into one that had far too many POVs and intertwined way too many plot lines which ultimately caused the overall story to suffer I began to care less and le This is the 4th and final book in Eleanor Herman s epic fantasy series I ve enjoyed how this series weaves together Greek mythology complicated characters magic romance and betrayal This book picks up where book 3 Reign of Serpents left off and the story is told from the perspectives of Alex Heph Kat Jacob Zofia Olympias and Cynane Alex is busy fulfilling his prophecy Heph. Prince Alexander of Macedon has battled both men and monsters but his final war will determine his fateand the future of mankind While Macedon’s enemies close in from all corners of the earth Alexander must fulfil one last pro.

(EBOOK/PDF) Dawn of Legends Blood of Gods and Royals #4 Ì Eleanor Herman

Nk her a magnificent ueen of her own palace that constantly wars with neighboring citiesHerman uses mythology and other Greek tales to parallel alongside the characters ideas and actions Sure it shows readers that these ideas been done before but I think in doing so really captures the essence of the story It is after all a re imagining of Alexander the Great It also is believable as these characters have also rown up with knowing these tales and of course they would implement some in their daily livesHerman puts Heph and Alexander on a path I certainly didn t see coming There was absolutely nothing leading up to this new development I had always loved their relationship because it was two remarkable close friends who would do anything for each other In DAWN OF LEGENDS Herman changed the dynamic like she was doing for lots of the other relationships too and flipped their friendship upside down This new dynamic Heph and Alexander had didn t last very long though as in the end it is not mentioned again as if the whole relationship was forgotten The Cynane and Pyrolithos dynamic is also very interesting and at times confusing as they now share one body Readers Offenders and Detainees get two different perspectives from both a female and male point of view which makes such a uniue reading experienceReaders have been seeing this brew for uite a while but the love triangle seems much prominent in this book as the characters are constantly moving away or toward a certain character The scenes of pining for each other s arms emphasize their bond but making it into a triangle was rather unnecessary as Kat herself seems uninterested in becoming too serious with anyone This is rather unfortunate since she basically strings these two along and it s completely unfair to do soArridheus character arc has been a long time coming He s rarely mentioned but his chapters are always so riveting His story is extremely compelling and it s upsetting that other characters have beeniven up looking for the missing prince In DAWN OF LEGENDS we qasas-ul-quran get an entirely different Arridheus than the one we have met before and this new development truly reflects what he has been through during these four booksNear the end there are several time jumps It is realistic in its chronology but it does putaps in the story that I wish were filled Since this is the finale I only wished we received a bit explanation on to the characters choices as it seemed the Fates and their destinies had it all mapped out for them The jumps truly make the ending feel a bit rushed which is terribly upsetting because I could stay in this series forever With every book in this series thus far readers will not want to miss the Author s Note Readers can certainly tell when extensive research has been done and it is most clear that Herman has one all out for DAWN OF LEGENDS It is so interesting to also learn what elements of her plot was taken from historical facts and what was of her own makingDAWN OF LEGENDS is the finale of The Blood of Gods and Royals series It truly leaves readers on an epic note Herman ties every loose end up oing through each and every character and finishing their story Some stories were sad and heartbreaking some were adorable and happy but all of them were satisfactory Overall DAWN OF LEGENDS was an epic finale to the series This wonderful re imagining of Alexander the Great once again wows readers with its fantastical elements extensive cast of characters and action packed plotReviewed by Jeanna Michel Book is Dead-End Road Mysteries good but I didn t like Kat s ending at all She is my favorite character At less she could have decided who to love andot together with that person Kat is one of my favorite characters but in this book she was too indecisive to me I understand that she was placed under pressure but it s not like the other books weren t placing her under pressure as well Jacobs death was necessary but not truly either I will miss him as well He did Hear the Wolves get on my nerves once in a while within the book I think he like the idea that he was in love with Kat s She was a childhood friendrowing up within the same household only family he has since his parents and siblings were killed He mostly and very likely attract to the feeling of safety and familiarity with Kat I felt so hurt about Heph s feelings as well I founded that he just settled with someone else to forget Kat I was so hoping for Heph and Kat to Valors Measure get together as the end Alex ending was prefect in my mind. Sorceress will set the final path of her heart andenerals will choose their final battles Before the light of victory can shine enemies must become allies Death must be tamed and hearts must breakWho will rise and who will di.

Constantly wonders about his feelings for Alex and Kat Kat is torn between Heph and Jacob Olympias can t stop plotting Cynane is just as bloodthirsty and leads s and Zofia is focused on keeping her child safe and finding her lost loveAt times the variety of perspectives ets confusing and jumbled although I appreciate that the author doesn t skimp on details and allows for richer storytelling With that said I struggled with how fickle the romantic relationships were Kat was initially one of my favorite characters but in this book she was too indecisive I wasn t satisfied with the endings for some characters but overall most loose ends were tied up I received an e copy via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review This is the stunning conclusion in Eleanor Herman s epic tale of the balance of fate and free willI loved this series and in particular I loved this book the mostEleanor Herman does a fantastic job of blending fiction and facts with a sprinkling of fantasy Not only does she make you feel for all he characters but you can actually see her version as being the true reality of how things might have been This last novel focuses on our ang of heroes final battle against the spirit eaters All uestions are answered and you will honestly be turning the pages to see how things will end and importantly where she will end the story of AlexanderI will truly miss this world and wish there was to read I will definitely be revisiting this world in the future and can see myself loving the books just a little with each re readThis is series was everything I could have wanted in an Alexander the Great retelling and I highly recommend it and will definitely be picking up of Eleanor Herman s booksThank you to Harleuin Australia and NetGalley for an advanced e arc in exchange for an honest review 45 Stars What a ride I have to say I m not uite satisfied with the ending but the series and especially this last installment were and still are amazing I HONESTLY can t wait for of Eleanor herman s books The story of Alexander the Great or as he is in the novel just Alexander of Macedon How did Alexander become so Tni Tata Dunia Baru Sistem Pertahanan great Eleanor Herman s Blood of Gods and Royals answers this uestion It s the story of Alexander of Macedon s journey to becoming the Great with a little a lot bit of a fantastical twist Herman s series takes you on a thrilling journey following compelling protagonists and a plot full of twists and intrigue Dawn of Legends wraps up the series finally answering the uestion on how Alexander became just so Great I was sent an early copy of this book to read and review honestly so this isoing to be Definitely enjoyed this a lot than the previous ones and I m kinda sad to see it end All of your favorite characters are back in this epic tale of mayhem trickery and fantasy Alexander is working toward defeating the entire known world Heph wars with his feelings between Katerina and Alex Zo joins a band of female rebels who set out to change the world Cynane becomes a ruthless leader who stops at nothing to وصف الاستعباد في مملكة فاس - مذكرات أسير سويدي على عهد السلطان مولاي عبد الله get what she wants Together their paths crisscross in this fourth and final installment of the magnificent series The Blood of Gods and RoyalsI had the highest of expectations with DAWN OF LEGENDS and it sure does not disappoint I am very happy and satisfied with the series as a whole Only I wished Herman hadiven us a drawn out recap instead of the brief remarks we Fiend got in the beginning chapters Still instead of a long recap of previous novels Herman dived right into the story of the conclusion to The Blood of Gods and Royals seriesHermanives us some new chapters from perspectives we haven t read from before which is a bit daunting at first because the cast of this series is so huge However each chapter easily flows into the next in chronological order so it is uite easy to follow along despite such a large cast of characters Each of their stories intertwine one way or another which is different from previous books when they all seemed to be separate from the other When they all connect structured works so seamlesslyFrom LEGACY OF KINGS to DAWN OF LEGENDS it isn t hard to find that in each new book Herman s writing steadily blossomed into an epic storytelling masterpiece that readers will want to read again and again Once again it is hard to ignore the masterful way Herman writes battle scenes The tactics and strategies that arise are absolutely enius If Herman wasn t an author I would thi. Phecy that dictates only he and he alone can ensure humanity’s survival against the age of the deadly Spirit EatersAs the threads of fate draw Alexander closer to his destiny an exiled ueen will meet a runaway princess a young.

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New York Times best seller Eleanor Herman's new non fiction book The Royal Art of Poison Filthy Palaces Fatal Cosmetics Deadly Medicine and Murder Most Foul is set to come out in June 2018 Think royal palaces were beautiful places to live Think againHerman offers a rare combination of skills for a historian – her research is intensely scholarly yet she writes the story in a colorful wit

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