PDF FREE Ella An Amish Fairytale #2 by Sarah Price

A clean and realistic retelling of Cinderella set in an Amish farming community devoid of magic fairy godmothers and the supernatural The romance plotline is nothing extraordinary but what I iked best was to see how the author dealt with having to match the tale s magical elements with non magical euivalents and I How to Negotiate Your First Job loved how she replaced the grand royal ball with a rumspringa party and the glass slippers to identify the mystery girl with a delicious apple pie auction in which naturally the star pie is the heroine s Reallyovely This was really good I was hesitant to read another retelling of Cinderella but the author did it justice and it was wonderful When I read the ast Amish retelling of a fairy tale by this author I knew I had to read all the books in the series When Ella An Amish Retelling of Cinderella became available on Netgalley I immediately reuested I was able to read in two sessions and stayed up after midnight finishing this book The author did an excellent job of converting the classic tale of Cinderella into an Amish novel She did an excellent job of portraying the step mother and step sisters as abusive The step mother made Ella do all the work never et her socialize and put her daughters before Ella Ella was way too kind and were never say a word against them They did everything they could to sabotage the friendship of Hannes and Ella Linda the step mother wanted her daughters to capture the attention of Hannes Then there is the kindly Marian She plays the part of the fairy godmother I don t want to give too much of the storyline away but I guarantee you will enjoy it even if you don t enjoy Amish fiction There is even a twist toward the end The comeuppance that the step family received was pricelessI received this ebook thanks to Kensington Books and Netgalley The opinions are all my own and I received no compensation for reviewing this book This book is due to be released on May 29 2018 This is the second book in the Amish Fairytale series I ve read and enjoyed both a Perfect Justice (Ben Kencaid, lot This is such a fun read Amish book readers will get a kick out of how this story mirrors the fairytale Cinderella Ella is a young woman still unmarried andiving at home with her father Her mother has passed away and her father wants the companionship of a new wife Just The Literary Relationship of Lord Byron and Thomas Moore like in the Cinderella story it s a disaster from the start but gets so much worse after her father s death Evil stepmother and wicked st. In Sarah Price’s heartwarming Amish version of this bestoved fairytale a hardworking overlooked young woman is rewarded in unexpected ways “Be kind and have faith” Ella Troyer strives to abide by her mother’s final words although ife in the small Amish town of Echo Creek isn’t always easy Her new stepmother Linda treats her coldly and her two stepsisters Drusilla and Anna delight in go.

review Ella An Amish Fairytale #2

PDF FREE Ella An Amish Fairytale #2 by Sarah Price

A and Snow White coming out in the fall I truly hope that this series is as endless as the number of fairy tales out there It s so much fun to spot the similarities to the original tales while marveling at the uniue Amish twist Price brings to each storyBe kind and good no matter what happens for God has a plan for you Ella has ived by the wise counsel of her dying mother in the midst of the most trying times Clearly I am not as sweet natured as our plucky heroine because I seethed in fury at the odious Linda s horrid behavior and New Exploration loudly encouraged Ella to be anything but kind and good Ha Iove getting riled at the villains in a fairy tale especially since I know justice will be served in the end And the way this familiar tale plays out is pure magic This author is beyond clever and I want to say so much but you really need to discover all the delightful nuances yourself A truly sublime read that will make you happy This is the second book of the Amish Fairytale series by Sarah price and I have to say that enjoyed just as much as Belle the first book in the series if not We got see Ella s The Shaping of Western Civilization life and the sweet romance she got to have with a young Amish businessman while Ioved this book Great story Love this author s books Book reminded me of Cinderella The stepmother and step sisters were so mean If I were to use only one word to describe this book it would be sweet While I m still pretty new to the Amish fiction genre I ove fairytale retellings so when I heard about this book it really jumped out at me This novel did not disappoint me I was impressed with how the author used Amish customs in place of certain instances in the original fairytale in ways I would have never thought of Price was able to take those traditions and work them into her novel in ways that clearly followed the original storyline while giving a fresh take on a beloved story The book was full of characters with both good and bad traits that fit in seamlessly with the Cinderella story Readers will ove Ella and Hannes and root for them as they read the storyOverall Ella An Amish Retelling of Cinderella is a sweet retelling of a beloved classic Fans of Amish fiction will The Ecology, Exploitation and Conservation of River Turtles love the book and readers thatove fairytale retellings will also want to give this one a tryI give this book 4 out of 5 starsI received a complimentary copy of this book from Zebra Publishing through NetGalley All opinions expressed in this review are my ow. Nare him as a husband for one of her girls while keeping Ella out of the way As for Hannes he Medicine and Religion longs to catch another glimpse of the mysterious young woman who can sing so sweetly and bake the most delicious pie he’s ever sampled Now with aittle help from some unlikely sources Ella dares to hope she might find her heart’s dearest wishes for The Hockey Saint (Forever Friends, love family and a home of her own coming true atast.

Epsisters is what Ella has to put up with day in and day out Even though they run her ragged by telling her to do all the farm workinside choresbakingcookingsewingetc Ella still treats her stepsisters and stepmother with kindness and respect as her mother told her to treat people It s never reciprocated of course Her stepsisters couldn t bake a pie if their Valentino life depended on it An Amish woman is taught how to run a household and all that goes with it at an early age so who knows how the stepsisters will ever find a husband When a handsome young man shows an interest in Ella the evil ones do all they can in their power to turn his eye toward them instead of her The mother is no better as she claims something Ella did was done by her daughters Unknown to the stepmother and stepdaughters the handsome young man sees through them and knows what they are reallyike I oved the ending but no spoilers here Let s just say they got what they deserved Kindness pays off and deceit will do nothing but make you ook bad and untrustworthyPub Date 29 May 2018 I received a complimentary copy of this book from Kensington Books through NetGalley Thank you All opinions expressed are my own I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewAnother modern day Cinderella tale with an Amish twistSarah Price is one author that I m going to read of For a person who usually stays away from anything resembling Amish I find myself captivated by Price s writing It is in no way boring This was a charming Shunned little tale of Ella a girl whoives with her two stepsister and cruel stepmother and forced to do all the chores But one day she meets her prince charming in the form of a businessman just as charming as he is handsomewith a cunning edge to himI m sure you Craving (Willow Creek, ll be as enchanted as I was of this book I highly recommend it for everyone But the words seemed to repeat themselves over and over again Be kind And good God has a plan These are the words Ellaived by since her mother s death when she was young Now that her father is ready to remarry the words become a test to her faith and the promise she made to her mother Ella strongly believes that breaking a promise is paramount to Oba, the Last Samurai lying Linda her new step mother along with Linda s daughter s Drusilla and Anna is testing her faith Life is m Sheer brilliance I get giddy just thinking about this Amish fairy tale series We ve had Beauty and the Beast and now Cinderell. Ssip andaziness After her father’s death Ella’s stepsisters are free to attend youth singings while Ella stays at home to manage the household chores rarely seeing another soul Until one day while running an errand she has a chance meeting with a young Amish man from a nearby town   Drusilla and Anna are full of admiration for charming affluent newcomer Johannes Wagler and Linda hopes to ens.


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