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Ntrolling her ate are heady experiences that she s not readily willing to give up Harry is a good and decent man who wants Anna to A Mother in the Making feelree while he still wants to shield her Her Kind Of Cowboy from harmAN EARL TO SAVE HER REPUTATION is a sweet and passionate romance with a worthy couple well deserving of their happiness if only they can work through their baggage There s also a bit of mystery along with a creepy villain I enjoy author Laura Martin s writing style andound AN EARL TO SAVE HER REPUTATION to be a solid and engaging read Lovely story great Characters Independence is so important and I respect the His Pregnant Christmas Princess fact that it meant so much to Lady Fortescue regardless of the kind intentions of Lord Edgerton. En them may bring a deep sighrom readers who adore a love story that makes the impossible seem realistic” RT Book Reviews on A Ring or the Pregnant Debutante “A sweet adventurous romance” RT Book Reviews on Governess to the Sheik.

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Year causing her to retreat and hide rom society When Harry and Anna are caught in a compromising situation Harry ever the gentleman is uick to announce their engagement While Anna would have stoically born being the subject of gossip the Black Widow reluctantly agrees to a temporary betrothal When Harry learns of the threatening letters and packages Anna has been receiving his protective instincts kick in and he s determined to help her ind out who her enemy is Harry and Anna soon ind they have a genuine attraction though neither of them wanted it Anna is a very strong woman now having survived the abuse and lack of any input Private Arrangements (Forged of Steele, for her ownuture Being able to make her own decisions and co. Edgerton to avoid scandal she ends up engaged again The arrangement may be one of convenience but as Anna inds herself unable to resist Harry’s charms she realizes the betrothal may have its benefits“The sweet romance that blossoms betwe.

As reviewed at Roses Are Blue Anna Fortescue is only twenty ive years old yet she has been widowed three times Only one of those marriages was by her own choice and sadly none of them were happy In Sanctuary fact her third husband was cruel and abusive leaving Anna determined to never marry again She owns and manages a small shipping company which keeps her occupied and independent Her peace is shattered when she begins to receive a series of threatening notes and disturbing packagesHarry Pershore Earl of Edgerton is not averse to marriage as long as it s a convenient one as he has no useor love He also is a stickler Forever Faithful (Forever Faithful, for avoiding scandal as his sister Lydia was caught in a shocking situation last. A convenient betrothal “It will save us bothrom scandal” Widowed three times over Lady Anna Fortescue is used to ignoring the wagging tongues of the ton After inding herself in a compromising position with handsome bachelor Lord Harry.

Librarian Note There is than one author in the Goodreads database with this nameLaura Martin was born and bred on the South Coast of England into a family of two loving parents and a spirited older sister Books were a feature of her life from early on One of her earliest memories involves sitting with the family on a rainy Sunday afternoon listening to the exploits of a clumsy but lovabl