[Sophie Straddles Her Man] Read Õ Scarlett Steele

Sophie Straddles Her Man Read Õ Scarlett Steele

His ole to A Night on the Tiles herThis 5000 word short story erotica contains xxx erotic adult scenes including first time femdom female domination maleumiliation and should be read by adults on.

SUMMARY Sophie Straddles Her Man

’s not long before the sexy young domme is towering over The House That Jesus Built her date strokinger plastic strap smiling at the sounds of er new submissive salivating at the thought of submitting.

Her fellow University students suggest she scratches er itch by reeling in er lucky chap from a local online dating websiteA few clicks a couple of messages and a date is setIt.

By day I am your typical run of the mill aerobics instructor Working for a small but up and coming gym making ends meetOnce night starts to fall I turn to writing erotica unleashing the kinky beast within meI have always loved reading hot and steamy stories Having shared my personal writings with my close friends I have finally decided to share my deepest and darkest thoughts and fantasie