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PDF Bulletproof Christmas

Threat is that Rory finds the poacher s gun with its scope aimed at Cadence s bedroom window Although the poacher has taken off does Rory take the gun with him Disable it Neutralise the possible threat while the gun is right there at his fing feet and its owner is in the wind No of course not He s running off to Cadence at the ranch and eeping her away from windows in case the poacher takes another shot at her and organising an elaborate plan to go on the run with herHow about just stealing his fing gun RorySo right off the bat I new I was going to be in for a tedious eye rolling experienceThis book reminded me a lot of the first book in this mini series Sudden Set Up where the h and H are on the run from an unspecified threat and barely anything happens Now obviously this is personal preference but I prefer a thriller or romantic suspense where there s some idea of why the protagonists are on the run or in danger For example even though Intrigue author Delores Fossen writes virtually the same book over and over again her plots at least move and although you don t now who the bad guy is you re provided with lots of different theories or ideas as to why the h and H are in danger It helps get me into the storyI don t get that here Most of the book is literallyRory Who do you think is trying to A Celtic Miscellany kill you CadenceCadence DunnoRory Why do you think they re trying toill youCadence DunnoRory Okay Let s go find another place to go hide outSo while they hide out and nothing is happening plot wise we get a lot of internal thoughts and info dumps about their feelings for each other but little actual conversation Rory spends the bulk of the book having a major strop because he feels he isn t doing a better job of protecting Cadence Then he s in a major strop because she didn t tell him they were having twins he thought there was only one baby He goes on and on about how he can never trust her after she would eep a secret like that I was like Dude ease off Either way you re a dad what does it matter if it s one or two A conversation that gets repeated again and again and again is Rory s aforementioned poor me pity party that he isn t a better protector and Cadence s repeated assurances that she wouldn t be al. R murdered father's will tracker Rory Scott is focused on finding the iller targeting his ex Cadence Butler He's shocked to find the ranch heiress

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Ive if it weren t for him Snore Oh yeah and get over yourself RoryGood grief there was so much wrong with this book What else was there Rory upon learning that Cadence is preggers albeit not nowing it s twins immediately proposes to her This action is completely inconsistent with his thoughts and actions for the remainder of the book Although Rory is no great shakes as the H Cadence isn t much better as the h constantly throwing random insults at him at the most random times Why would all the ranch hands be out of a job if Cadence doesn t attend the reading of her father s will Although Rory is supposed to be an excellent tracker because he has ept himself and Cadence alive from this threat when he does a perimeter check at the will reading the villain still manages to break into the ranch house without any trouble at all Yeah Rory great tracking skills you ve got there Told not shown huhThe overriding mystery of these six books I can t believe I made it through all of them has been who murdered the Butler clan s patriarch Mike Butler The books have all pretty much been standalones so there have been no suspects carried throughout the stories so the The Culture Code killer clearly has to be a character from this book But the whole book is just Rory and Cadence on the run so theiller can only be the poacher Dex from the beginning of the book In a rushed underwhelming finale there s a bit of a punch up and we re given Dex s motive secondhand view spoilerHe thought he was a Butler heir hide spoiler A Heart reneging story tbat will leave you in happy tears It s not bab enough that the last daughter of a murder victim is havi g twins and not telling the father but when someone wants to Banish Clutter Forever kill her and the rest of tbe family will all bets are off when the fatber of the babies pits his self out their to get theiller And the truth will finally put the Family on a happy path that their father wanted for them Very good book Had a great ending All the books in the series was great Will read of her booksMy sister who loves to read than I do We both like the same type of books Happy reading to everyone Great ReadActionaction and actionHold on to your seatthis one starts off fast and never slows downBarb Han next book please. Regnantwith his twins Wild spirit Rory has never done love but eeping Cadence safe on the run threatens to tame his untamable heartCrisis Cattle Bar.

Miniseries Crisis Cattle Barge Rory Scott has been called back to Cattle Barge to help with some poaching on The Hereford Ranch owned by the Butler clan He s been tracking for a long time in Wyoming and has been trying to get one Butler off his mind it s been 5 months since he broke t Had not read any other books in this series nice read Miniseries Crisis Cattle Barge Secrets are exposed and truths are revealed With the finale of the Crisis Cattle Barge series we finally get some answers as to what s been going on around Hereford Ranch for all of these months and the last prodigal child returns to gather around the family for the reading of Maverick Mike s will The book felt somewhat anticlimactic but it was nice to get to now the final sibling we ve heard so much about and get some answers at least partial ones Really enjoyed the series as a wholeHeiress Cadence Butler doesn t have any choice but to return home for the Christmas Eve reading of her murdered father s will She s been laying low since the media circus began around the ranch other than the trouble she got into trying to scare off her newly minted half sister She s got news to share with her family but she s no This is such a neat story Its about a boy that grew into a man that worried about who he hurt That was Rory Scott s fear He has always loved one person Cadence Butler Plus she has returned it This is a great ending to the series There is secrets revealed Love returned finally This generally miserable mini series limps to a close with this deadly dull plotless atrocity Even entering into it with the lowered expectations that I now bring with me to a Barb Han Intrigue book it still manages to utterly underwhelmRory Scott is the hero a tracker who has been hired by the Butler brothers to track a poacher on their property I think The Butler clan s youngest daughter Cadence Butler is the heroine She is pregnant with Rory s twins sigh Rory walked out on her five months previously after they had a fling He has been led to believe by her father that he s not good enough for her plus he needs to roam the landyada yada yada A very very very vague threat possibly against Cadence who nows The author doesn t has them going on the runThe. Where there's a willthere's murderCrisis Cattle Barge reaches its exciting Christmas finale When the Butlers gather for the Christmas reading of thei.


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