A Silent Ocean Away Colette's Dominion) [Pdf Read] ï DeVa Gantt

I ighly recommended this trilogy A Silent Ocean Away is the first of three for lovers of Historical Romances It The MeatEater Fish and Game Cookbook: Recipes and Techniques for Every Hunter and Angler has all the elements to swee What s not to love about this book Exotic tropical island two gorgeous brothers and romance It s also very well written SpoilersA fantastic start to an even better series Charmaine Ryan is the daughter of an abusive father who murdereder mother She is taken in by the family she d been working for and is spirited away to the island of Charmantes owned by the DuVoisin family to be Babys Mealtime hired as their governess for their three children Yvette Jeanette and Pierre She is uickly adored by the children their mother Colette and after awhile is even liked by their reclusive father Frederic Paul Frederic s illegitimate son takes a liking to Charmaine and thus begins their relationship Agatha the sister of Frederic s first wifeas taken up residence in the The Miracle Equation house at the behest of Frederic as a way to get Colette up and about She turns out to be an evil woman plotting to get Frederic to marryer After the death of Colette Frederic is deeply depressed and decides to starve The Dawn of Modern Thought himself to death In order to getim to focus The Infamous Ellen James (Infamous, his attention elsewhere Agatha tells Frederic that Colettead miscarried a baby shortly before Samael Aun Weor, The Absolute Man her death and seeing as Frederic and Coletteadn t been intimate or even speaking it was clearly another man s The book then flows seamlessly into the second installment Decision and DestinyThe authors did a wonderful job of writing a book from an omniscient point of view Each character is created flawlessly and the istorical setting is incredibly detailed although I m not positive the facts are accurate It s clear the Gantt sisters made it a point to make their plot as thorough as possible rather than basing the book s success on what the book was about It s a ghost story a love story and a story of struggle for all characters involved You will truly come to love or ate characters cheering some on and Satria dari Negeri Tayli 1-28 hoping for the bitter demise of others and laughing out loud at some of the things they say The part I loved most is there s no tied up in a bow ending that will lead to a new plot line in the next book It s not made obvious from page one what the e 35Charmaine Ryan takes employment as a governess to the three youngest children of Frederic Duvoisin onis private Island in the West Indies Charmaine bonds uickly with the children as well as their mother Collette Frederic s second and much younger wife The innocent Charmaine feels something entirely different for Frederic s illegitimate son Paul who Goethean Science has uite a reputation as a ladies man but doese truly care for Out of the Shadows, Into the Streets! her or is she just another conuest Of course the Duvoisin familyas plenty of deep dark secrets what was the cause of the argument between Frederic and Digital Crossroads his legitimate son John that lead to Fredric s stroke What is the cause of the enmity between the two elder sons Why does John seemell bent on stymieing the goods shipments to the Island Is there something sinister at work behind Collette s weakening ealth Inuiring minds want to know but I am not tellin. Charmaine Ryan knows only poverty and pain growing up In the wake of a orrifying tragedy she seeks a new life and fate leads er into the private world of the wealthy Duvoisin clan At first it seems as if nothing terrible could touch this seemingly charmed family But an ill wind blows through the alls and chambers of the Duvoisins' sprawling island retreat carrying betrayal deceit and ominous peril.

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A Silent Ocean Away Colette's Dominion) Pdf Read ï DeVa Gantt

This book is a How to Negotiate Your First Job hot mess Part soap opera part brilliant but mostly one big mess The writing is terrible Just terrible Characters arecharactery Dialogue is stiff and actionsmotivation baffling I want to find out whatappened in the second and third books kind of but I can t read any of the writing especially in light of the million and a alf other things I ave waiting for me written by authors who ve attempted to learn something about craft A Silent Ocean AwayBy DeVa GanttAlthough this is an Perfect Justice (Ben Kencaid, historical romance it is not a bodice ripper Set in Richmond Virginia in 1837 it is a charming intriguing family saga with endearing characters Heroine Charmaine Ryan is immediately likable and admired forer strength and perseverance Some characters are not so endearing The Literary Relationship of Lord Byron and Thomas Moore howeverEighteen year old Charmaine escapes fromer life of poverty and fear when she is Suggestions for Marketing Small Timber hired as a companion by a kind prosperous Richmond couple who love and nurtureer Eventually they all travel to the tropical island of Les Charmantes where Charmaine takes the post of governess to the young children of wealthy landowners Frederic and Colette DuvoisinThe children are delightful Charmaine uickly befriends Colette Duvoisin who is lonely and much younger than New Exploration herusband Colette earns the reader s sympathy and admiration as The Shaping of Western Civilization her personal emotional pain and secrets are revealed There are countless other secrets in the Duvoisin familyowever and the reader is allowed an occasional peek or clue as the story unfoldsVery little is discovered about Frederic Duvoisin We are given glimpses of a misunderstood man who is at once angry vengeful tender vulnerable and enigmatic Mysteries abound in this book and the reader may well like and dislike the same characters There is no shortage of plotters and schemers and along with Charmaine the reader will need to discern which can and cannot be trustedThis book is the first part of a trilogy I was impressed by the listing of the cast of characters and their relationships and by the interview with authors Debra and Valerie Gantt In the interview section the sisters allude to symbolism in the book which serve as ints to the sources of the secrets The istorical details are accurate and it s a lively read that flows wellA Silent Ocean Away is a mixture of adventure mystery romance and suspense My grade APaperback 416 pages Publisher Avon A October 14 2008 Language English ISBN 10 0061578231 I can t It s just too painful The plot itself isn t terrible albeit on the slow side but the writing NO Descriptions are bland conversation is stilted scenes wander aimlessly with a never ending parade of As you know Bob infodumps the dialogue tags are euivalent to cruel unusual punishment with an icepick Each ridiculously overdone andor unnecessary string of adverb flogging made me twitch There s a reason said The Ecology, Exploitation and Conservation of River Turtles has been beloved for centur A Silent Ocean Away an absorbing read written by sisters Debra and Valerie Ganttence DeVa The writing doesn t convey any impression of design by committee except perhaps in the depth of detail given to peripheral characters though of Uickly Charmaine is caught up in the secrets and mystiue swirling around the enigmatic family At the center are shipping tycoon Frederic Duvoisin and is youthful wife Colette And there is Paul Duvoisin a dashing seducer and Frederic's bastard son who stirs a dangerous fascination in the two women; the scheming Agatha Ward who will not rest until she's taken Colette's place in Frederic's eart as wel.

Ourse I may be totally mistaking who s peripheral since the book is part one of a trilogyThe tale is set on an exotic island in the 19th century DeVa make their depiction of locale and time very enticing and convincing I loved the simple touches like a new Jane Austen novel being read and the complex creation of a complete society separate from but closely linked by trade to the rest of the world I soon grew attached to the characters too and appreciated the deft descriptions that made it easy to tell who was who as people vanished and reappearedThe subtitle Colette s Dominion left me waiting for a Colette while following the tribulations of Charmaine through the early chapters The writers do an excellent job of throwing both character and reader into the deep end of the pool stripping family friends and The Hockey Saint (Forever Friends, home away till the landing on Charmante where Charmaine becomes governess to Colette s three children The ocean of the title seemed to represent Charmaine s anchorless existence at the start and then the distance travelled to the island But soon it came to symbolize the oceans of silence between secrets each character revealing feelings to the reader that were never voiced to those who needed toear them Mysteries abound in this book and by the end they are mostly unresolved Indeed that would be my biggest complaint that the only resolved story line seemed the least interesting when I suddenly found I d turned the final page I wish the trilogy Valentino had been published as a single volumeThe children with their delightful foibles and wonderfully natural tricks are growing now The brothers almost uncles are at each others throats The father rules and vanishes with perplexing twists and turns And the authors insights at the back of the book lead to a chapter from Colette s Legacy that at least convinces me there really will be More than just a romance this is a complicated absorbing tale marred only by its incompleteness I d certainly recommend it as long as you don t mind waiting in a roiling ocean as the waves turn to storm till the next book comes out Part Gone with the Wind part Jane Austen drama A Silent Ocean Awayas the range of an epic and the feel of a period novel of manners created many years ago This istorical novel set in the early 1800s begins with a long list of characters who will populate the book as well as two others to come in this trilogy of the Duvoisin family The eroine of the story is Charmaine Ryan the family s governess who comes into the maelstrom of this family seeking to find a new life for Shunned herself after escapinger own difficult childhoodCan she find a place for Craving (Willow Creek, herself in the tropical island setting Sheas arrived from Richmond Virginia wary of Oba, the Last Samurai her own capabilities andaunted by the actions of Yonen Buzz, Volume 1 (Yonen Buzz, her father Her spirit and determination will surely be tested by this uarrelsome family Everyone is the Duvoisin family seems to be battling their own inner demons struggling for a place and in that sense Charmaine too fits easily into this family dramaThere are struggle LOved this book unfortunately the seuel is no where to be foun. L as inis bed; and exiled son John who reenters the family fold stoking the turmoil as e unveils truths best kept idden Ultimately Charmaine chooses to stand with Colette against formidable enemies but The Wood Demon has she made the right decisionA sweeping remarkable blend of adventure romance intrigue and suspense A Silent Ocean Awayeralds the arrival of a glorious new voice on the istorical fiction scene.

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