EBOOK From Cyber Nationalism to Fandom Nationalism author Liu Hailong

This book ives a deep description of a new trend in Chinese cyber nationalism through an examination of Diba Expedition 2016 The eight chapters written by researchers from the United States and China touch on the topics of history mobilization and the organization of new cyber nationalism; the evolution of symbolic devices; and the impact of information and communications technologies ICTs consumerism fans culture

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EBOOK From Cyber Nationalism to Fandom Nationalism author Liu Hailong

The impact of official nationalistic education commercial culture and the rassroots Internet culture Readers interested in political culture Internet culture and youth culture will find this book helpful in understanding why traditional nationalism with hatred anger and actions in the real world has evolved into fandom nationalism with love satire and actions in the virtual world as illustrated in the Diba Expeditio.

Nd Internet subcultures on cyber nationalism and the political conseuences of it The authors have embedded the Diba Expedition and new cyber nationalism which may be called fandom nationalism in the media ecology of social media the mobile Internet the smartphone and a new eneration of ICTs They also try to explain the change in the Chinese political culture from the turn of the twenty first century up to now under.

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