[Educational Standards for Nurses] Pdf ✓ Isabel Hampton Robb

Free download Educational Standards for Nurses

Ssion for the lower classes Her work in developing a curriculum of advanced training during her time at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing raised the status of the profession Nursing ducation today would not be what it is without the contribution of Isabel Hampton Robb.

Educational Standards for Nurses Pdf ✓ Isabel Hampton Robb

Originally published in 1907 this title was one of several influential textbooks on nursing written by Isabel Hampton Robb a nursing theorist The first superintendent of nurses at Johns Hopkins School of Nursing she helped to found key organizations for nurses in the USA.

Her work in nursing has led to her being thought of as a founder of modern American nursing theory and many of the standards she implemented are still in place today Hampton also played a large role in advancing the social status of nursing previously thought of a profe.

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