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Ourself I ave no idea ow Russell comes up with these mystical and bizarre stories but I m glad that she does The Bad Graft is the story of a Joshua Tree s spirit invading a woman s body that I can t stop thinking about then there s The Gondoliers with gorgeous description of the eerily real future of Florida somewhat abandoned after an environmental catastrophe and the short but bittersweet life of a dog in Madame Bovary s Greyhound This collection is altogether enchanting with a light seasoning of umor certainly not to be missed This was a fascinating collection of short stories They were all great but The Tornado Auction was definitely my favorite that one will stick with me for a long time I remember when Swamplandia came out and I obsessively recommended and described it to people I must ve been such a charming dinner guest As far as I m concerned Orange World and Other Stories is the pinnacle of Russell s stylistic and imaginative achievement thus far Each of Cant You Make Them Behave, King George? her tales is so vivid and slightly askew With a central fantastic conceit played out in an insistently realistic world not necessarily our world mind you but a realistic one often melding contexts with whicher readers are familiar in a phantasmagoric shorthand For example in one story people breed tornadoes for the rodeo for example and Russell brilliantly entangles the rich idioms of catastrophic weather and bull breeding In another climate change and pollution Leonardo da Vinci have led to a New Florida and teenage girls become gondoliers The cli fi context is constantly offset by this vaguely Venetian fantasy and then compounded in its eerie strangeness by the girls development of echolocation Russell is so inventive and the psychological core of each ofer stories is powerful Perhaps my favorite is the title story Orange World which describes parental fear for infants green world would be a safe one orange is one with daily perils red would be apocalyptic and also the rigors and terrors of breast feeding Though the stakes for the characters are clear urgent and immediate and often reflect the dilemmas and flaws of lives in our world Russell is also playful Enkätboken her stories aren t pat Another favorite about zombies on Corfu takes a turn at the very end thatad me laughing both because of Introduction to the Spiritist Philosophy how fitting it was andow unexpected A true delight of a collection. Rious title story a new mother desperate to ensure Play Me, Im Yours her infant's safety strikes a diabolical deal agreeing to breastfeed the devil in exchange foris protection The landscape in which these stories unfold is a feral slippery purgatorial space bracketed by the void yet within it Russell captures the exuisite beauty and tenderness of ordinary life Orange World is a miracle of storytelling from a true modern maste.

Already read and reviewed the first two stories in this collection The Prospectors and The Bad Graft during 2017 s december advent calendar so i m ahead of the game and you too can be ahead of the game as four of the eight stories in this collection previously appeared in the new yorker Health at Every Size here are your links orange world bog girl the prospectors and the bad grafti m not sure if the other stories can be found elsewhere but don t go looking for them online they are rightere in this book and even though karen russell is giving The Kings Witch (Frances Gorges Trilogy her milk away for free you should still buy this cow it s got a FOX on the cover sentences like that make me wonder if my brain s got one of those slow leaks in it incidentally the eponymous storyere is about a new mother giving Polvere alla polvere her milk away for free to the devil so if you just read aller stories for free you will be as big a freeloader as the devil and is that what you want i didn t think so but i will give you a sip you minor demonEven as a girl Rae was a terrible negotiator She gave anybody anything they asked of Wyoming Triple Heat her She owed the world the world owneder She never felt that she could simply take up space no one An Imperfect Spy (A Kate Fansler Mystery had to earn one s keepere on planet Earth As a kid Rae s body soundlessly absorbed the painful things that Trial Run / Whip Hand / Twice Shy happened to it and not even an echo of certain events escapeder lips Sometimes she thought the problem the gift she d once believed was anatomical she didn t seem to ძვირფასი სიცოცხლე have a gag reflex so none of the secret stuff the gushy black awful stuff ever came out Now it lives insideer liuefying Inadmissible indigestible event Is that what the devil is drinkingthat passage is slightly different in the new yorker version so there now you GOTTA read both i m not going to do a play by play of the collection as i usually masochistically do but i ll I, Claudius high and low it The Prospectors is one of my favorite short stories ever and The Tornado Auction was my least favorite in the collection but this book like double stuf oreosas a big delicious middle AND A FOX ON THE COVER come to my blog OK Yvette says breathing loudly through er nose That s OK Weaning is a process A group of lactating mothers work together to defeat a very ungry demon Sounds bizarre I know but I found it to be uite a mesmerizing read Bet the La Leche League never Chicken Soup for the Soul had to deal with this situationRead it for Display in these eight exuberant arrestingly vivid unforgettable stories InBog Girl a revelatory story about first love a young man falls in love with a two thousand year old girl thate's extracted from a mass of peat in a Northern European bog In The Prospectors two opportunistic young women fleeing the depression strike out for new territory and find themselves fighting for their lives In the brilliant ila.

What Russell as accomplished with these stories is Blooming Red hard to describe but I ll try She takes what often starts off as a relatively normal situation and then pulls the stories into a surreal world One never knows whenow or even why it Irrevocable Trust (Irreparable, happens but it does I m always in awe of authors whoave this kind of imagination and write so well that the reader accepts these situations as they are FiendishThis is a strong work Eight stories all but one I liked the first The Prospector my favorite There is Forensic Science humororror unbelievable The Penguin History of Early India happenings accepted as normal They are strange but always recognizable the emotion true In short very unexpected different and executed well Looke says dreamily and points to where the moon is rising bright and enormous as the door to another Galaxy on the opposite side of the bayARc from Edelweiss This is my second favorite Karen Russell I will always Exploring with Frémont hold St Lucy s Home for Girls Raised by Wolves as one of my favorite books Top stories include The Bad Graft Bog Girl A Romance and The Gondoliers All of theseave some kind of conflict between Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out humans and the natural world from infiltrating cacti to corpses to a Florida covered in toxic waterHere is a link to The Bad Graft in the New Yorker if you want to try it out At ALA Midwinter the publisher literally gave the last galley of this to the person in front of me but then approved me to read the eARC in NetGalley It came out May 14 from Knopf Doubleday Having new books by Helen Phillips The Need read it immediately and Karen Russell in the same year is almost excitement than I canandle Both writers work in the literary surrealpurgatorialunsettlinghorrorweird space and I very much love it These stories are truly brilliant and Russell is a master storyteller but we knew that already How does she condense so much narrative into each perfectly calibrated brightly colored story The secret must lie in those sentences oh my GOD Russell s prose is a reminder of what it is to read and enjoy a singular voice I am so in love with this book It s Beauty and the Beast (Demon Tales, her best so far and that s saying a LOT I will say that Karen Russell s imagination is Fertile and complex place Her short stories are incredibly varied and always unexpected Unfortunately I just didn t engage with most of these I often leaveer work thinking I should like it but alas NOW AVAILABLEi ve. From the Pulitzer Finalist and universally beloved author of the New York Times best sellers Swamplandia and Vampires in the Lemon Grove a stunning new collection of short fiction that showcases Karen Russell's extraordinary irresistible gifts of language and imaginationKaren Russell's comedic genius and mesmerizing talent for creating outlandish predicaments that uncannily mirror our inner in lives is on full.

PDF READ Orange World and Other Stories Author Karen Russell

Karen Russell graduated from Columbia University's MFA program in 2006 Her stories have been featured in The Best American Short Stories Conjunctions Granta The New Yorker Oxford American and Zoetrope Her first book of short stories St Lucy's Home for Girls Raised by Wolves was published in September 2006 In November 2009 she was named a National Book Foundation 5 Under 35 honoree I

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