E–pub Download (From Conception to Two Years)

E–pub Download (From Conception to Two Years)

Ngs together key research theory and experiences from practice to further practitioners' knowledge and nderstanding of this critical period and inform professional approaches to providing care Offering an explanation of key issues affecting the care of very young children chapters feature reflective estions and promote discussion and further thinking on topics includingunderstanding and supporting parents and families during the transition to parenthoodbuilding a positive practitioner parent relationshipdevelopment.

Recognising the importance of 'the first one thousand days' from the beginning of a woman's pregnancy ntil her child's second birthday this comprehensive guide takes a fresh look at role of the practitioner in supporting the family mother and child from conception through to early infancyA period of dramatic physical social and emotional change for both the parent and child an infant's experiences during his or her first two years of life have a significant impact on later development From Conception to Two Years bri.


Growth and care during the prenatal periodapproaches to care in the perinatal periodattachment and the development of emotional connectionsethical issues surrounding the care of infantscreating playful care opportunities with infants and their familiesGiving Early Years practitioners and students the knowledge skills and confidence they need to effectively support and care for children and their families from the very start From Conception to Two Years is an essential guide for the provision of high ality infant care.

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