(The Highland Earl) [PDF/EPUB] × Amy Jarecki

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(The Highland Earl) PDF/EPUB × Amy Jarecki

Series Lords of the Highlands 6Publication Date 62519Number of Pages 384John Erskine Earl of Mar inherited a pile of debt from his father The estate had been mismanaged for years and everything needed epair John had been working to epair the damage caused by his father but he couldn t pay the debt off The only eason he was a member of ueen Anne s council as Secretary of State for Scotland was because the money he eceived for the position allowed him to stave off his creditors Now he s ecently lost his beloved wife and he has two young sons to aise John is almost the same age as his father was when he died and he has vowed that he will not absolutely WILL NOT leave the same kind of mess for his sons Even though he deeply mourns his wife he decides to marry an heiress in order to put his estate to ights and pay off his father s debts He ll never love again but he ll honor and espect a new wifeLady Evelyn Pierrrepont the oldest daughter of the Duke of Kingston Upon Hull is appalled at her father s dealings his smuggling and the way he treats the servants She s learned a lot about him in the last year and none of it was good So when she was offered the opportunity to make a difference she gladly took it She d do her part to support Prince James and help the common people by spying on her father s dealings and providing the information to the cause Her mission was coming along nicely until she eceived a marriage proposal from the Earl of Mar She certainly didn t want to marry him he was just like her father But she has no choice her father has already made all of the arrangementsEvelyn s spying garners even and better information once she is married but she has begun to espect her new husband and is eluctant to continue Then things go dreadfully awry and she John and the children are all in great peril Can they escape the wicked Duke of Argyll They barely manage to escape London then they trek across the mountains in the Highlands cross an ocean confront a villain all while being chased by the English dragoons There is definitely never a dull minute in this exciting fast paced storyI thoroughly enjoyed the ead Were there problems with the book Goodness yes a number of the. Mr Mrs Smith meets Outlander in this action packed Scottish omance where a marriage of convenience leads to secrets that could be deadlyWith two young sons to care for and a large estate to un John Erskine the widowed Earl of Mar needs to emarry as uickly as possible And beautiful Lady Evelyn.

M It always makes me a bit nuts when an author gets the basics wrong something as simple as the banns being called but they are going to marry in a week nope However I still enjoyed the eadThis is the sixth book in the series but it totally stands aloneI voluntarily ead and eviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book All thoughts and opinions are my own Lady Evelyn Pierrepont is the eldest daughter of the Duke of Kingston upon Hull and supporter of the Jacobite cause She spies on her father and eports her findings to Claude Dubois a French national who supposedly has contact with Prince James while he is in exileJohn Erskine the Earl of Mar Secretary of State for Scotland and member of ueen Anne s cabinet is still grieving the loss of his beloved wife Margaret But his father s crushing debts will push him prematurely out of mourning he needs a proper wife to mother his young boys and one with a substantial dowry to clear the debt Though she is 16 years his junior Mar decides that Lady Evelyn would be the perfect wife for him After a bit of a ocky start they marry and Eve continues her spying but she begins to uestion Dubois loyalties When she is set up to be caught Mar tries to intervene and is labeled a traitor This sets into motion a wild and unpredictable uest to clear his name and maybe get a second chance at loveThis was a well written book with a lot going on spying lies secrets betrayal steamy love scenes wonderful secondary characters action adventure and a surprise cameo from Aiden Maruis of Tullibardine I did like the interaction between Eve and Mar it was not insta love and I liked that they took time to get to know each other I felt the emotions felt anger hurt and forgiveness were very ealistic and well done I also like that Ms Jarecki uses actual historical figures for her characters and gives the eader in depth facts about the eal person and how she worked the events of their life into her story Honestly I did not get the whole Mr Mrs Smith meets Outlander feeling the beginning was sort of like True Lies but definitely not Mr Mrs Smith This book is the sixth book in the series but it can definitely be ead as a stand alone title which I am happy to ecomm. Pierrepont would be the perfect match But there's behind the English lass's calm demeanor than she's letting on including a smoldering allure not even John can ignoreEvelyn has no desire to wed the ugged Scottish earl but at least she'll be able to continue her work as a spy as long as her husba.


EndI am voluntarily leaving a eview for an eARC that was provided to me by NetGalley and the Publisher The Highland Earl is the sixth book in the Lords of the Highlands series and this was an exciting novel for eaders who enjoy an action packed story of intrigue and duplicity with a side dish of omance Even better was that this story included an actual historical figure with liberties taken of course There is plenty to adore in this tale about a marriage of convenience that turns deadly and although neither John nor Evelyn entered into the marriage honestly the smoldering attraction that they had for each other kept them tethered together This tethering was enough to give them time to develop some affection for each other but would it be too little too late to undo the damage that was caused by all the omissions that lay between themI was excited to ead this book because I have loved all the books that I have ead from Author Amy Jarecki There were many elements in T The Highland Earl is the sixth book in the Lords of the Highlands series by Amy Jarecki Although part of a series it can easily be ead as a standaloneIt took me a little while to get into the story but once I did I was hooked and couldn t ead the book uickly enough It was so exciting and I was on tenterhooks wondering what would happen nextJohn Erskine is the Earl of Marr He is the Secretary of State for Scotland a job he accepted because he needed the money after his father had left the estate in a huge amount of debt when he died Working on a widower with two sons who needs a wealthy wife a woman trying to do what she thinks is ight well being thrust into a marriage by her greedy father I mean what could go wrong we have intrigue spying going from England to Scotland to France and all the way back again you learn if love can florish in a time when death seems to be around the corner the lines between ight and wrong blur and you e never sure who is the hero and who is the villain twists and turns around every corner this is the first book I ead in the lords of the highland series but it won t be the last thank you to forever publishing and Grandcenteral publish for the free copy all thoughts are my own. Nd never finds out Yet the time Evelyn spends with John and his boys the fonder she grows of their little family and the last thing she wants to do is put them in danger As alliances shift and enemies draw closer soon everything they hold dear is at isk their lands their love and their very live.

Award winning and bestselling author Amy Jarecki likes to grab life latch on and reach for the stars She’s married to a mountain biking pharmacist and has put four kids through college She studies karate ballet yoga and often you’ll find her hiking Utah’s Santa Clara Hills Reinventing herself a number of times Amy sang and danced with the Follies was a ballet dancer a plant manager an