PDF or EBOOK (Conflict in India and Chinas Contested Borderlands) ☆ Kunal Mukherjee

Rlands Xinjiang and Tibet The book looks at the root causes of the conflict and how these conflicts have volved and changed their character with the passage of time Analysing how the countries have dealt with their territorial disputes from the 50's till recent times the author shows to what Immerwelt - Der Pakt extent these state policies havexacerbated the already strained situation Using primary data collected primarily through interviews from the peopleinhabitants of these co.

For a long time India and China have been seen as the rising Modern South Asia economic giants on the Asiatic mainland Studies of the conflicts which have plagued the borderlands of India and China however have tended to only analyse individual case studies without attempting to compare and contrast the situation in these conflictsThis book compares and contrasts the situation in India's disputed borderlands Kashmir and the Indian northastern states with China's contested borde.

Nflict zones the book throws new light on the problem This bottom up approach allows the people to speak and provides a different understanding of the nature of the conflict which may very well be the way forward for long lasting peaceA comparative study of the conflicts in the contested borderlands of China and India the book will be of interest to scholars studying Asian security studies and Asian Politics particularly and Defence and Security Studies generall.

PDF or EBOOK (Conflict in India and Chinas Contested Borderlands) ☆ Kunal Mukherjee

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Kunal Mukherjee is a San Francisco based poet and writer Originally from West Bengal he was raised in Hyderabad India He holds a Master’s degree in Physics has done postgraduate work in Energy Studies and has worked as a restaurateur and a manager of information technology