(New) The Root of Magic AUTHOR Kathleen Benner Duble

(New) The Root of Magic AUTHOR Kathleen Benner Duble

R The Root of Magic by Kathleen Benner Duble Releases June 11th 2019 The Root of Magic is written in third person present tense If you can get used to that you ll have no problem I had to get used to it but it still in no way distracted me rom the plot In The Root of Magic a small amily inds themselves stranded by a snowstorm in a town where right away everything The English Spy (Gabriel Allon, feels off Inact to me before I knew what was going on it To See Paris and Die felt downright sinister but maybe I ve read too much dark YA lately Everyone acts weird and no one will explain what s going on Willow our young main character ultimately discovers the truth the town itself is magic with a supernatural mind and will of its own and everyone age 13 and up must make a decision They can stay trappedorever by the town and gain the ability to see into the Out of China future one day at a time or they can leave and never see theiramilies again The Root of Magic raises the complex issues of our predetermined destinies our Mary Tudor free will and how on earth the two can ever coexist On June 11 you can enter this troubling town of secrets and dark magic yourself Thank you kidlitexchange and randomhousekidsor the review copy all opinions are my own I loved this book This is a middle grade novel you won t want to missIt s a uiet book with a uiet cover It wasn t released with a ton of As Aventuras de Hornblower (Saga Hornblower fanfare so I could see how most people would pass over this book inavor of something with a bright colorful cover or a book with a ton of hype around it But that would be a mistake This book is beautiful A delight It s a genuine story with a deeper message It s about Willow her brother Wisp and their mother They re traveling home The Accidental Tourist from a hockey game when they get caught in a blizzard and nearly plunge into a river They are saved by some kind souls and taken to a BB in a small town called Kismet While they wait out the storm and get to know the townspeople better Willow and heramily realize that there is something strange about the town This book is a little bit spooky in a Barcelona few spots but it s not scary I loved the story I loved Willow and her newriend Topher I loved her bravery and her courage She has deep thoughts Christmas Catastrophe for a twelve year old and sheights hard to save herself and her Collected Poems family The story raises uestions aboutate choices magic amily and ree will It would be A Song for Issy Bradley fantasticor a middle school book club amily book club or classroom discussionThis isn t a long book It s just over 200 pages so if you want something short magical and completely heartfelt pick this one up It s a uiet gem and it s 100% worth the read I highly recommend itContent one innocent kiss malefemaleSource The publisher sent me a copy of this book kidlitexchange partnerThank you to the kidlitexchange network and the publisher or the advance copy of The Root of Magic by Kathleen Benner Duble This book was released on June 11 2019 Two years ago things changed A Sudden, Fearful Death (William Monk, for Willow when her brotherell ill He has a mysterious illness that doctors haven t been able to The 7th Month (Detective D.D. Warren, figure out In those two years her parents separated as they had differing views of how to careor Wisp Willow s brother The separation is bitter and Willow s mom seems to despise her ather and blames him or them being caught in a snow storm During the snow storm their car crashes on a bridge and Wisp Willow and their mom are saved just before their car topples into the icy river below Their rescuers take them to a very small Canadian town called Kismet Willow soon realizes that there is something odd about Kismet and its residents Soon she realizes that the town is magic but the magic comes with a choice one that Willow doesn t know if she s willing or even capable of making This was an intriguing concept Probability Statistics, Books a la Carte Edition for a book that deals with an important topicree will Willow has a lot on her shoulders and is a character that some readers will connect strongly to Though she loves her brother she The Laughing Hangman (Nicholas Bracewell, feels as if her mom s world revolves solely around Wisp and his illness meaning that she often getsorgotten She raises some great uestions about motivation and why we do what we do whether it is Stiff Upper Lip, Jeeves (Jeeves, for ourselves or someone else She also uestions whether one person has the right to make a decisionor another and whether or not On the Plains free will outweighsate The story has mystery and magic and is sure to pull in a middle grade reader. E in the most unexpected way Willow soon discovers that the town isn't just unusual it's magical and the truth is exciting that she ever imaginedWill Willow Sock-Yarn Shawls find that this could be the secret to saving heramily or discover that the root of magic could lead them to something greater.

Kathleen Benner Duble ã 8 Summary

Gic and intrigue and dives into the power of choice over ate It s the perfect read or upper elementary school and middle school kids Megan G I received a Drayken Reborn (Dragon Hero, free review copyrom the publisher All opinions are my ownTHE ROOT OF MAGIC is an interesting middle grade book about The Cursed Dragon Armor (Dragon Hero, fateree will and Stalker family The writing was well done and I was engaged enough to keep reading I wanted to discover the source of the magic in the mysterious town of KismetWhile I enjoyed the book thematically I cannot recommend it to young readers Here s why there are basically two mean girl characters in this book One is described as girl next door what does that mean to you To most readers it will mean white and probably blondeThe other is described as exotic what does that mean to you The exotic character is later revealed to be dark skinned and is the only character in the book whose skin tone is noted at all She turns out to be the meaner of the twono positive side of her character is ever revealedIt is well documented that people of color are insulted by being labeled as exotic the definition of which is originatingrom a El mundo contemporneo: Del siglo XIX al XXI (Pensamiento) foreign country and is often used to describe plants and animals not humans And to have the only obvious person of color in the book be the villain is justit s not OKThis was a relatively minor plot point in the book but there is really no excuseor these types of ignorant references to race in children s literature in 2019 It s really a shame because it could have easily been spotted and edited out and the author would have had a North American Spies fine book The true magic of life lies in those days that are not yet known There is power in choice but how does it relate toate A Che Guevara fun thought to discuss This short middle gradeiction has a creative storyline magic intrigue a strong protagonist Fire Blood (A Targaryen History, familysibling relationship and topics that are hard but kids can relate to Willow s brother Wisp is sick and the doctors can t solve it The impact his sickness has on hisriendships sibling relationship and on his parents is well written This book would make a great bibliotherapy book 21st Century Corporate Citizenship for kids with a sick sibling To be honest the storyor an adult is a bit predictable but I actually didn t mind the predictability bc there was enough intrigue I doubt many kids will be able to predict the storyline Rating 45 starsBest For 9 12 years old 3rd through 6th grade girls of Pages 212Clean Read Yes Worth a Check Out Yes Buy It or Not Maybe If you re looking or a great story to read with your children or class Read Aloud Yes It could be a great read aloud or 3rd 6th grade The chapters are shorter but the intrigue is there There would be a lot of things you could discuss and talk about With a girl as a main character boys won t pick this book up themselves However I think they d enjoy the storySome Sweet Bags favorite uotes Anger and sorrowill her like baking soda and vinegar thrown together in a glass and about to England in America, 1580-1652 fizz over Willow doesn t know what to do about theseeelings pg 19Battles are usually unexpected And I don t like being unprepared pg30Nobody promised you Battle Scars: A Story of War and All That Follows fair when you came into this world girl Cora says And nobody promised youair on how or when you go out The best you can do is to be prepared pg50view spoilerThe lake waters of Kismet Maine may or may not be magical but this night has been The Economics Of Business Enterprise filled with magicor her pg97 hide spoiler I received this book through NetGalleyThis thought provoking middle grade book is about Comparative Contract Law, Second Edition fate and the power of choice Willow has become a miniature adult in heramily Her younger brother is deathly sick and undiagnosed despite endless tests their mom is obsessed with curing the boy with Willow ignored and their dad has moved out unable to handle anything In the thick one of snowstorm Willow her mom and brother wreck their car but Breakfast with Anglo find themselves promptly rescued by peoplerom a small town But Willow is soon unnerved by the weird way townsfolk predict what she will do It s like magicI really enjoyed this book and I really would have loved it as a kid Willow is easy to relate to smart complicated and nosy about the town secrets Her One Big Damn Puzzler family dynamicselt realistic The moral dilemma presented by the book is handled well too It would open up opportunities Landscapes of Communism for deep discussions between kids and adults about what they would choose and why kidlitexchange partne. D nobody has been able toigure out why All Willow wants is NORJAK for her brother to get better andor her her life to go back to normalBut after a bad stroke of luck Willow and her amily ind themselves stranded in an unusual town in the middle of nowhere and their life begins to chang.

I had the opportunity to read a NetGalley digital ARC of this middle grade The Outside fantasy novel in exchangeor a review Navigating the rough waters of adolescence is tough especially when you re also aced with a health crisis in your amily and the resulting strains on relationships Willow s younger brother Wisp has a rare mysterious illness that affects his ability to eat and also makes him weak and tired much of the time Willow s mom is consumed with worry as she seeks out a cure rom health care professionals nutritionists and any other promising sourceWhen an unexpected New England winter storm leaves the three of them stranded in Kismet Maine with only the clothes they re wearing they have to rely on the kindness and generosity of the mysterious townspeople Willow eels very uncomfortable with how much everyone seems to know about her and her I See Rude People family even though they ve never met When a doctor in the town s hospital seems to have a promising treatmentor Wisp s condition Willow s mom decides to stay in Kismet indefinitelyWillow meets some of the other kids her age that live in Kismet and what she learns about the town s magic only leads to uestions She becomes romantically close to Topher who is about to turn thirteen When kids in this town turn thirteen they are reuired to either accept the magic of the town or leave HVAC Design Sourcebook forever This story will have readers wondering if they would prefer the assurance of always knowing what is going to happen next even if you re bound to accept theate that has been shown to you or enjoying the surprises that come your way and somehow Melvin Menchers News Reporting and Writing finding the courage toace life head on in the The Far Dawn (The Atlanteans, face of the unknownThe story moves along pretty uickly and I think that readers who enjoy a little romance with their magical situations will enjoy this book The romance is written appropriatelyor middle grade students grades 5 8 with hand holding hugging and a kiss or two The book has a good climax in which readers will really want to Ormen i Essex find out what the characters will decide It could also generate some good discussionsor groups or pairs that read the book together One of the big uestions posed by The Root of Magic is the difference between Bare It All (Love Undercover, fate andree will Fate being that your life is preplanned already decided versus the Bare It All (Love Undercover, free will of choosing your own path having the ability to change things yourself The characters in the story are given an opportunity to know what each day has in storeor them the knowledge of everything that is to happen tomorrow and the time to prepare An Elusive Victorian for it A life kidlitexchange partner Thanks to the kidlitexchange networkor thereview copy of this book all opinions are my own Think you want to know the A Bird in the House future Evenor a day at a time Even if you know you can t change it In The Root of Magic Kathleen Benner Duble explores this kind of magic in the town of Kismet It s an enchanted tale of magic riendship loyalty amily and hope and uite a delightful tale at that Precocious Willow DuChard s world has been turned upside down due to her brother Wisp s illness Yes Willow and Wisp Name choice is explained eventually and it s a cute explanation Now everything in her life is put on the back burner including hockey as her mother seeks treatment doing anything and everything possible to The Last Imaginary Place find a cureor Wisp s mysterious illness When the three of them land in Kismet things start to change But Willow knows that something odd is happening and she cannot keep her mother Not Just Roommates from getting pulled in by the magic of it all Out of necessity Willow becomes the voice of reason and assumes the role of the adult in theamily as her mother gets swept into the prospect of Cassidy Harte and the Comeback Kid (Outlaw Hartes, finding a cure There s plenty going on in this story to keep it engaging Willow s character is well developed and likable She gives up a lot as any sibling does when aamily member aces health concerns and most times it is willingly even though you can sense her rustration with all the attention given Wisp Her Vintage Games friendship with Topher is believable and the bullyingrom the other girls seems plausible Overall an enjoyable readprobably best or the 5th 7th grade classroom but a good lesson or anyone pondering The Erotic Motive in Literature fate vsree will For the true magic of life lies in those days that are not yet known This The Detour fantastically creative coming of age story is snowyull of ma. A deeply The Crime Trade (Tina Boyd felt sibling story set in a town where people have a mysterious magical power and one girl is determined to discover what it isor readers of Lauren Myracle and Ingrid Law Willow knows the unknown is scary Especially when your little brother has been sick or a long time an.

Kathleen Benner Duble had sixteen car accidents before she was twenty one Being an at home writer keeps her from hitting the road or anyone else She is the author of eight books for children Kathleen loves digging for uniue historical fiction plotlines and encouraging students and lovers of books to look for great stories right in their own backyard