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Ke The White Man s Burden making his name anathema Yet Benfey points out his greatest stories are still the basis for popular remakes And there is much to be discerned about the radical upheavals in current American culture from Kipling s complex American engagement which Benfey regards as a uest for a ost paradise Reviewed by Barbara Bamberger Scott I m not entirely surprised to be the first person reviewing this book The subject after all is fairly esoteric Kipling is nowhere near as famous of an author as he should be considering how popular and beloved his stories were and are Just recently there s been another admittedly inferior Jungle Book remake on Netflix If Kipling s famous poem and the title of this book is uite possibly the most widely uoted one at graduations etc At one time and for many years Kipling was the best selling most popular author there was even becoming the youngest man to win Nobel Prize for Topless Cellist literature and the first in Englishanguage And yetsadly the man s politically incorrect views and his outspokenness of them seem to have marred his reputation So that Kipling is often thought of as an unpopular imperialist with a jingoistic streak instead of just someone whose books you might have had the pleasure to be brought up on Sad indeed this sign of timesthe insistence of viewing people through the horridly inflexible self righteous prism of modern age instead of considering them as representatives of their times According to the subtitle The untold story of Kipling s American Years one would assume that this is a history book A uick peruse through the books pictures would The Wild Queen (Young Royals, lead one to believe there were great stories of RK and TR and Mark Twain There aren t This book is basically a collection of book reviews trying to tie what Kipling wrote to the events in hisife Less than half the book takes place in the US Historical content is tangential to the what the author is trying to accomplish If I had known this I probably wouldn t have read it There are threads Tax Progressivity and Income Inequality laid out in this book that don t fully developI would haveiked a Learning and Development longer reflection on the Philippine American War and aess hastily drawn conclusion that one day after the WMB was published Congress voted to annex the Philippines Also how can you mention that Allen Dulles had a well thumbed copy of Kim at his death bed and not elaborate on his ill begotten schemes abroad including the murder of Lumumba I m also surprised by the rosy depiction of President Clevelan. As his happiest during which he wrote The Jungle Book and Captains Courageous Had a family dispute not forced his departure Kipling almost certainly would have stayed Leaving was the hardest thing he ever had to do Kipling said “There are only two places in the world where I want to Arduino Development Cookbook live” heamented “Bombay and Brattleboro And I can’t Mastering Gephi Network Visualization live in either” In this fresh examination of Kipling Benfey hangs a provocative “what if” over Kipling’s American years and maps the imprint Kiplingeft on his adopted country as well as the imprint the country eft on him If proves there is relevance and magnificence to be found in Kipling’s wo.

Excellent short biography that gives a sense of Kipling s complicated place in iterature his uncontested talent and story telling ability and how when we think we know him we often imperfectly understand his aims and his meaning Rudyard Kipling was a writer whose star rose suddenly then fell slowly his repute now in such doubt that award winning writer Christopher Benfey was advised against trying to rehabilitate him Fortunately he did not heed that advice and this fascinating biography is the resultLiving in India in what he thought of as rather idyllic circumstances at age five Kipling was sent to England to be raised by a professional foster family The shock cut deep Kipling Testing Aircraft, Exploring Space later spoke of it as a kind of imprisonment forcing him to reveal nothing of his treatmentest he be punished yet accepting it as children do as what was reuired Later his stories of ost boys ike Mowgli in THE JUNGLE BOOK who was raised by wolves and the hero of CAPTAINS COURAGEOUS a rich boy forced to ive ike an ordinary sailor recall this sense of alienation and determination Both books were written while Kipling ived in the US reflecting perhaps his sense of freedom to tell finally the truth about his upbringingKipling came to the US with his wife American Carrie Balestier who he had married days after hearing of the death of her brother Wolcott with whom he had composed THE NAULAHKA a winding novel that melded imagery from India with a very American setting Possibly Kipling had been enad of Wolcott and courting his sister was the best expression of those feelings He and Carrie were in the midst of a storybook honeymoon when they earned that his bank had collapsed Financially desperate and with a baby on the way they found a haven in Vermont near Brattleboro eventually building a stately home named for that first novelBenfey the Andrew F Mellon Professor of English at Mount Holyoke College with a particular focus on the American Gilded Age has brought to ight and deftly connected many esser known facts about Kipling his contemporaries including Teddy Roosevelt and his secret Shadow Bound longing to become a great American writer Forced toeave the US after about 10 years Kipling became an esteemed English Mapapansin Kaya? literary voice but the Americaninks Buntus Foclora lingered Interestingly his novel KIM conceived during his American sojourn became reuired reading for CIA agents during the Vietnam WarThough buried beside Tennyson and Chaucer Kipling sight dimmed in the new world era with works Life at the End of thevTunnel li. Es and professors he himself is treated with profound unease as a man on the wrong side of history In If scholar Christopher Benfey brings this fascinating writer toife and for the first time gives full attention to his intense engagement with the United States a rarely discussed but critical piece of evidence in our understanding of this man and his enduring テンカウント 2 [Ten Count 2] legacy Benfey traces the writer’s deep involvement with America over one crucial decade from 1889 to 1899 when heived for four years in Brattleboro Vermont and sought deliberately to turn himself into a specifically American writer It was his most prodigious and creative period as well.

Rudyard Kipling has become rather persona non gratis in modern times due to his support of colonialism but oh my dear he was talented I was raised reading Kipling s work and although it is now politically incorrect it was thrilling when one was a child in innocent days To be frank I still find it thrilling since one has to remember when it was writtenThis book relates the time that Kipling and his family Моя семья и другие звери; Птицы, звери и родственники lived in Brattleboro Vermont at the end of the 19th century and how it affected his writing and thinking He initially came to the US to interview Mark Twain for his column in a British India newspaper Twain was one of hisiterary heroes and he fell in The Herd from 93rd love with the wilderness of the country and decided to stayHe wrote two of his masterpieces Kim and The Jungle Book at his isolated home in Vermont and was suddenly famous He eventually returned Marry me Christopher Benfey I adore your books From The Great Wave to The Summer of Hummingbirds you synthesize American culture and history into a perfectly delineated whole And now be still my heart Rudyard Kipling during his American years This is a triumph of a book ranging as it does from Kipling s childhood years right up to the present day and the influence his works bore on Vietnam and subseuent imperial skirmishes Truly enjoyed this book about Rudyard Kipling s years in Vermont USA Iearned about his formative meeting with his hero Mark Twain his Arc inspired house in Brattleboro and his writing there of the Jungle Books Captains Courageous and the Just So Stories among othersHighly recommended Christopher Benfey has written a masterful biography of Rudyard Kipling s years in the United States It is a Manual for Planetary Leadership (Easy-to-Read Encyclopedia of the Spiritual Path) little remembered period from theife of the youngest ever Nobel Prize winner for The Audio Expert literature At this remove it is difficult to recover the sheer depth of reverence once accorded Kipling He s of a Shakespeare than anyone yet in this generation of ours wrote the great American psychologist William JamesHe was friends with Mark Twain One of Kipling s books The Jungle Book was in Sigmund Freud s top picks for important books in hisife He has inspired generations of authors and readers with his Just So Stories and poetryMy husband used to uote some of his poetry to me from memory when we were first dating A very compelling biography of a great writer and I think a widely misunderstood figure in the current era And a must read for anyone who Dawnkeepers (The Nightkeepers, lives in or near Brattleboro VT Lots of fascinating new A uniue exploration of theife and work of Rudyard Kipling in Gilded Age America from a celebrated scholar of American خدا بود و دیگر هیچ نبود literatureAt the turn of the twentieth century Rudyard Kipling towered over not just Englishiterature but the entire Shemonah Perakim literary world At the height of his fame in 1907 he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature becoming its youngest winner His influence on figures including theikes of Freud and William James was vast and profound But in recent decades Kipling’s reputation has suffered a strange eclipse Though his body of work still 101 ways to improve your life loomsarge and his monumental poem “If ” is uoted and referenced by politicians athlet.

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Christopher Benfey is Mellon Professor of English at Mount Holyoke He is the author most recently of Red Brick Black Mountain White Clay