Heart Of The Wolf Morgan's Mercenaries #1 E–pub/E–book

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The answer and not put the book down This book started with the rescue of 2 mercenaries from Peru They had been captured by the drug cartel working in that area Wolf Harding was in the worst shape Morgan Trayhern is there to help with anything they need Wolf asks for a job as a Forest Ranger some where secluded and he needed to be alone to heal Morgan asked if Montana was far enoughSarah Thatcher couldn t believe she was stuck under a tree She was always so careful She didn t think her ankles were broken but no matter how hard she dug she couldn t et out Then it rained and she was now stuck in the rain and mud She thought she heard a vehicle coming her way She was surprised she didn t think anyone used the forest service road much but she fired 3 shot in the air and prayed Wolf heard the shots and found her Sarah is a sapphire miner and was being harassed by another mine owner to sell him her claim She had been attacked once before by his men dressed in ranger clothes and was attacked by them so she was afraid of Wolf at first He does Stop Whining--and Start Winning get her out from under the tree and to a hospital for her ankles and feet There is a lot of danger and attempted murder Her Dad is murdered Her Mom has a stroke and is in a nursing home Wolf is suffering from PTSD They have to learn to trust each other and to fight to save Sarah s mine I really enjoyed this book It starts right out with Sarah under a tree and keepsoing Didn t nearly enjoy this as much as I do the original trio of Morgan s Mercenaries books with the Trayhearn siblings I found I could not at all like the female protagonist She was just boring and awful and childish and I mostly want. Nvolved with the lovely spitfire for her own safety But who was oing to protect him from the tempting vixenSarah realized that bruises and broken bones weren't all

Lindsay McKenna à 9 SUMMARY

Story was ok but never really liked the main characters 4 Stars for Heart of the WolfThoughts and Plot Wolf Harding has moved to Blue Mountain Montana to try and heal physically and emotionally from a series of events that ended with him being tortured for months before being rescued and brought back home to recover First day at his new job he runs into Sarah a lone woman mining her families land trapped by someone s meddling to et her family s land Both wounded in their own way they fall together as Wolf struggles to protect Sarah and himselfThis is obviously an older book by today s romance standards but the direct result seems to be that the plot is believable in the way of people NOT Il sale della vita getting married after a week s worth of high intensity emotions and action but rather opening themselves to a relationship and knowing that it s too soon to propose marriage Perfect thank you for a realistic ending In Conclusion An older book but aood one Not sure if I d actively hand this one out but I will toot it s horn if I note anyone else thinking of reading it Heart of the WolfI always My Favorite Things give ratings to the books that I love high if I like it that s what I rate Wolf and Sarah are both damaged but find each other and learn to love again The book was awesome and I could not stop reading Morgan s Mercenaries never disappoint They show how men and women continue to fight the wars even as they have left the wars They still deal with PSTD and the emotional and psychological tolls are sometimes worse then the physical pain It takes a strong hearted mate to help them recover Lindsey McKenna has an exceptional way of writing draws you in to find. Wolf Harding might have left Morgan Trayhern's mercenary business but he was still intrigued by worthy causes One look at Sarah Thatcher and Wolf knew he had toet

Heart Of The Wolf Morgan's Mercenaries #1 E–pub/E–book

Ed to smack her which was a serious detractor from any enjoyment I could ve found in the fantastically dated over the top sappy romance that is what I tend to love about this series as a whole This was a reat book kept you interested from the beginning Sarah was a miner for her families mining claim of saphires Wolf was a marine with troubled past memories and was trying to find himself He came home from a mission all beat up and battered really bad he wanted a change so his boss sent him to Montana to be a forest ranger He found Sarah caught under a tree and unable to escape He freed her and took her to the hospital She needed to rest her ankles due to swelling and bruising but she is stubborn Summers is another miner who owns 99 percent of the mountain but he wants Sarah s 1 percent and she don t want to sell so are all these accidents true or is it sabatoge to et Sarah s land you ll have to read it to find out lol I love Silhouette Desire and Lindsey McKenna is a must read alwaysDonating my books and updating Goodreads A pretty standard and predictable romance Not a book that reuires much thinking or is likely to surprise you but a light and uick readWolf Harding is a mercenary who has been damaged physically and emotionally by his past Wanting to be alone to heal he becomes a forest ranger He encounters Sarah Harding a woman struggling to take care of her family s mine and failing to take care of herselfBoth are wounded by their pasts in need of some therapy and disinclined to let anyone close But they need each other to make it through the problems ahead Read this book in the Morgan s Mercenaries In the Beginning antholog. Olf had suffered in the past his heart had been shattered as well And if Sarah wanted to tame the wounded warrior she had to earn his trustbefore Wolf ran for the hil.

I've lived six lives in one and it all shows up in the books I write one way or anotherI was always a risk taker and broke mustangs at thirteen years old in Oregon I learn to break them with love not threat or pain At 17 years old I picked night crawlers worms out in our Oregon orchards from 9pm to midnight every night I earned enough money to buy my school clothes and book I also plunk