E–book [Supernatural Meetings with the Ancient Teachers of Mankind] ß Graham Hancock

I can t recommend this author highly enough his writing style is very clear and readable he does tons of research and supports his ideas extremely convincingly I recommend ANYTHING this author has written This book talks about altered states of consciousness ayahuasca vision vine used in S America experiments DMT experiments trance states commonly used by shamans ancient cave paintings the San people who once lived in the Kalahari and commonality of experiences of drug and trance states an interesting take on religion and how the Catholic church co opted some curious experiences and oriented them towards the Virgin Mary and an interesting discussion of what the brain might really be doing just a reat read if you like any of these subjectsMonumentally Byzantium good I bought and started the book about a two and half weeks ago I am currently on Part III chapter 11 Being an artist and having a Michael Miley introduced me to Graham Hancock s work many years ago in that heave me one of his books to read But back then it was the book and its topic ancient Egypt which was of interest not the author Since then listening to old Art Bell podcasts of interviews with Hancock I have come to appreciate the author as an individual Whether or not one agrees with his lay hypothesizing it is apparent that Mr Hancock is a sincere and well meaning fellowThis book is not original but it does tie together a host of material encountered in other texts Picking up on the extraordinary similarities between the recorded encounters of people with nonhuman intelligences worldwide over the last 50000 years experiences which he personally obtained through the use of various psychotropic drugs Hancock speculates that such are not just subjective hallucinations but objective phenomena In other words there are nonhuman intelligences and they and their environs may be studiedThe central insight of this book is that the brain is in part like a radio receiver which can by various means be tuned to different freuencies allowing a broader range of perceptions The easiest fastest means are by tryptamine neurotransmitters substituting for serotonin one of which Dimethyltryptamine DMT is produced in our bodies naturally and at various levels Other means such as fasting meditation extreme exertion also may work Indeed some people seem able to tune in to a broader range of freuencies with little or no effort Although he doesn t mention this these other methods may simply indicate that some persons produce DMT in the pituitary or less of its antagonist in eneral and that others can induce such production by such means as fasting etc It has actually been speculated that this naturally occurring DMT linked to circadian rhythms causes dreaming in everyone and the hallucinations and auditions experienced by extraordinary persons often dismissed in our culture as psychoticHancock s arguments depend on his estimation of the evidence It is unuestionable that most if not all human cultures have used consciousness altering drugs The archeological evidence is abundant It is also unuestionable that most if not all human cultures for which we have written records have maintained the existence of non human intelligences and other dimensions of being beyond the uotidian Extrapolating from this written records which don t o back than 6000 years to 50000 years ago is a stretch based on a reading of rock paintings and carvings Similarly saying that extraordinary visions recorded by Egyptians 4000 years ago or Siberian shamans one hundred years ago correspond significantly to the visions of contemporary ian healers of doped up American teenagers or alien abductees also constitutes an interpretative stretch Still Hancock makes a case worthy of consideration particularly to one who like me may recognize similarities between one s own most extraordinary experiences and those of others distant in space andor time While he is rather controversial as a writer and researcher Google him and you ll find people who think he s a revolutionary thinker and others who think he s nothing but a crank you can t deny that this book is fascinating I began with a rather cynical view on Hancock I should not have biased myself by reading the vitriol from passionate web trolls but he uickly won me over Hancock s research is cogent his point of view is fairly objective and his willingness to experience first hand the topics about which he writes is impressive Then again if you want to write about psychedelics without some experience with them I m suspiciousBut I digress In Supernatural Hancock attempts to weave and eventually link topics as varied as UFOs alien abductions DMT fairies and elves shame of the neolithic cultures and psilocybin mushrooms Don t ask me how but somehow sometimes he succeeds I like the way Hancock introduces the reader to these topics without beating you over the head with them He writes with the authority intelligence and experience necessary to tell his story and he doesn t seem to Notorious Pleasures (Maiden Lane, give one hoot whether you believe him or not The idea that he s not trying to sell me anything made him much credible to me He might not have convinced me that fairies drive tiny little cars around the English forests but I ll admit he raises many many progressive and that s mild points that are very difficult to ignore I now have a very different attitude about many of his topics I d also like to add that I ve read Dr Rick Strassman s book DMT The Spirit Molecule before I found Less than 50000 years ago humans had no art no religion no sophisticated symbolism no innovative thinking Then in a dramatic change described by scientists as 'thereatest riddle in human history' all the skills ualities that we value most highly in ourselves appeared already fully formed as tho bestowed on us by hidden powers In Supernatural Hancock sets out to investigate this mysterious before after moment to discover the truth about the influences that ave birth to the modern mind His uest takes him on a detective journey from the beautiful painted caves of prehistoric France Spain Italy to rock shelters in the mountains of S Africa where he finds extraordinary Stone Age art He uncovers clues that lead him to the rainforest to drink the hallucinogen Ayahuasca wit.

E–book Supernatural Meetings with the Ancient Teachers of Mankind ß Graham Hancock

Dragons explained that they hid in the multitudinous forms life and that humans were the receptacles for these creatures Similar encounters have been described by other scientists ingesting these ceremonial brews and ancient cultures are inundated with related stories Hancock hesitates from drawing any sort of conclusion other than that these ancient myths and timeless sacraments may be far interesting than we could ever uess Person A friend suggested I read this fascinating book tying in Shamanism Ancient Cave Art DMT Aliens sounds crazybut Hancock does a convincing job of tying all these things together with a theory that mind altering drugs actually tune our brains into a different channel of reality Hmmmm after recently watching the movie What the Bleep do We Know which is about recent advances in uantum physicsenergy non linear time etc I found some of parrallels interesting If you find any of this stuff interesting this book is for you We can agree the supernatural has been apart of our culture for thousands of years This statement is the subject of Graham Hancock s new novel Supernatural But who is Graham HancockBorn in Edinburgh Scotland Hancock spent most of his younger years in India Later he went to school and university in the northern English city of Durham and raduated from Durham University in 1973 with First Class Honors in Sociology and pursued a career in journalism He wrote for newspapers such as The Times The Guardian and The Independent and was co editor of New Internationalist magazine from 1976 1979 He is known for asking legitimate uestions and challenging popular views of orthodox scholars Hancock is the author of the major international bestsellers The Sign and The Seal Fingerprints of the Gods and Heaven s Mirror I believe his latest novel will fall in that category as wellWhen I first read a synopsis of Supernatural I was excited I love learning new things and ideas in this area I have to say after reading a few chapters it wasn t what I thought it would be It starts out with Hancock describing his experience with a session of a hallucinogen He wasn t experimented with such drugs just for the fun of it He did it to prove a point Throughout part of the book he makes a case as to how hallucinogens help shamans reach another realm of existence This includes how some images depicted in cave art links the hallucinations they have there are illustrations throughout the book to show you what he is referring toNext his arguments shift to UFOs and hallucinogens You would think it proves aliens don t exist and it s all in our minds Actually it s the opposite Many of those who have had experiences with hallucinogens describe similar images including that of an alien like figure His belief is that they help connect us to them Skeptics may think that s a stretch especially since we are basically taught that hallucinations are nothing and we shouldn t believe what we see What if they are actually realFairy abductions factor in this euation as well These took place throughout Europe before UFOs became popular in the 1960s Fairies were known to take people randomly to Fairy Knolls some never returned Others were taken to be midwives or mother figures for hybrids They were also known to switch Changelings for human babies Some even claimed to be tortured by fairies much like the alien operations These stories mimic those of UFO abductees Is it possible they are one in the same Maybe considering there hasn t been a fairy abduction since UFOs came into playLast stop in the book tour is DNA It s a popular theory we owe our existence to a comet hitting the earth carrying an organism of some kind In Hancock s book he explains how some scientists believe it may have been than that Actually their thoughts are that our DNA may actually contain messages recorded by clever entities which we can access during sessions with hallucinogens Since the function of 97 percent of our DNA is unknown I can see how someone would propose such a theory Most scientists have thought the large portion was nothing but junk DNA that it didn t really serve a high purpose Francis Crick co discoverer of the structure of DNA supposedly admitted to his colleagues that he was under the influence of LSD when he came up with the double helix shape Does that prove our DNA holds some secret messages I really don t know The drug may have picked up information he already knewThis is but a large taste of what you ll find in Supernatural If you love reading and learning about the abnormal aspects of life you will love this book I think anyone willing to put themselves out there and test their own theories even if it means putting yourself through some risky experiments Graham Hancock has that way of making you really think about what society has taught you Almost the whole of the first half of the book deals with the images found in prehistoric cave art and Graham Hancock s personal journeys in the interests of authentic and balanced research into the realms of hallucinogenic plants used by shamans in all parts of the world past and present My focus is on the role of altered states of consciousness in the The first half of the book seems to be rigorously researched and reasoned The second half is speculative and fanciful It was an easy and entertaining read that held my attention If you enjoyed this book I suggest that you listen to Autumn 2015 Interlude of the Extraenvironmentalist podcast which deals with archaeoacustics. Es 4 Therianthropy5 Riddles of the caves6 Shabby academy 7 Searching for a Rosetta Stone8 Code in the mind 9 Serpents of the Drakensberg10 Wounded healer Part 3 Beings 11 Voyage into the supernatural 12 Shamans in the sky 13 Spirit love 14 Secret commonwealth15 Here is a thing that will carry me away16 Dancers between worlds Part 4 Codes 17 Turning in to channel DMT18 Amongst the machine elves19 Ancient teachers in our DNA20 Hurricane in the junkyard Part 5 Religions 21 Hidden Shamans22 Flesh of the GodsPart 6 Mysteries 23 Doors leading to another world Appendices Critics criticisms of David Lewis Williams' Neuropsychological theory of rock cave artPsilocybe semilanceata a hallucinogenic mushroom native to Europe Roy Watlng Interview with Rick StrassmanReferences Index.

Ancock s work Having read and appreciated Strassman s work reatly bringing his perspective to the table before reading Supernatural was not only helpful as background but Hancock answered several uestions I was left with after reading Strassman s bookUnless you re religious fundamentalist with no room in your mind for any new ideas whatever this book will make you think A LOT As one of the reviewers put it Mind Blown Boy I ll say Well written and researched book by a master of this field Hancock oes to some very strange places in this uest from prehistoric cave art to McKenna s machine elves and constructs a strong case not only for the use of hallucinogens in the origins of art and spirituality Graham Hancock is the king of speculation His books will either convince you there s a lot to human history or make you scoff at his speculation Regardless it is damn entertaining One of the first books I ever bought was his Fingerprints of the Gods 1996 which discussed how anomalies associated with ancient monuments tend to indicate a wide spread ancient advanced civilization Even though I was intrigued by the way Hancock tied all those threads together I m still deeply skeptical of his overall thesis And yet I ve been completely hooked by his 2007 book Supernatural This one is deeply convincing because anyone can follow his thesis with a little supplemental research Using the bitterly accepted idea proposed by anthropologist David Lewis Williams that ancient art depicted what early humans saw in altered states of consciousness Hancock weaves a story that ets at the very heart of what it means to be a member of our species Where academics might be starting to accept Lewis Williams idea they are far from ready to use the same plants and rituals that produced these early trance states This is where Hancock picks up by starting taking the iboga vine the plant that enables men to see the dead and follows with the sacred ayahuasca brew of the Where I m sure I would have been sympathetic to Hancock s other works if I had actually been to the monuments he describes I can follow the writing here because of my own exposure to these ancient plants Before I knew the themes and details in this book my own experiences were eerily similar to those described in Supernatural I ve been the archetype of the wounded man and had interactions with serpents Reading the story of someone thousands of years ago describing something that happened to me along with its mystical significance is a chilling synchronicity Hancock s sketch on p 52 of the beings he encountered while doing his field research were exactly the same things I ve seen and as I learned by reading have been seen for thousands of years by scattered native roups across the world accessing these same states through various meansHancock ties the similarities of the modern UFOabduction phenomena to experiences that indigenous tribesmen have in altered states to the mythology of the medieval fairies In doing so he uncovers that throughout human history our species has been describing the same thing from different angles Whatever this phenomena is it appears to be changing over time evolving and advancing Hinting at a form of intelligence All of these encounters have similar themes particularly in encountering entities with an interest in human sexuality and reproduction mechanisms That fairies allegedly impregnated and abducted women or danced around in circles to fly into the sky draws than a few parallels to modern UFO lore While the case Hancock lays for these similarities takes up the first half of the book it is in the second half of Supernatural where the mind ems really shine throughAll human languages have a direct exact unvarying mathematical relationship between the rank of a word and the actual freuency of occurrence of that word This relationship is known as Zipf s Law named after linguist George Zipf and has proved to hold true for every human language Oddly enough when the non coding regions of DNA are analyzed according to Zipf s Law a perfect linear Zipf Law linear plot emerges In fact the chemical writing of the non coding regions of DNA appear to have all the features of a language and may in fact be a language Perhaps it is this language that ancient plant based sacrements tap into Hancock brings to light the evidence that our interactions with the other could be enabled by ancient plant substances because these chemicals allow us to access information encoded in the 97% of our DNA we currently think of as junk DNA Further work in this area was done by Dr Jeremy Narby in his book The Cosmic Serpent which Hancock touches on briefly specifically regarding the presence of snake constituted helixes in nearly every culture That the snake in mythology is often a reference to DNASince Hancock published Supernatural the knowledge that Francis Crick discovered the shape of DNA while using LSD has become widely known What is less well known is that Crick later published a book where he explains that DNA is so complex no mechanism of evolution could have produced it on this planet concluding it must have originated elsewhere in the universe Strangely the mythology of many tribes in the tell the exact same story of serpents falling from the sky and living inside us While anthropologist Michael Harner ingested ayahuasca in 1961 he reported seeing dragon like creatures that came to earth from deep in outer space after a journey that had lasted for eons These. H shamans whose paintings contain images of 'super natural beings' identical to the animal human hybrids depicted in prehistoric caves Hallucinogens such as mescaline also produce visionary encounters with exactly the same beings Scientists at the cutting edge of consciousness research have begun to consider the possibility that such hallucinations may be real perceptions of other dimensions Could the supernaturals 1st depicted in the painted caves be the ancient teachers of humankind Could it be that human evolution isn't just the meaningless process Darwin identified but something purposive intelligent that we've barely begun to understandAcknowledgementsPart 1 Visions 1 Plant that enables men to see the dead 2 Greatest riddle of archeology 3 Vine of souls Part 2 Cav.

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Graham Hancock is a British writer and journalist His books include Lords of Poverty The Sign and the Seal Fingerprints of the Gods Keeper of Genesis released in the US as Message of the Sphinx The Mars Mystery Heaven's Mirror with wife Santha Faiia Underworld The Mysterious Origins of Civilization Talisman Sacred Cities Secret Faith with co author Robert Bauval Supernatural Mee

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