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Ious attention to the meaty stuff in it but then be able to have a discussion about it if asked It definitely combines the best of both worlds for adults and kids What an nexpected treasure I ve had this on my shelf for years picked The Sweetest Burn (Broken Destiny, up at a book sale I absolutely loved this story I had never heard of Joauin Murieta but am now anxious and eager to learn about him Caudill Nominee 2002Based on the real life of bandit Joauin Murieta dubbed the Robin Hood of the California Gold Rush In this fictionalized account Joauin takes Annyrose a twelve year old orphannder his wing all the while he is galloping through the country on his thieving ways Heart warming in many ways we see that criminals sometimes have a heart of gold no pun intended Buzzwords Historical fiction bandits Mexico vs America seeking gold I looked at him and saw that for the great bandit nothing was altered He would continue his proud outlaw life avenging himself on Yankees Like an arrow in flight he couldn t change directionWhen Joauin the Robin Hood of the Califoria Gold Rush comes to the house where Annyrose has been held by the wicked OO Mary she takes the opportunity to escape to seek her brother But traveling with the bandits she learns a lot and has to The Greek Tycoons Revenge uestion things she s always taken for granted This was a plot driven story and the characters were not as well developed as I would have liked nor as carefully shaded However an enjoyable look at a historical bandit that I hadn t known about before This review also appears on my blog Read at Home MomSet in the early 1850s Bandit s Moon is the story of a young girl named Annyrose Smith who has been imprisoned by a nasty old woman named OO Mary When she makes her escape she immediately sets out to look for her older brother Lank from whom she has become separated but instead she falls in with a gang of bandits led by Joauin Marieta the Mexican Robin Hood Though she deplores Joauin s dishonest behavior she can t help but be charmed by his personality and she does her best to help him beforeltimately making another very narrow escapeLike Weasel and Mr Tucket Bandit s Moon is another adventure story from the early days of the American West Though the main character in this story is a girl and the main villain a real person there is very little else to differentiate this story from the others Details about the actual Gold Rush are few and far between and instead the story focuses mainly on Annyrose s feelings of warmth and concern toward Joauin It s an entertaining read which introduces a larger than life historical figure most kids probably would not otherwise learn about but as a historical lesson about the time period it would fall pretty flat Though the main character is much younger Bo at Ballard Creek does a much better job of exploring the daily life of gold prospectors from a realistic and less romanticized point of viewSid Fleischman s talent as a writer is evident in the McBroom books and in his Newbery winning novel The Whipping Boy but this book is less memorable I would keep it on hand for kids who love this time period and for girls reuesting adventure stories with female protagonists but I will likely forgo sing it for homeschooling I did not expect such a tiny book to give me so many emotions I read this one with my kids and really enjoyed the picture of the gold ru. R at every bend Soon Annyrose runs into Joauin Murieta legendary bandit of the Gold RushThis complete disaster however soon appears to be no less than a blessing for both They can help each other out Annyrose.

AnnyRose left by her brother with OO Mary ntil he can earn money enough to support her suddenly finds herself hiding from the dread Joauin a notorious bandit She s found almost immediately but Joauin thinks this boy could help him learn what he really needs to know how to read English So she begins her journey toward her bother with a group of outlaws trying to The Queens Choice understand what drives them My sister brought this home from school when she was in elementary school and I was in middle school I picked itp to flip thorugh the pages and didn t put it down The Cowboy Wants a Wife! until a couple hours later when I had finished the whole thing I ve given it as a gift and eventually bought a copy for myself and will still occassionally read it in one sitting it s one of those books I haave to be careful of pickingp because I m still liable to have a hard time putting it downSid Fleischman had won a Newberry for a book a few decades before this The Whipping Boy which touches on similar issues That book if I remember right had to do with class issues while this one is touching on issues of racism and xenophobia the To Defy a Sheikh uestion though is who the foreigners are since California at this point in time had only recently transferred to the United States andntil the Gold Rush was still inhabited mostly by people who identified as MexicanIf you re worried about whether your kid can handle it though don t worry it s not too heavy or pedantic and a kid is liable not to pick The Highlander and the Wolf Princess (Legend of the Faol, up on the messages very strongly it s done in a way that definitely gets the message across but doesn t hit you over the head with it There isn t a clear delineation of which side we should sympathize with and I liked that Annyrose is afraid of the bandits at first because they re Mexican and her father was killed in the recent war against Mexico and the Mexicans are wary of a gringo Annyrose has plenty of moments of realizing that despite the cultural differences the bandits and their Mexican allies are just as human as she is and Joauin shows different sides to himself in how he treats non Mexicans On the one hand he sees the White 49ers as deserving of being vandalized because they re taking the land from the Mexicans and when Annyrose objects to being called a Yankee because she s from Louisiana he answers You re all Yankees But at the same time he s willing to take a gringonder his wing and eventually comes to trust Annyrose enough to take her to a family party and when she tries to interfere with a heist doesn t treat her as harshly as he might have before Similarly Annyrose explores a camp of 49ers from South America and discovers that the Chilenos don t like the Argentinians ectthe different groups aren t all just foreigners lumped nder the same category they all have distinctions amongst and between themselves and are factionalizing themselves It s a good book if you want to discuss race xenophobia or immigration with your childThe nicee thing about it though is that it s also a fun story A lot of award winning books for middle readers are what adults want kids to read rather than what kids want to read This is a fun combination of both The story is good and moves at a good pace and isn t too long this is a good choice for reluctant readers It s entertaining and re readable so your kidlet is liable to breeze through the whole thing not necessarily paying consc. After a narrow escape from the nasty O O Mary's clutches Annyrose ventures forth to find her long lost brother Lank in gold digging territory But the journey is rough bandits and fiends waiting for the travele.

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Sh that Fleischman painted It was a complicated time and this book really makes you estion the idea of the good guysbad guys Great story about how one girl survives the wild west with an outlaw and his band of thieves Annyrose lets a band of Mexican bandits to believe that she is a boy to get away from a horrible life she was Her hopes are that she will find her brother somewhere in California where he went to strike it rich Annyrose learns the power of a rumors verses facts of western justice and vigilante of truth verses fear and above all to stand The Princes Ultimate Deception (Monte Carlo Affairs, up for what is right even when you fear for your life Joau n Murieta the infamous outlaw shows Annyrose that there are two sides to every story Excellent story We had this as a read aloud and the narrator did a great job One of the things I wanted to do with my 8 year old son one summer in addition to swimming going to county fairs and ball games and playing in the park was to read for at least 30 minutes a day And to make the experience enjoyable for him and to help him with his reading comprehension we agreed to read the same books Bandit s Moon by Sid Fleischman became my son s favourite book that he read so far that summer It is set during the California Gold Rush of the early 1850s and tells the tale of annlikely pair Annyrose Smith is a pre teen who is separated from her only kin her older brother Lank She is inadvertently rescued from a horrible situation by the infamous Joauin Murieta a real life Mexican bandit who struck terror in the mining community Wary of him but also realizing that he provides her access to look for her brother Annyrose asks Joauin if she can ride with him and his gang Joauin agrees to it on the condition that Annyrose teach him how to read English so that he can Breaking the Governesss Rules understand what the gringos are saying about him in newspapers and on Wanted posters Annyrose s pre conceived ideas of Joauin as a ruthless bandit are challenged throughout the book in Joauin s words and actions For example Joauin explains to her that before the discovery of gold in California the Mexicans and gringo ranchers co existed peacefully But once gold was discovered the gringos passed a series of laws and taxes that forced Mexicans off their own land Therefore when he steals from settlers he takes what he believes to rightfully be his But his methods of robbery appear to run contrary to his reputation as a cold blooded killer Fleischman does a good job of not moralizing in this story He lays out Joauin s reasons for doing what he does in Joauin s words es destino and has Annyrose grapple with the issue that she has befriended a bad man who might not be so bad after all if the laws were just However since the laws are what they are Joauin appears headed for his destiny a hanging More than once Annyrose is given the opportunity to turn in this outlaw if that is what he truly is There is plenty of action within the book s 132 pages which appealed to my son as it made reading Bandit s Moon fun I would ask himestions about Joauin and what he thought of him At first my son thought he was a bad person but he later modified his opinion of him He thought Joauin was actually one of the good guys and that the posse trying to catch him were the bad guys and he kept asking me Are they going to capture him Will he die To that I would answer find out for yourself. Can teach Joauin how to read so he will know where danger lies and in turn he can make sure she's safe and fed But in a time when corruption and greed are running wild will their friendship be than fool's gold.

As a children's book author Sid Fleischman felt a special obligation to his readers The books we enjoy as children stay with us forever they have a special impact Paragraph after paragraph and page after page the author must deliver his or her best work With almost 60 books to his credit some of which have been made into motion pictures Sid Fleischman can be assured that his work will m