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D Won t Mind Gordon Merrick s andmark novel about gay 8 Sissy Nights love and gay sex in postwar USA Our hunky well endowed heroes Charlie and Peter are on an extended holiday on the French Riviera Charlie is heartbroken when Peter two times him with a cuteocal Maestro lad After thisittle hiccup they join their rich friends Jack and Martha for a cruise to Capri and the Greek islands More hiccupsThe yacht trip begins with a night storm which is almost in the Herman Melville eague Then Charlie who has bisexual tendencies decides he wants to have a child with Martha He also spoiler alert wants Peter to have sex with Martha at which point the novel unravels into tawdry melodramaRich people on a yacht drinking too much and screwing their brains out there s a faint echo of Scott Fitzgerald although some of the writing his dark eyes were soft with desire is evocative of Barbara Cartland than Fitzgerald The sex scenes are hardcore without being too crude but here too there are apses I m not sure if Barbara Cartland ever described a blowjob I m trying not to picture her giving one but she could well have written he Be a Nose! lay back and surrendered to the rapture of Peter s miraculous mouth As gay porn One For the Gods delivers the goods but as a study in gay relationships the story s artificiality weakens its conviction A juicy read then but not much The saga of Peter and Charlie continues The war s over and they re on the French Rivierawearing next to nothingand going to parties where real Matisses and Picassos hang on the walls If only Peter would stay indoorsMore great scenes of sex andove with some pretty girls and great sailing thrown in This is the second book in the trilogy and I think it s the best of the three This was cutting edge for the 1950s and if you ike retro and gay and packed with great big raw um intelligence you can t do better The novels of Gorden Merrick are delicious trash full of glamour and explicit gay sex manna from heaven for one timid gay adolescent in the 1970s whose heart would pound in fear as he handed them over to check out clerk at B Dalton Booksellers in the ocal mall and would be up all night reading under the covers with a flashligh. An adventure Back in print after years of being unavailable to generations of Merrick fans comes the follow up to the national best seller The Lord Won't Mind The saga concludes with Forth Into Light.

Reading Challenge 2017 book about travel Starting on the island of Saint Tropez Charlie and Peter travel in a sailboat with the Kingsley s a couple with issues of their own Sailing in the Aegean Sea stopping at various Greek islands until Charlie has a fit No vine para quedarme leaves the boat and buys a house on Hydra Island which ends their journey A storm at seausty bandits a drunk captain a possibly pregnant wife friendly islanders and a self realization make for an interesting tale This only makes me want to travel to Greece to visit as well The second book of the trilogy is a vehicle for the third in that it gives Peter and Charlie a reason to Helpful Paws leave America behind andive on the Greek island The seuel to The Lord Won t Mind catches up with Peter and Charlie in 1950 in the South of France and charts a turbulent few months in their relationship including an interesting yacht trip to the Greek islands I found the seuel much enjoyable than the first story maybe because the emotions felt real Although the dialogue still sounded odd and in my head they sounded ike Bertie Wooster But written in 19701 you ve got to hand it to the guy it s seriously racy stuff Although I was a bit indifferent if not to say agitated by the overwrought information on sailing One for the Gods adeuately earned it s rightful place as the second installment for this overlooked underrated trilogy Gordon Merrick manages to take the reader on a voyage of human nature that is both savage and complex in it s raw emotion I was worried that along the way the plot would be ost on me with it s somewhat exhausted take on another man s Odyssey but it managed to divert itself from the mundane sexual tropes misadventures and reaffirm the Magic of the Mind layers of the relationship Peter and Charlie are trying to navigate despite the many obstacles obstructing their goal ofiving out their The World of Rome lives together in perfect imperfect balance I often wonder why it became necessary to tag people who prefer their own sex as gay happy faggots kindlings fairy mythicalittle creatures with wings ueer strange etc etcThere was a time when many of those words esp the above three meant something totally different and it saddened. First there was Charlie and PeterTheir Finding Lauren love affair broke aot of conventions but it didn't break them all For Peter and Charlie are in ove with each other and with Martha And Martha is passionately.

Me greatly that I cannot use them any to mean their original meanings None of those words described a human personThe fact that I think this way in 2017 must mean that as much as homosexuality has to some extent been accepted there is so much that still has not been accepted or tolerated And that is just heartbreaking There are many many Charlies around still and for the ife of Thief (Sevy, love and goodness why can t the world beess hypocritical Why must people be abelled and villianized because of something they have absolutely no control of God or Nature created them the way they are It makes me so so mad that people have to fight for their ives for a very basic and necessary thing as Love To ove as freely as the rest of usAnyway deep breath this second book about Charlie and Peter is just wonderful and one cannot help but feel compassion and sympathy for them Another cheesy classic in the genre of over the top gay affairs with rich hung beautiful men Gosh what glorious trash Makes you wish you were rich and sailing around the Greek Islands having drama with your hung gay over Gordon Merrick is the dirty fetishg oving Jackie Collins cousin to the highbrow works of Armistead Maupin Which means it is melodramatic filled with sex and two impossibly good ooking How to Hide Things in Public Places leadsIoved itHonestly though the works of Merrick The Pursuits of Lord Kit Cavanaugh (The Cavanaughs live in a strange twilight world of fiction one of the first series about gay men a successful series and written by a straight man This is second in the Peter and Charlie series started in The Lord Wont Mind and follows the twoovers through Greece and the Mediterranean in the 1950s While there is plenty to wince at with some odd dialouge groan inducing interalized homophobia within the characters and a sly and slight bit of sexism at play despite all this I found myself in Fix Her Up (Hot Hammered love with and rooting for the books young ishovers and there attempts at happinessI think the other reason I Grounding Grounded Theory loved this book is uite simply this there is not much fun fiction out there for a gay audience and somethingike this that is parts fun ma vie pour un oscar lux and sexy is worth than it s weight in gold Originally published in 1971 this is the first of two seuels to The Lor. Inove with them bothFrom St Tropez to Athens to Mykonos this powerful moving novel follows their devastating triangle of romance and desire through a world of sun drenched pleasure and Mediterrane.

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Free E–pub One for the Gods By Gordon Merrick

Son of a stockbroker Merrick studied French Literature at Princeton before becoming an actor on Broadway Prior to WWII he landed a role in Kaufman & Hart's The Man Who Came to Dinner and even became Hart's lover for a time Due to a hearing problem he had a draft deferrment but served in the OSS rising to the rank of Captain for his service in France His first novel The Strumpet Wind 1947

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