EBOOK (Seven Spiritual Causes of Ill Health) è Hanna Kroeger

Hanna Kroeger is recognized worldwide as having been an expert in herbs and natural healing Hanna believed that we are all responsible for our own health and that each of us is capable of healing ourselves with the right tools Her books are a wonderful array of ideas techn.

EBOOK (Seven Spiritual Causes of Ill Health) è Hanna Kroeger

Cookbooks and This book beautifully reveals how our spiritual and emotional states have a profound effect on our physical well being It addresses fascinating topics such as karma ratitude trauma laughter as medicine and so much A wonderful volume full of timeless treasur.

Iues experiences and references for health They deal with many sides of her work maintaining her character and heartfelt devotion to helping people Her books are as broad as her work ranging from eneral home remedies to books on special diets herbal and vitamin references.

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