Murder at Eagle Summit The Classical Trio Series Book 2 Steeple Hill Love Inspired Suspense #145 Pdf/E–pub

Skis but the younger me would have tried anything I have watched a lot of sking on tv so could envision this book as I read it The break in at Liz s apartment and then they go from Kentucky to Eagle Summit for her cousin s wedding and the attacks upon her and break ins id not stop I am not going to give away what the killer and people were after This story traces all the way back to British rule and a great great great great grandmother The tradition at the wedding was never fully understood but just passed on from one generation to anotherI really loved how Liz and Tim were looking for the mate God had for them and sometimes events can cause one to have cold feet Yet love will eventually win out One holds their breath when Liz is captured hoping and praying that Tim can save her in timeVirginia has lots of twists and events in this story and it holds your attention from beginning to end. Giving the report to her ex fianc Deputy Tim Richards After a three year estrangement she could finally make things right unless the killer finds her firs.

Free ownload Murder at Eagle Summit The Classical Trio Series Book 2 Steeple Hill Love Inspired Suspense #145

Murder at Eagle Summit The Classical Trio Series Book 2 Steeple Hill Love Inspired Suspense #145 Pdf/E–pub

Loved it And I love the setting I really liked this book The setting is in Park City Utah so that was fun to be familiar with the setting It is a little predictable but overall it was a good read What an excellent fun book to enjoy reading after a grueling summer of grad school brain torment I love Ms Smith s interesting plotting and inventive scenarios Her characters feel so real and the ialogue is fun and refreshing I especially enjoyed this one since it took place not far from me in Park City Utah I think her writing style raises the bar for writers of the Love Inspired Suspense genre Absolutely In this second book of the musical triothe girls head to Utah to play in Liz s cousin s wedding But before they get to comfortable they once again find themselves in the middle of a murder investigation The crime seems to center around a brooch that Liz has in her possession uite by accident. A romantic ski resort seems the perfect place for a wedding Until a murder on the slopes turns everyone on Eagle Summit into suspects Liz Carmichael the

Liz is horrified when she must work with her ex fiance whom she left for another young manI had no idea where this one was going to end up and that s half the battle when the author writes a mystery I was entertained because I Anyone didn t know who The author really kept me going to the very end of this book Kudos This wasn t the book I intended to read next but Taste of Murder was so compelling that I wanted to read the second book in the series right away This series is filled with suspense and faith The 2nd book in this series was a good as the firstIt was a love story that ended 3 years before in a bad way a littleifferent then alot of booksThe 1st book in the series was good too Virginia Smith oesn t write a bad book Excellent as always Fantastic With every book Virginia Smith writes she gets better and better I read this book in 2 sittings so be advisedI have never been on a pair of. Ride's cousin saw a shadowy figure on a chairlift in the middle of the night But was it the victim or the killer Liz goes to the police and finds herself.


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