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My motivation to read Love in a Headscarf was pure curiosity I tend to judge people as individuals rather than as part of a group and really ad no prior knowledge of Islam before 911 Since that terrible day a lot of mostly negative statements Homeport have been made about Muslim belief and it seemed appropriate to listen to the voice of someone who actually lives that lifeI thoroughly enjoyed this book The author s sense ofumor in finding a Sapphamire (Dragons of Dragonose husband created a story that entertained while also educating me about the role of women in This review is also published on my blogere in my own words is the underlying premise of Love in a Headscarf It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single practicing devout Muslim woman in possession of intelligence wit and beauty must be in want of a The Donovan Legacy (Donovans husband whoas the same ualities As well as romance Lots of romanceThe novel is an account of the author s search for the One through Breaking Down (The Garage, highly structured and family and community oriented means She also dwells a great deal onow er faith shaped er search for a partner alongside general discussions about Islam and being Muslim in the westOne reviewer called the book interesting but not uplifting Their review is a good way to pave way into my experience of reading the bookFor those single Muslim men and women who are enduring the struggle to find mates or are preparing to embark on that journey this book is not elpful and is even rather despairing at times although that was clearly not intended by the author The unwounded in the modern Muslim marriage plight may miss that negative tenor but the potential emotional drag for those with real life experience in this arena may be enough to recommend passing over this bookSo true For the most part this book was depressing While I enjoyed seeing ow the author s experiences with meeting prospects mirrored mine Passionate Kisses Boxed Set having to suffer through men who are inexcusably non punctual whoate books and those who read them who show up simply because their parents forced them into it who are fixated on matters of Destiny and Power height even if it comes down to a few inches etc they simply reinforced my frustrations about the deeply flawed assumptions thatave crept into cultural practices surrounding marriage and courtship or lack thereof in the Muslim South Asian diaspora Janmohamed does uestion some of these assumptions but not at all in a way that I found satisfying or particularly illuminatingI did like reading about My Rocky Romance Diary (Diaries of Kelly Ann, how the author braved the instruments of social compliance designed to keep women in line by doing things like climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and buying a racing car I appreciate the idea ofer wanting to be the change she wanted to see Another really interesting point she brings up is The Café Book how in the final stages of theusband Lord John And The Brotherhood Of The Blade (Lord John Grey, hunt she learns to see men not just as potential suitors but just as who they are Each person she writes was a delicious moment to be savoured with respect for theirumanity This ealthy attitude is a wonderful way to grow and learn through what can often be a dreary eartbreaking process of finding a spouseHowever for a story that is so centred on finding deep enduring romantic love I feel that the book is strangely devoid of it On the occasions the author feels a deep attraction to a prospective spouse the rapport between them comes off as fleeting and superficial The result being even when she met someone who seemed promising I couldn t be less indifferent about what the outcome would be There are worthy points made about capital L love and seeking to be closer to the divine While they were important and noteworthy they weren t particularly memorable for me This Altmuslimah review Models Dont Eat Chocolate Cookies however is appreciative of this aspect of the bookI also think the bookad tangents into discussions about Islam and womanhood that seemed a bit elementary and intended for non Muslim audiences who are not familiar with Islam I could see ow it was intended to frame the author s experience of being a British Asian Muslim woman who wears the ijab but to me they were just wearisome distractions parts to be skimmed through just so I could get back to Shalias Diary (Shalias Diary, her story ofow she finally meets Scruples Two herusbandI suppose my not wholly enjoying this book largely What Janie Found (Janie Johnson, has to do with my uestioning whether the kind of marriage process that Janmohamed went through can always be euated to finding love As much as I want to believe that parents imams and a vicious team of auntiesave the potential to find the one for you the whole point of the one is that there is something that grows organically with them a process that I can t imagine naturally occurring under the watchful eyes of community elders and inordinate pressures to get married That is why Muslim stories that are not as by the book as community leaders would like them to be Carl Hiaasen Collection honest accounts such as those in Love InshAllah or of Muslim men s experiences with finding a partner resonate so much with meIave great respect for Janmohamed s enacting of the changes that she wanted to see by challenging stereotypes about Muslim women However as far as the marriage process is concerned the changes I think are. At the age of thirteen I knew that I was destined to marry John Travolta One day Silver Tower / Strike Force / Shadow Command he would arrive on my North London doorstep fall madly in love with me and ask me to marryim Then e would convert to Is.

Ame loving God whether you call im Allah or Heavenly Father e as the same standards and laws and loves us all the same There were times when the similarities were uite striking When Shelina went on Academia de Rowan (A Tapeçaria her Hajjer pilgramage to their sacred Kabaa in Mecca which they call the ouse of their God they all dress in white to remove materialism and individuality so they all stand before Allah as eual spirits They then perform symbolic rituals HmmmmThere was part of the book she spoke about er spiritual journey From blind obedience to actively choosing conversion to following the letter of the law to following the spirit of the law after that there was a little journey into mysticism I started feeling a little nervous about that part our LDS Mormon religion discourages delving into the mysteries of God as most assuredly there is much our Two Reels And A Crank human comprehension is not up to the task and stick to what weave been given as the path back to our Heavenly Father that after all the good works we can do we still stand sinful and must accept the Savior as our mediator through Grace to gain admittance into Heaven But the I thought about it the I saw the similarities of Queens Gambit (The Tudor Trilogy, her journey with ours In our religion after living the spirit of the law we are most assuredly encouraged to continue on our spiritual journey one of stiriving to be like the Savior and to literally develop a personal relationship with Him This is a deeply personal and intimate spiritual journey that I could euate to that stage iner life Where she discovered LOVE God is LOVE This is a beautiful story of discovery both self discovery and spiritual discoveryI wanted to end my review with an explanation of my fourstar rating Is the writing such that it s artistic and destined to be a classic in the auto biographical genre No Lively and beautiful at times yes Dry and a little slow sometimes yes But there was one part of the book where she described er grandmother er angel grandmother Her grandmother who married a man of The Camping Cookbook her loving father s choosing who raised 10 faithful children ofer own and who rises every morning at 3 am for Absalom, Absalom! her daily prayer with Allah I felt this woman s spiritualityer closeness to God I envied it What a beautiful example This woman was geographically religiously and generationally apart from me and as inspired me to be a better woman A better Mormon A better Daughter of God And to be inspired in such a manner well was rather shocking for me in a good wayps I think Shelina and I were spirit sisters separated at birth I call myself a feminist Mormon ousewife in every positive connotation of the word and well I think we may Black Stone have been cut from the same cloth Aighly educated faithful woman who defies cultural traditions to climb Mount Kilimanjaro and become one of the most influential Muslim women in British society You go girl One book thousand feelings About soulmate love god religion Islam racism About a Muslim girl who lives in London and tries to find god On Liberty herselfer soulmateand love Throughout the pages she discovers No Way Down herself ander religion and the meaning of patient in Pulled Thread Embroidery her research Because searching for ausband English Humour for Beginners had distracteder from exploring Absolutely on Music her own inner worldThis book what I needed to understand that as auman being my focus should make my spirit blossomOne day maybe if I fell depressed about finding my soulmate or I give up about life and love I ll return to this book again this book took me on a journey i would never The Ransom of Mercy Carter have experienced anywhere else it spoke out my unspeakable troubles calmed my frayed nerves and most importantly it led me on a journey to find the one the great one Almighty Allahi love this book a lot thanks to my friend bilkis begum for recommending it to me xx It was fun to read this Muslim woman s memoir and marvel about the similarities betweener dating experiences and the courtship system in my culture The parallels were striking even in small ways The involvement of the entire family the priorities the traditional values the power of the aunties middle aged women who may or may not be relatives and may or may not be nice people who serve as the gatekeepers between the seeking woman and possible guys and must be ud at all costs and Having said that a number of flaws interfered with my enjoyment I wasn t crazy about the writing which I often found irritatingly sophomoric and distracting Focus was lacking as somewhat repetitive ill fated blind date woe is me memoir sections alternated with didactic and sometimes preachy Islam for dummies sections I suppose both aspects of the book were arguably necessary but I would ave preferred a seamless transition between the two and better editingFinally though reading about the author s reaction to 911 as a Muslim living in London was certainly enlightening I found much of what she said apologetic and one dimensional as she denied any pro violent sentiments in the Koran or in Islam I m sure I m not the most objective person on this topic but I found some of what she said difficult to swallow Still a fast and enlightening read I d be curious to Lallieva (Alice Allevi, hear a shidduch dater s reaction to the book. S she decides to follow the arranged marriage route to finding Mr Right Muslim style Shelina's captivating journey begins as a search for the one but along the way she also discoverserself and er fait.

Needed reuire something much radical something that skirts along the edges of conventional accepted territory It reuires than a few raised eyebrows and ruffled feathers over what kind of a vehicle a woman drives to the mosue The system needs than a poke it needs a good shake It starts with an acceptance of the fact that love can take on an unlikely unpredictable form that our social interactions and suitor screening processes need to make room for so that it may be easier for the single Muslim to fulfill alf their deen so to speakJanmohamed s story is not every Muslim woman s story for she is fortunate enough to exercise British Society Since 1945 her agency in a close knit community sheas known er whole life It is up to each of us to seriously and onestly examine our needs contexts and values and forge a path to our future partner that works within our systems or in opposition to it view spoilerThat one star for mentioning tasawwuf and Compassion and Mohamed Habib and the Greatest Women to influence the world during the Prophets times Asiya Khadijah Hajirah Maryum Safura Reiki And The Seven Chakras hide spoiler This is a memoir of a British Indian Muslim woman looking for ausbandThe book started with a very juvenile style The author s Islamic reasoning was a little too simplistic like that of a teenager I actually thought the book was excerpts from Shelina s diary when she was 19The book lacks a clear time frame All I know is that it started when Shelina was a college student it mentioned Turning the Tide of Battle half way through the book that the internet was still new and it was published in 2009Also I only know the author was 19 at the beginning of the book then she mentioned working and at the end she got marriedAt some point Shelina even Read my full review of Love In A Headscarf at theinspirationtreewordpresscomReading about Shelina s life was a very pleasant experience She beganer book by envisaging that she is telling us I Curse the River of Time her story over a cup of coffee and while reading I actually felt like I was sitting wither in such a place listening to Once I Was a Princess her relateer story I laughed at all the right places shook my Court the Night (Blood Bonds, head sadly when things got a little depressing brooded thoughtfully overer reasoning and rejoiced when she finally met Greed, Seeds and Slavery her One What made this book even enjoyable was that was that the author and I share a similar upbringing and cultural and religious experiences I was even able to cringe when reading abouter first introduction because it bought up memories of my first introduction buried deep between memories of Horrible Hairstyles and First Days Of School As for Demons, Deliverance, Discernment her Six Stages Of Self Pity I was shocked atow accurate they w I read this like 3 years ago I think It was one of the reuired novels for my 20th Century Literature subject I usually feel pressured when I ave to read novels for my literature class despite my love for reading Because I m the kind of person of who thinks a lot about the workload ie assignments uizzes examsand reading Every semester I ave to read 5 8 novels supposedly it was a good thing right but imagine when you Well Meet Again have to read book that doesn t strike your interest at all But you ca Shelina is a thoroughly modern Muslim a British Indian Muslim Her ancestors were from India and converted to Islam and moved to Tanzania When Tanzania was granted independence from Britain Shelina s father chose to take the offer as a British citizen to move to England Moving into that environmentas caused er family to closely examine which Muslim practices arewere part of their culture and which were actually a part of Islam This was the second book I ve ever read about Muslim women the first being Princess A True Story of Life Behind the Veil in Saudi Arabia which could not be DIFFERENT in portrayal of the life of a Muslim woman I think this than anything solidified my knowledge that Islam is uite wonderful and all of the ugly atrocities in Muslim nations come from awful cultural traditions than anything the u ran as ever saidShelina wrote this book about If I Never See You Again (Jo Birmingham how as a modern Muslim woman she chose the traditional path of an arranged marriage When I read the book blurb I thought it would be crazy tales along the lines ofijinx ensue lol While she did include uite a bit of descriptions in first person voice of Firebird her experiences which were funny much of the rest of the writing was expository Not in a bad way I sure do not know a lot about the Muslim faith I know a little and I appreciated the explanations It seemed like those were the driest parts of the book though What I do know about the Muslim faith was reaffirmed It is a loving peaceful family based religion They adhere to aigh standard of strict moral conduct no drinking immorality immodesty etc The sanctity of motherhood and children is tantamount and life and society should be built around the traditional family unit Listening to Shelina describe A Night on the Tiles her standards you could almost seeer living in SLC and being mistaken for a Mormon although the The House That Jesus Built headscarf would be a dead giveaway In fact there were so many similarities I was only left to one conclusion whether you are an American Mormon or a British Muslim we are all children of the Lam and become a devoted MuslimShelina is keeping a very surprising secret underer Elegies Elderberries (The Herbalist headscarf she wants to fall in love and finder faith Torn between the Buxom Aunties romantic comedies and mosue Imam.

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Love in a Headscarf E–pub READ

Shelina Zahra Janmohamed is the author of Love in a Headscarf a humorous and irreverent memoir about growing up as a Muslim woman She writes regularly for EMEL magazine a leading glossy Muslim lifestyle magazine She also writes for the Times Online the National based in the UAE and has written for the Guardian and Comment is Free She has her own award winning blog which is now four years

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