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Chaos breaks lose Dominic s partner is murdered he goes missing and things come out about his past like his real name and that he was an ex con and that their marriage is void Caroline has a choice to make she can walk away but she takes a chance she believes in Dominic s innocence and when she gets a call from him thinking it is all over and goes back home finds himDominic tells her the truth about his past how prison changed him and made him all reserved how he hit his father for not being there for his mother He tried to let her go but then couldn tI loved the book it was very different the manner in which it was written I enjoyed the romantic suspense aspect of the story once it kicked in though I thought it took much too long to get going The first part of the book is about the rapidly developing relationship between Caroline and Dominic and it drags a bit But once the murder happens and Dominic gets framed the story really gets going I really liked the secondary characters specifically the detective and Nora They added another believable romantic element to the story which I enjoyed Amning secret in Dominic's past surfaces Caroline has to decide whether she believes in the man she married Is he the murderer he's accused of being Or is he the husband who needs her trustand lo.

Ce the action really kicked it I couldn t put it down I really enjoyed Suspect Lover it was really differentCaroline is a mystery writer ever since she lost her parents she has played it safe and surrounded herself with things she feels comfortable with She signs p with a match making service and after a few weeks of phone calls and e mails comes to meet Dominic so she is nervous and a bit excited about the step she is takingDominic is a work alcoholic and he was pfront to Caroline about it He runs an encryption company along with two partners one he started out with another who came in later Caroline s presence in his life shakes things p he tries to keep things simple but she is coming into his thoughts during work Since they both want kids they get married Dominic tells her that he is not sure if he will be a good husband and father but he will try his best He is short with her one time since he wants his control back and then apologizes but Caroline isn t that forgiving and accepting she pushes his boundaries wanting to know things he keeps hidden and tries to distract her with sexThen. ErWith Dominic on the run from the police Caroline is his last hope Though she's only known him a short time she's certain he was framedBut there's so much about him she doesn't know And when a

C tait franchement tr s bon En 200 pages Stephanie Doyle nous sert For the Love of All Thats Holy, Dont Buy a Boat When Venus is in Retrograde un couple cr dible des personnages int ressants et avecne psychologie Scary Stories 3 uand certains bouuins de plus de 350 pages la font passer la trappe des personnages secondaires sympathiues le tout envelopp dn petit suspens somme toute bien men et d The Penguin Atlas of Endangered Species une criture agr able Une rssite donc mais je ne suis pas tonn e apr s le premier livre The Bartender ue j ai lu de cette auteuree j avais d j beaucoup beaucoup aim All the good dialogue was from Nora and Mark the secondary characters 45 Stars I love this book The plot is predictable and I could guess who the murderer was early in the story But different story progression is what sells the story It s also different in which the secondary couple are ones involved with the suspense part of the story to the point they almost steal the show But the budding romance between the main leads were the selling point for me I really believed the progression in thier romance I thought the letters between them were revealing I also really believed her motivations for getting in the relationship and then well on. Eager to start a family Caroline Sommerville marries Dominic Santos in a whirlwind courtship Then the nthinkable happens her husband becomes the prime suspect in the murder of his business partn.

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EBOOK DOWNLOAD (Suspect Lover) AUTHOR Stephanie Doyle

It all started with Shanna and Star Wars An odd combination I know but what people don't appreciate about Star Wars is the deep romantic element between two of the lead characters I wasn't seven years old when I was able to clearly spot that Han and Leia were supposed to be a coupleSure most of my friends who at the time weren't nearly as mature as I was – after all some of them were still s