[Free E–pub] Blind Date Bride author Jillian Hart

Free E–pub Blind Date Bride author Jillian Hart

Blind Date Bride by Jillian Hart Book 1 in Series 4 of the McKaslin sBrianna McKaslin and her twin sister Brandilyn have come through a lot together A criminal father and a drunken mother left them with a bleak childhood Brianna has survived a shooting but she suffers from the ost traumatic stress And now she is facing her Too much time spent with our male lead telling our female lead how wonderful she is and how he isn t worthy of her Page after age I didn t like this one very much Although the characters were likable they did retty much nothing except internally angst about how they weren t good enough for the other This would have been okay if ANYTHING else had happened but that was The Sand-Reckoner pretty much the whole story Honestly this is aretty low 3 read I m going to give the next book a go because I really did like the characters and setting and hopefully something will actually happen in that story I found this book at Koorong when I was there at Christmas time and had to buy it This is the first in a new series of the McKaslin Clan We see Brianna on a blind date which she has been stood up for when in comes Max who is also on a blind date and his date also stands him up Neither want to go on these dates but there family and friends tend to wear them down so they give in Brianna is recovering from a trauma that left her fighting for her life and Max is a Aztlan police officer who has closed himself of from romance They seem to run into each other and strike up a friendship When they do try to go on a date what happens is so funny I have been told the author has used some of her own experiences in these scenes I felt for Brianna with what she went through and can understand heranic attacks but admire her for ushing through to not let what happened stop. Getting stood up on a blind date was the best thing that could happen to olice officer Max Decker No small talk No ersonal uestions No lie.

Her Good read Cute story Sappy sweet but a wonderful story because the library is not open i am rereading a lot of my old books I seem to have uite a lot of jillian hart books On this one i have to agree with the erson that said the two main characters spend way too much time trying to convince themselves that they are not good enough for each other Also it is annoying that mr tough guy cop does not do a good job showing his feelings so he talks insultingly to the Boyfriends from Hell people around him and we are supposed to understand that his being a jerk is another way to show he cares not really I m not sure this author has ever been to Bozeman MT I lived there for three years and I ve got to say considering this book supposedly takeslace there it just doesn t feel like Bozeman to me Except for the tater tots at the Mexican restaurant that was authenticBrianna gets stood up again This blind dating business isn t obviously for her But then Max Decker is also stood up He wasn t really ready to date anyway just felt Battered Not Broken pressured into it but as he and Brianna strike up a conversation about their failed dating experiences he feels drawn to her But they ve both got some issues from theirast aside from the dating Brianna has PTSD from a robbery and Max too has been caught in the line of fire being that he s a cop It makes both of them have some serious trust issuesBrianna was very very timid Every What Ive Become (The Humanity Within Book 1) page you expected her to break Now granted she had been through a very traumatic experience so she had reason to be but she just seemed like she d blow away in the wind And then there s Max who is the exact opposite except for his worries He was a little too tough Actually I think about the worst character in the book was Max s half brother who lived with him For a kid that we. S And noretending he's ready to give his heart to anyone Anyone like vulnerable Brianna McKaslin who was stood up in the same restaurant

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Nt to getting into trouble in LA to this sueaky clean do good kid in Bozeman it just didn t seem realistic Frankly I can t consider most kids acting the way this one didThe The Contemporaries plot was kind of feeble And it was way too rushed Everything happened so fast that it seemed the couple had barely gone out on a few dates before they loved each other so deeply It takes time to get to know someone than a week or two And aside from them dating and a few minor issues nothing really happened in the book It was just them goinglaces with each other And considering those UML Weekend Crash Course [With CDROM] places were in Bozeman it didn t even ring authentic for me I kepticturing real Steampunk Erotica places and the book s just didn t line up This was a Love Inspired romance and unlike the other by this author that I read this one was veryreachy Scripture uoted everywhere and faith turned too outrightly Granted its my fault for reading this book knowing what type it was but the author s other one wasn t this wayI wasn t a fan I liked the author s other book about a soldier but this one was just a little too sappy and fast Poker Slave paced to takeBlind Date BrideCopyright 2009208agesReview by M Reynard 2012More of my reviews can be found at wwwifithaswordsblogspotcom First time reading anything by this author It was a really good book Max and Brianna cannot see what is right in front of them A good story where both the leading characters are kind and loving to each other and others Max and Brianna were both set on blind dates to other eople and both get stood up Brianna has recently bin through a robbery that went horrible wrong and it s left her uneasy of the world around her Max is a detective who is raising his younger brother has had a hard time finding miss right after being betrayed by a woman he thought he could trus. He lovely kind Christian woman is everything the embittered cop used to dream about in a bride And Max can't be the one who lets her get awa.

Jillian Hart grew up on her family's homestead in Washington state where she raised cattle rode horses and scribbled stories in her spare time After earning her English degree from Whitman College she worked in travel and advertising before selling her first novel When Jillian isn't working on her next story she can be found puttering around her rose garden curled up with a good book and sp