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One wordbeautiful beautifully written another favorite shows the greatest love of a person who didn t know love and the women who made him believes in true one I did enjoy the book and even though it was predictable that they would end up together I am grateful that Noelle was able to save herself instead of one of the Donovan men I do wish AC gave her something heavier to knock Luther out with though A excellent book to read and enjoy It has passion drama and suspense all rolled into onePlease check this author out ou will truly enjoy all of her books I have enjoyed every one of them Noelle Vincent goes to Maryland to work with Brock Remington to open a new casino owned by her brother in law This is one in a series of books It would be easier to keep the cast of characters straight if I had read the books in order Having discovered this series only recently I am enjoying reading all the books back to back and not having to wait for installments In the first two books Noelle was Jade s wild sister that started the downfall of the Triple Threat Donovans with her gambling debt By the third book she had grown into a responsible person Now we see her fully develop and help tortured Brock heal from his horrible childhood I am truly a fan of Ms Arthur s books but I especially like the Dovovan series Brock Remington is the adoptive cousin of the Dovovan clan and Noelle is Jade s Linc s wife sister They are thrown together because Brock is the contractor building the new Gramercy Casino II and. Noelle Vincent may have led a wild and scandalous life but really isn't every woman entitled to a few secrets Now the former party girl is gambling on her future when she's tapped to get a new casino off the ground Suddenly she's upp.

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(Full House Seduction) PDF READ Í A.C. Arthur

Grace has been sent by Linc to be the site manager From their first meeting the chemistry between Noelle and Brock is sizzling HOT HOT HOT Noelle has broken off her relationship with her cheating married boyfriend and has vowed to not to jump so uickly into a physical relationship with man She promised herself that her next relationship will have real potentialBrock has his own issues of not feeling like he belongs and he doesn t want to become involved in a relationship All of his encounters with women are physical He doesn t want to become emotionally involved but that changes when he and Noelle end up sharing space Despite Linc s warning Brock is unable to resist the pull of emotion that Noelle brings out in him Noelle doesn t want a physical relationship with Brock since she knows he is not the settling down type of guy She can t help the needs she feels inside her to help him deal with his issues When the pass rears his ugly head Brock discovers he wants much than a physical relationship with Noelle The problem is convincing her to give him a chance I truly truly loved this installment of the Dovovan s and anxiously await the next one Loved itNoelle was giving everyone the business I liked that she didn t appear fragile after everything that happened I m glad that Brock went to see him mom Enjoyed ever minute of itLike how the two of them Brock and Noella both had scar s that they concealed from there family How their attraction for each other was instance As always excellentI first di. Ing the ante when she gets her first eye opening glimpse of gorgeous developer Brock RemingtonEver since he was adopted Brock has followed a simple law of the Donovan clan always play With Baited Breath (Warhammer 40,000) your cards close toour chest But all bets are

Scovered her works via a paranormal series From then on I have been hooked on her books She has a touch to her works that even have me involved with the Donovans and anything else she writes You cannot go wrong reading her Full House Seduction by AC Arthur is another sweet and SENSUAL treatI love this seriesnow that she s paired off Trent Donovan in Defying Desire the last of The Triple Threat Brothersshe s matchmaking with the rest of their circle of family and friendsthe Donovan cousins the Desdunes the Bennetts and the Lakefieldsand I can t wait to read about the next friendfamily member that will FINALLY fall in loveNoelle Vincent and Brock Remington s story is TOUCHING talethey both have issues that they are trying to change or deal withand after their first HOT SPICY and extremely INTENSE intimate encounter Noelle decides they should just have a strictly business relationshippoor Noelle doesn t want to fall back into her old ways of choosing the wrong man and giving her all and then end up with a broken heart and nothing else to show for itand Brock is determined NEVER to fall in love due to the tragedy that his mother and father suffer through even though they loved each other deeplyso because of the trauma he endures as a oung boy he REFUSES to ever open his heart to love and struggles to let go of his tragic pastdespite their efforts to remain professionalit seems their fate is sealedand once they start opening up and sharing their dark secrets they discover they are a PERFECT pair. Ff when he falls for the sexy free spirited new site manager They're both consenting adults but Brock wants Is Noelle willing to roll the dice on their future even if it means defying the odds and playing for the highest stakes of al.

Artist C Arthur was born and raised in Balti Maryland where she currently resides with her husband and three children An active imagination and a love for reading encouraged her to begin writing in high school and she hasn’t stopped since Working in the legal field for almost thirteen years now she’s seen lots of horrific things and longs for the safe haven reading a romance novel brings