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Est of the series Book 3 in The Brides of Fortune seriesOnce again a winner for Nicola She is a must buy author of mine for a very good reasonTo save her friend from a loveless marriage Lady Elizabeth kidnaps Nathaniel He is not happy to say the least Things uickly heat up and go beyond what either was expecting A perfect conclusion to this highly desirable series which is on my keeper shelf to never be given away I will want to re read this often This book couldn t hold my attention It started out with a too stupid to live moment from the female lead and went downhill from there At one point she rides Lady Godiva style through her husbands club up the stairs horses don t do that easily then umps from the second floor balcony without injuring the horse What was even fantastical and unbelievable everyone in the community never said boo to her about it The author even says the people present admired her for her spirit or something eually silly The author also tries to force the reader to believe her brother who impregnated the daughter of a duke without marrying her and intended to allow his friends to rape the main character while he conducted an orgy at her house is worthy of the main character s love and sisterly devotion I also had a problem with the hero of the story blatantly telling the main character he s marrying her for her money and then her getting upset and running off into the night later in the book when her brother says the exact same thing This is all after the book starting off with the main character locking herself and the hero in a tower and having sex with him on purpose to keep him from marrying someone else She got what she wanted and she still acted like the injured partyThe I write about what bothered me the I think I should rate this book lower So after reveiwing and rating the first book in the series favorably it pains me a little to one star this one The concept of the series is excellent enough and I thought that the suspenseaction plot was seamless within the entire plot some romances add a suspence story line that ust doesnt flow Why did I dislike the book Because Nicola Cornick gave us the heroine from hell I read parts of the book with my mouth open in shock The part where the heroine rides her horse NAKED into the GENTLEMAN S CLUB that her husband was at to get his attention was too much Now what struck me as being hollow was the fact that the heroine kept bemoaning how much she loved. Is ruined and hopelessly unexpectedly in love with Nathaniel the Earl of Waterhouse Now the wild and willful Lizzie must convince Nat that they are a perfect match in every wa.

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PDF DOWNLOAD The Undoing of a Lady

I may be doing Cornick a disservice The first romance I read by her I was on a romance ag it may have been too much of a good thing I didn t find it compelling This time I picked up the last book in a trilogy Whatever the reasons Cornick has not made the top of romance list I won t rush to find another book by her Review Probably my least favourite of the trilogy I much preferred Scandals of an Innocent However I really liked Elizabeth as a character and how she grew up through her marriage and her dissection of her mother s actions I do wish had been seen of Nat s family There was one mention of a very ill father but nothing furtherGenre Historical RomanceCharacters Elizabeth Scarlet Nathaniel Waterhouse Laura Anstruther Miles Vickery Dexter Anstruther Tom FortuneSetting Fortune s Folly EnglandSeries Brides of Fortune 3Recommend YesRating 1420 When we meet up with Lady Elizabeth in her book she s getting ready to commit a very serious crime But it s in the name of love and friendship so she doesn t hesitate Her friend Nat Waterhouse is making a mistake marrying one of the local heiresses and Lizzie is not about to stand by and do nothing about it The only thing to do is kidnap the man hold him hostage until the time of the wedding has come and gone and then let him go Nice and simple Problem solved Or so she thoughtNat of course is none too happy once she pulls off her caper and when she refuses to release him it s his cajoling about her impulsiveness and wont for trouble that eventually causes trouble for them both He pushes her a little too far and Lizzie steps up to the plate to prove to Nat how far she will go to follow through when it comes to her schemes This time it s Nat who loses control when passion ignites between them and Lizzie is ruined when they make loveCalling off his wedding is Nat s only choice so he can marry Lizzie It s actually the best plan she gets the protection of his name and he gets her dowry that will help keep his secrets where they belong But Lizzie knows Nat doesn t love her and she refuses to live a lifetime without love She holds out as long as she can but Nat wears her down and they eventually marry And that s when the formerly high spirited do anything miss becomes the outrageous broken hearted Mrs Waterhouse who pulls stunts the like of which the folks of Fortune s Folly have never seenDanger and mystery are also afoot throughout this book and as usual Ms Cornick gives us the slip Courting scandal since girlhood free spirited Lady Elizabeth Scarlet vows there is ust one way to save her childhood friend from a loveless marriage to kidnap him But Nathanie.

Nd throws a culprit at us that we never expected I do have to say that Lizzie is my favorite character of the series Though her stunts are a little much for her times you feel the hurt and desperateness that cause her to forge head without thought And kudos to Nat for hanging in there with her ust like a husband shouldSee my complete review at Both the Heroine Lizzie and the Heroine Nat Duke of Waterhouse were unlikeable Lizzie was so silly I did not care what happened to her and Nat was aloof and distant except when he wasn t in bed with his wife The story of Lydia and Tom was left unfinished as she had the baby at the end and there was no communicatonWas glad to see that Dexter and Laura had their son Also wished the story of Flora Minchin and Alice Lister s brother was better developed It was an effort to finish this book not a satisfying conclusion to the trilogy Romance novel plots are freuently far fetched but this has to be one of the most ridiculous The story includes a murder an orgy and the heroine riding around buck naked a la Lady Godiva Why would she do such a thing Because she s willful and impetuous And mad at the hero because for 90% of the novel he acts like a cold fish who is mostly after her money Still the book was mildly diverting so I guess a two star read If you want to read my review of this book check out Bronwyn s one star review it s exactly what I would have written to the extent that it would be repetitious to write it again The only reason I gave this book a second star was that I did enjoy the high school style revenge episodes that popped up now and then Catfight All Antwerp joking aside skip this one it was BAD Sorry Ms Cornick maybe another time Iumped into this book without reading any of the previous books in the series and really shouldn t have The main couple s relationship was frustratingly rushed and the progression of each from strong attraction to realizing they were in love didn t have much emotional impact for me The secondary characters kind of blended together so many couples and the resolution of the main mystery which came out of nowhere I thought this was a standard can t deny our urges book when all of a sudden someone was murdered and then not really investigated didn t make sense I gather from context that most of the story was the culmination of events from a prior book Still I read the whole thing and enjoyed uite a bit of it The town s charming I probably won t try the L is furious So angry that he challenges her to take their assignation to its natural conclusion and seduce himWhen her inexperienced attempt flares into intense passion Lizzie.

International bestselling author Nicola Cornick writes dual time historical mysteries that draw on her love for genealogy and local history She studied History at London and Oxford and worked in academia for a number of years before becoming a full time author Nicola acts as a guide and researcher at the stunning 17th century hunting lodge Ashdown House and is a member of the Board of Trustees

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