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E reader who s prepared to suspend a lot of disbelief I felt it was spoiled by rather too many anachronisms eg rabbits and Norse place and personal names in the Iron Age Hebrides by the indiscriminate dumping of modern anthropological parallels onto the past by projecting the observations of Julius Caesar Strabo Tacitus etc on the Continental Celts in different periods to apply to Scotland to say nothing of the suggestion in the author s note of Iona as a centre of druidismall a bit of a gallimaufry Irritating too is the gratuitous descriptions of sexual encounters Made me skip pages to get back to the real actionPersonal names are rendered phonetically this may be a help for folks who are nfamiliar with them but I felt that a pronunciation guide might have been seful And introducing a character by the name of Kaitlyn come on That goes iagainst i the phonetic spelling being itself derived from a mispronunciation of the Irish nameI think maybe I m just getting grumpy now for sword and sorcery fans OK but for those interested in closely researched historical fiction maybe not Enthralling and emotiveAfter reading Janet Paisley s White Rose Rebel I was eagerly awaiting her next novel Warrior Daughter than fulfilled Set at the latter end of the Iron Age in the first century of the Modern era Warrior Daughter is about Kelts the Keltoi beautiful artistic poetic and ferocious especially the women These people are the progenitors of the Scotland we now know or at least once knew Due to the fact they did not write their history but related their stories through oral bardic traditions much of our knowledge of the Kelts is taken from what some would call mythological sources though notable Romans and Greeks did write about them However as a Scot who believes bardic tradition is a valid historical source this story reads with plausibility and is populated by three dimensional characters But then obvious from her author s notes Paisley has done much research into her characters and the place and time in which she sets the story It is this along with her excellent writing and story telling abilities that give this book its authenticityIn the telling of the story Paisley provides a fascinating look into a society that while male and female were eual women took the lead in the community Women were warriors and in many cases taught men the art of war and of love Her main character Skaaha is based on the real but little known Sc thach her name means Shadowy One who was a clever and fearsome Keltic warrior een from the Isle of Skye it is likely Scotland took its name from her Skaaha has all the courage skill and inventiveness of Sc thach and her story highlights a society that The Kings Sister understood the value of euality and respect for the feminine the divine mother but with some tension and conflict between old and new Druidic beliefsThe story begins with the death of Kerrigan theeen killed in a chariot race against a jealous rival Her daughters Skaaha and younger sister Eefay are sent to live with their respective fathers with that jealousy of their mother s rival stalking them through their young lives It is against this background we follow the journey of 11 year old Skaaha as she grows into womanhood where she herself becomes The Cattlemans Ready-Made Family ueen at the age of 18 Her story is alive with great characters none so than Skaaha s half crazed warrior aunt Jiya feasts and festivals marking the cycles of time and the seasons and every child has two mothers as fostering for many reasons was important to the KeltsThe backdrop to the story is Kylerhea and Glen Elg on the north west coast of Scotland arguably the most atmospheric beautiful and dramatic scenery anywhere in the world There is much nakedness sex and violence in this book mixed at times with no small measure of humour but they are all importan. O forge a life beyond the neween's reach But with rumour fear and danger sweeping the island she cannot remain True Colours (Somerset, unmoved Broken by brutal misfortune alone in a world of mistrust Skaaha mustnearth the courage to confront her enemies in defence of her peopleIlluminated by the great Celtic fire festivals Warrior Daughter is inspired by the historical S cathach a fierce warrior woman of the first century AD and forerunner to the eually ferocious BoudiccaPraise for Janet Paisley's White Rose.

T to the story as these were violent times with tribal warring piracy and roaming outsiders The Romans had not yet invaded Britain at the time of the story but were trading peacefully in the south and are only whispers in this story In any event female sexuality played a large part in Keltic belief and tradition and cannot be ignored Nakedness and sex are nothing out of the ordinary in this society they are norms What is out of the ordinary is a brutal rape that takes place in the story and if anyone is The Year of the Beast unsure just what sexual brutality is then Paisley will leave you in no doubt at all It certainly shocked me and I am no prude It takes a skilled writer to write of such things and not make them gratuitous these are not gratuitousWarrior Daughter is a Scottish story but so too is it a story of the world because at its heart it remindss of something many modern cultures have forgotten the importance of the true voice of women in our societies and apart from being a great read Paisley s Warrior Daughter provides a timely reminder of the importance and value of such things Ultimately the Romans did invade Britain and though they failed to defeat the women led tribes of the north of Britain their patriarchal legacy of 400 years of dominance on the south of the islands of Britain finally came to finally end the central role of women in Scottish society on 16 April 1746 at Culloden MoorBooks are difficult to write at the best of times but books such as this one are works of tall order they take time dedication and attention to detail They provide great reward to the author on completion not always monetary it has to be said and by default are also rewarding for the reader Janet Paisley has written such a book from the atmospheric first sentence to the chilling declaration that is the last Warrior Daughter is a book that makes the ability to read a very worthwhile thing to have Warrior Daughter is the story of Skaaha daughter of the Celtic warrior The Billionaires Bidding ueen Kerrigan When Kerrigan diesnexpectedly in a chariot accident her rival Mara assumes leadership so Skaaha and her sister Eefay must leave the tribe Eefay goes to her father to train as a warrior while Skaaha chooses to train as a blacksmith with her own father Skaaha begins a new life far from The Bride In Law ueen Mara but not far enough the new warrioreen s never ending jealousy sets in motion a tragic series of events that change the course of Skaaha s lifeAccording to the author s note Skaaha lived during the Iron Age but there are no written records of her Lhéritier des Drakos until almost 1000 years later Her story survived in oral legend And what a story Skaaha lived in a matriarchal society women were revered held positions of power and were sexuallyninhibited She was a fierce warrior who lived in a violent time her story is fast paced and at times brutalHaving known very little of this time period or the druidic culture I was The Italians Christmas Housekeeper/The Baby The Billionaire Demands/The Innocents Shock Pregnancy/Sheikhs Secret Love-Child (Secret Heirs of Billionaires Book 18) unprepared for some graphic scenes in the book so be forewarned Warrior Daughter is not for the faint hearted reader Some readers will be offended by the nudity sexuality andor violence in this book but I thought it was well researched and well written and I hope that Janet Paisley plans to write a seuel A beautifully written tale touching and often heart breaking It is obvious that an awful lot of research went into writing this book and I appreciate that At times I think it was hard for me to put aside my preconceptions instilled in me by modern day social norms and s in particular concerning the vast number of sexual partners that everybody seemed to have Paisley did an excellent job of bringing Celtic culture to life though she may have spent too much time on descriptions of their festivals and not enough on Skaaha Sc thach s evolution into the ferocious warrioreen she became Despite this I thoroughly enjoyed th. Rebel'Heather igniting historical adventure' Sunday Times'A powerful historical page turner with a beautiful feisty heroine' ScotsmanJanet Paisley is the author of five poetry collections two of short fiction a novella and numerous plays radio TV and film scripts Accolades include a prestigious Creative Scotland Award Not for Glory stories the Peggy Ramsay Memorial Award Refuge a play and a BAFTA nomination Long Haul a short film Her first novel White Rose Rebel is available from Penguin.

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Warrior Daughter EBOOK DOWNLOAD

Well worth a read I enjoyed it and it is much better than the last one I read by this author On my way to Skye in 2010 to visit the site of Sgathaich s alleged fortress I called in at Culloden Battlefield s visitor centre and found Warrior Daughter on the shelves I was stunned because as far as I m aware Sgathaich or Sc thach written as Skaaha in the book for obvious reasons has not been featured in any other novels and she so deserved a story of her own On reading it I was further stunned by the authenticity of the writing and how Janet had thoroughly researched and imagined the mysterious matriarchal and druidic culture of the 1st century Following Skaaha from young girl to womanhood and all the rituals endured and battle skills developed was enthralling reading and not for the faint hearted I just love how after years of simply speculating what life must have been like in such times it was finally brought vividly to life by this very talented author and anyone who has an interest about Highland life on the cusp of the Roman invasion will This Soul Magic undoubtedly treasure this workSgathaich features in Celtic mythology it s impossible to say whether she was a real woman even though the Isle of Skye could be a derivative of her name and she was the warrioreen who taught martial arts to the mighty Irish mythological warrior C Chulainn With that in mind I sincerely hope that the author will write a seuel to the young Skahaa s story because to me it s only Janet Paisley who can truly do her story justice I loved this book It s a very powerful engaging view into ancient Celtic culture and a great action story too The detail of a culture that really isn t well known is very good and I found it provoking to think about how their world worked in comparison to ours today I loved reading about an ancient matriarchal society You can see the subtle shifting of power within the book itself as men begin asserting their way This is a very well detailed book and Janet Paisley does not shy away from graphic description nor does she sensationalize it Be warned that there is a very disturbing rape scene which may trigger some people Everything is there for a reason though and this story is a powerful dynamic musing on the rise of Skaaha daughter of Kerrigan the Warrior The Ex Who Hired Her ueen It s a coming of age bookite Testing the Limits unlike any other I have read I highly recommend it Warrior Daughter confirms Janet Paisley as a high calibre writer of historical fiction Backed with detailed research this life story of an Iron Age warrior is excellent When her home is lost the girl Skaaha chooses a new productive life working with iron As she growsp ignorant of the danger stalking her that is also cruelly disrupted The perennial themes of envy and vengeance make an engrossing exciting book set in a skillfully recreated Celtic culture Women in mythology and history particularly Celtic and Norse societies are one of my special interests Tomorrow I m due to be drafting a research paper about them that I ve been working on So it s no surprise that I ve come across Scathach the mythological woman warrior on which this novel is based even though I picked this The Prodigals Return up from the librarynaware that it was about her I expected the book to end with her conflict against her sister Aifa here rendered as Eefay but that would have meant bringing Cuchulainn into it Instead it told an earlier storyIt was a refreshing break because in this novel the women are very much in charge It s a matriarchy inspired by the mother goddess and there s no concept of just a girl anywhere within the text Too rarely do I get to read something like thatFor me it was a little too explicit not merely in terms of sex though that was extensive and inordinately detailed but likewise in violence and depictions of deat A decent enough adventure yarn for th. Inspired by first century AD warrior women Janet Paisley's Warrior Daughter is a gripping adventure about one young woman's struggle to survive in the harsh Celtic wilderness2000 years ago on the Isle of Skye a warrior is bornDaughter of an Iron Age warrior Wicked Way Interactive 1 ueen Skaaha is wild headstrong and revered But she is also a child and when a chariot race leaves theeen dead and her menacing rival Mara in her place Skaaha's charmed life lies in ruinsVulnerable her future imperilled Skaaha seeks

Janet Paisley was an award winning poet author playwright non fiction and scriptwriter writing in Scots and English Born in 1948 in Ilford Essex of Scottish parents she grew up in Avonbridge a small village in Central Scotland Marriage a teaching career the birth of seven sons the death of one and divorce followedA prolific and popular writer first published in 1979 she features at

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