(EBOOK / KINDLE) Second Chance FamilyThe Other Sister author Karina Bliss

Nter on the ski slopes brought Brody face to face with his best friend's kid sister Faith Montesantos Boy was she all grown up And yes the vivacious high school guidance counselor still missed the older sister she'd lost but she chose to focus on the joyful memories of their short time together and seemed determined to teach Brody to do the same He had hoped to conuer the demons of his past but n Faith he found the key to his future.

(EBOOK / KINDLE) Second Chance FamilyThe Other Sister author Karina Bliss

Second Chance Family by Karina BlissJust when he has accepted that he'll never be a father Jack Galloway Halflings (Halflings, inherits not one but three kids Then he gets the knockout punch He's supposed to raise this family with his exAnd his ex wife Rosalind has her owndeas about parenting She's already doling out domestic duties as The Big Snuggle-Up if he had all the timen the world away from his office She's also got some crazy notion that thanks to their unexpect.

Ed family the two of them have been handed a second chance As Too Close for Comfort (Jo Birmingham if he'll let his heart get broken again But the real knockout punch That part of him that thinks he and Rosalind could fall backn love The Other Sister by Lynda SandovalYears after a prom night accident claimed his best friend Brody Austin decided t was time to stop running and return to Troublesome Gulch Colorado to overcome the pain and guilt Right away a chance encou.

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